Why Hispanic Online Video Consumption Needs to Be On Your Radar

If you’re a savvy trade publisher, you already know that video is one of the keys to success in marketing your business throughout 2015 and beyond. But when it comes to demographics, who are you counting on to bring about the most revenue? While white males in their late teens and early twenties are still a highly prized demographic, the tide has been, and seems to be, turning toward Hispanic men and women of all ages.

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As immigration reform has become a major part of the political landscape in America, many business owners are wondering whether they should focus a larger portion of their efforts on Hispanic consumers. The fact is, over the past decade, the Hispanic population in the United States has multiplied by tens of millions of people, and this means that your business may get left behind if you aren’t targeting your video efforts toward these individuals.

Targeting Specific Demographics

As the Hispanic community has grown, both in the United States and across the world, it’s become increasingly important to target growing minority groups. With that said, the Hispanic population adds millions of potential customers to the U.S. pool each year, so when thinking about your video content, consider the Hispanic population. There are a number of reasons why Hispanics in particular would seek out your trade publication, even if you don’t focus on Hispanic writing, and as such, you need to seek to find ways to engage Hispanic individuals both online and offline using targeted ads, content marketing, and social media in order to get the most attention and conversions from Hispanic leads.

Use Bilingual Audio or Subtitles

Although a large percentage of the Hispanic population of consumers in the United States is fluent in speaking and understanding English, many such individuals have grown up speaking and understanding Spanish, and therefore, your marketing needs to be completed using as much bilingual support as possible. If you create an audio ad, create a version that is in Spanish. For a television or online video ad, include subtitles in Spanish. This will not only assist Hispanics in understating your branding message, but it may also help to build brand loyalty in that Hispanic consumers may identify with your business more often that other, similar businesses.

Focus on Culture Too

Another important distinction to make when marketing to Hispanic consumers is the cultural divide. In traditional American culture, certain foods, topics, and even ways of expressing oneself are expected, while in cultures that come from Mexico, Honduras, Spain, El Salvador, and other traditionally-Hispanic countries may come with totally different cultural expectations. As a result, if you plan to create video content for the Hispanic demographic, it would be a good idea to do your research into what these particular cultures want out of the videos you are creating. If you’re unsure, now is the time to partner with a Hispanic consulting firm in order to get a better idea as to what is expected.

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