The Role of Employer Brand in Recruitment

employer brand in recruitment

Recruitment is more than just sourcing — it’s building a reputation. To attract top talent, it’s necessary to lean into yours. When customers and candidates alike think of your company, their mind and mood should shift to meet your brand. Through word of mouth, posts on the internet, and in the minds of those who […]

3 Ways To Build A Superstar Employer Brand On A Budget

building an effective employer brand on a budget

As an HR professional, you’re well aware of how important it is to maintain a talent-rich pipeline of passive and active candidates in your industry for the range of positions you’re responsible for hiring for at your company. After all, your team’s performance is likely tied to an array of key performance metrics that clearly […]

6 Employee Engagement Stats That Will Blow Your Mind


Most businesses know that employee engagement matters. Most of them understand what aspects of their business are affected by engaged or disengaged employees. What seems to be missing is a better understanding of how effective their existing strategy is and understanding what an engaged employee looks like. More and more businesses embrace employee engagement strategies, […]

Data Driven Recruitment Maximizes Your Talent Budget

talent acquisition

Today’s recruiting climate is considered by many to be the most competitive ever. “The War for Talent” has gone from being just a buzzword to being a way of lie– with qualified talent harder to find than ever and critical roles increasingly difficult to fill. Considering these challenges, more recruiters realize that the future of […]

How HR Can Master Quality of Hire in 2018

Talent acquisition

Who are your company’s top performers? Who do you wish that you could clone? And how did you get so lucky as to hire them? Was it sheer luck? Maybe, at least in part, but you can also analyze what’s behind great hires so you can get better and more consistent results. Quality of hire […]

Marketing’s Critical Role in Candidate Sourcing

These are interesting times for talent acquisition. The economy is still improving, unemployment is quite low and jobs still experience fits and starts of growth. Candidate sourcing is more difficult now, but that’s partly because of outdated methods that don’t work well anymore. Marketing has the answer and it’s been there all along. Marketing and […]

8 Employee Engagement Stats That Will Reinvigorate Your Workforce

8 Employee Engagement Stats From 2017 to Motivate You in 2018

With employee engagement being such a buzzy phrase, you might expect widespread attention dedicated to strategic employee development and improvement. That’s not exactly what’s happening in HR talent management, but it really should be. Most businesses know that employee engagement matters. Most of them understand what aspects of their business are affected by engaged or […]

7 Innovative Ways To Get A Gold Medal For Your Employer Brand

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A strong personal brand is a fundamental component of your success not only as an employer, but also as a hiring manager. And on a larger scale, your employer brand is often synonymous with your company brand. So it’s important to make sure that you are doing all that you can to enhance your brand […]