How Attitudes are Changing on Hiring Ex-Felons


It can be difficult to find a job in a down economy, but that challenge is compounded when you have a criminal record. According to an article published by WSET-TV of Danville, Virginia, people with criminal records are much less likely to go back to prison if they can find steady work. But the problem […]

How to Keep Bias Out of Your Interviews


It’s human nature to have biases, but allowing these biases to factor into the interviewing process can hurt your company’s chances of attracting and hiring the best candidates. For example, you may not like males who have pierced ears (and of course, depending upon the workplace setting, pierced ears may be inappropriate.) However, if you […]

Why Branding is Even More Important Than You Think


Branding is the process of defining who your company is. Not what it is– who it is. As such, you, your employees, and your marketing materials all need to reflect who your company is, both online and offline. Unfortunately, this can be difficult to achieve unless you have a solid plan in place. RELATED: Why […]