December 2019 Jobs Report [Infographic]

January Jobs Report 2020

The U.S. Department of Labor has released the final jobs report of 2019. December’s employment and wage numbers were met with some mixed reviews, but overall show positive growth within the market. With an additional 145,000 jobs added to the economy, this marks the 10th straight year of job gains. While this number missed initial […]

November 2019 Jobs Report [Infographic]

January Jobs Report 2020

The last Jobs Report to be released in 2019 has finally been published by the U.S. Department of Labor. With a performance outpacing estimates provided by Dow Jones economists, November’s jobs report follows an unexpected upward trend set by the previous month. According to CNBC, “The jobs growth was the best since January’s 312,000 and […]

October 2019 Jobs Report [Infographic]

January Jobs Report 2020

Another month, another Jobs report, this time the Department of Labor released October’s projected numbers. And despite some setbacks in the form of the GM Auto strike, job growth outperformed economist estimates. While the GM strike created a loss of 42,000, October still managed to end strong with 128,000 jobs added to the workforce. Steve […]

September 2019 Jobs Report [Infographic]

January Jobs Report 2020

Despite multiple signs of a global economic slowdown stemming from the trade war, today’s published September jobs report shows some bright points in the darkness. The labor market proved its strength last month with an unemployment rate not seen since 1969. With a decrease of 275,000, the national unemployment rate dropped to 3.5%. Meaning, buy-and-large, […]

August 2019 Jobs Report [Infographic]

January Jobs Report 2020

The U.S. jobs growth falls short of estimates as this week’s August jobs report has been released. Nonfarm payrolls increased by 130,000 mostly due to the federal government’s increase in temporary workers. As the 2020 Census draws closer, the fed ramps up its hiring and of those 130k at least 28,000 were newly hired federal […]

July 2019 Jobs Report [Infographic]

January Jobs Report 2020

A record-setting July sets the stage for the year to come as the U.S. Department of Labor releases its 7th jobs report of the year. Last week, the government entity reported a growth rate of 164,000 jobs added to the workforce last month; only 1,000 less than Dow Jones estimates. While nowhere near an increase […]

The Pros Of Using AI In Your Recruiting Process [Infographic]


There will always be a need for human intervention when it comes to recruiting, but why not get a little help from technology? AI can help make your recruitment process less grueling and more effective for you and your team. But how? We’ve created this simple infographic depicting just exactly what an AI-enabled job advertising […]

5 Questions To Ask Your Job Ad Vendor [Checklist]


Every company and every recruitment team has its own unique goals and objectives. At PandoLogic, we believe your recruitment technology should support you in your mission to achieve those goals and objectives. Whether you have a job advertisement vendor or you’re shopping around for the best recruitment solution on the market, ask any vendor the […]

June 2019 Jobs Report [Infographic]

January Jobs Report 2020

Today the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics released its monthly jobs report, detailing the past month’s gains and losses. After a rough May, analysts were relieved to see some major improvements in the job market. Around 224,000 jobs were added in June surpassing estimates, the largest gain seen since January of this year. Unemployment saw […]

5 Things College Graduates Look for in Employers


It’s common to wonder what employers are looking for in their entry-level employees. Employers want capable candidates with potential leadership skills, critical thinking skills, problem solving abilities and preferences for a collaborative work environment. That’s a tall order and HR teams work tirelessly to recruit recent college graduates that fit these expectations. But hiring isn’t […]

3 Ways to Build Your Entry-Level Talent Pipeline [Infographic]

We get it, hiring can be hard. You reach out to top candidates regularly but still haven’t found that stand-out applicant with the fresh perspective that you’re looking for. Maybe it’s time to bring on some college students or recent graduates to help them cut their teeth in a new industry. Entry-level hires can breathe […]

Good-bye Hiring Bias: How AI Filters Applicants Fairly [Infographic]

goodbye hiring bias header

No matter how objective we think we are when hiring, we’re all subject to human nature and human assumptions. Hiring bias can be as serious as rejecting someone because they’re a particular race or gender, but it can also be something as innocuous as picking someone for an interview because they went to the same […]

What Publishers Are Thankful For This Year

A RealMatch Thanksgiving

Just in time for Turkey Day and the Holiday Season, RealMatch Partners share why they love working with us. MORE REACH ”T Jobs is unprecedented in its ability to not only reach thousands of the most qualified candidates but also reach the highly skilled, well-informed and sophisticated readership that is available” – Andy Wright, Senior […]

How to Design the Ultimate Infographic


Publishers love infographics because they are visual representations of information that bring in a lot of web traffic. If you want your infographic to be effective, then you need to understand the elements that go into creating a visual presentation of information that people can both enjoy and use as a resource. It is not […]

Member Engagement: Why a Big Budget isn’t Everything

Your Budget

In the world of business, including trade associations and professional associations, it may seem as though a large budget is the key to success. In fact, it makes sense, right? The more money your association has, the more marketing, advertising, outreach, and research it can do. While it’s certainly true that more money can mean […]

The Publisher’s Guide to Programmatic Advertising [Infographic]

The publisher's guide to programmatic advertising

RTB and programmatic are taking over the digital ad industry. It is estimated that 90% of U.S advertising will be bought programmatically by 2017. Programmatic advertising allows publishers to unlock the value of underutilized inventory by optimizing CPMs and targeting. It may be a few years before real-time, cross-channel targeting and optimization become the norm, […]

Healthcare Hiring Landscape in 2014 & Beyond [Infographic]

Healthcare professionals are in demand and, according to a Glassdoor survey, they are on the lookout for better jobs. Healthcare is also projected to surpass professional and business services to become the largest segment of the U.S economy. This expansion, from the current 11 million healthcare jobs to 15 million by 2020, means that competition […]

3 Digital Trends For Publishers in 2014 [Infographic] Part 3/3


This is part 3 of the infographic series: 3 Digital Trends for Publishers in 2014. In 2014, publishers will experience these 3 digital trends: Mobile moves to the center of the multiplatform landscape Native Advertising is here to stay Always on means always social Part 3 is all about social media. Social Media has become […]

3 Digital Trends For Publishers in 2014 [Infographic] Part 2/3

Native Advertising-header

This is part 2 of the infographic series: 3 Digital Trends for Publishers in 2014. See Part 1: Mobile Moves to the Center of the Multiplatform Landscape here. Part 2 is all about Native Advertising. U.S digital native advertising spending is estimated to rise 20.5% this year to $2.29 billion, thus more and more publishers […]

3 Digital Trends For Publishers in 2014 [Infographic] Part 1/3

3 Digital Trends for Publishers in 2014 Mobile Header

Today, publishers find themselves in the center of a swirling, increasingly complicated digital vortex. New technology and social media channels continue to grow. Consumers are increasingly switching from traditional print media to digital media. As a result, publishers are facing new challenges as advertisers move from newspapers to online channels and into new formats. Print […]

What Job Seekers Want in 2014 [Infographic]

Jeff Dickey-Chasis of recently gave a RealMatch webinar about what job seekers want from job boards in 2014, based on a survey he conducted in partnership with and This infographic highlights some important findings from his survey and the webinar.  

[Infographic] How to Pick the Best Job Board Software for Your Website

How to pick the best job board software for your website

There are three main types of job board software solutions used by leading content publishers: ”Do It Yourself” Solutions-where code is developed in-house or software is licensed and then managed in-house, Co-Branded Solutions-which are broken into two subcategories: co-branded landing pages and widgets, and lastly, Hosted Solutions. When selecting a job board solution, it’s important […]

[Infographic] Recruitment Advertising: Your Next Online Revenue Strategy

Online recruitment advertising is a win-win-win for online publishers, digital advertisers and users. It has become the emerging trend for leading digital publishers looking to build better visibility for their advertisers. Integrating recruitment advertising can help introduce new advertising opportunities and increase ad real estate in high traffic areas for premium content publishers.

[Infographic] The Online Advertising Landscape for Digital Publishers

Online advertising spending is projected to reach $41.9 billion this year. However, discovering the best strategies for effective digital advertising is still the number one challenge for advertisers. In this infographic, you can learn about the current state of online advertising and how premium content publishers provide superior platforms for advertisers looking to achieve their […]

Infographic: How to Monetize Your Website

Follow the infographic below to find the best way to monetize your website. Whether you’re a trade publisher, newspaper, job board, broadcaster, or an online media site – there are several options for you. Depending on your audience type and size, along with your current advertising set-up, one of these 5 options could work for […]