Top 6 FAQs About Programmatic Recruitment Advertising

Top 6 FAQs About Programmatic Recruitment Advertising

Ever wondered whether programmatic recruitment advertising would really work for your organization? Would it be worth the money, time and effort spent in implementing it? If you do end up adopting it, what should you expect? Here are six answers to common questions about programmatic recruitment. Q. In simple terms, what is programmatic recruitment advertising? […]

Rely Too Much on Metrics & You Might Miss the Next Seinfeld


Don’t misread the title of this article; we’re not talking about whether you get so entranced by your trade publications’ online analytics that you forget to catch a rerun of your favorite show. As noted by Matt Boggie, writing for World News Publishing Focus, metrics can work against you — as they very nearly did […]

Why Analytics and Performance Metrics are the Future of Online Job Postings

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Analytics and performance metrics are critical to anyone who wants to have a successful website, run a successful business, or troubleshoot problems in general. Successful website owners routinely examine a number of performance metrics like time spent on site, bounce rate, and where site traffic comes from. When you know that, for example, you get […]