Turning Job Site Platforms Into Candidate Experience Hubs

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Job candidates can sometimes feel inconsequential to the sourcing and hiring process. They’re frustrated by the veil of mystery that surrounds employers. They’re over the inequity that stems from subjecting themselves to intense scrutiny by companies that may not even disclose their name, much less communicate with candidates after they apply. RELATED: Job Board Platform […]

What to Take Away from the Most Popular Employment Sites


Operating a niche job board, even in a field such as healthcare that’s growing exponentially, requires great relationships and marketing in order to thrive. How can you attract the attention of the right companies so that you’re known as the go-to spot for doctors, nurses, techs, and administrators looking for their next position? Conversely, what […]

4 Rules to Remember When You Monetize Your Site


When most people think of monetizing a website, the first thing that comes to mind is traditional advertising. And while it’s true that advertising can be a great way to make money from your website, it often comes along with a variety of drawbacks that might even turn site visitors away. Ads that take up […]

Expert Interview with Edoardo Bounous on Managing a Job Site

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For employers hoping to find the most qualified candidates, it all starts with writing a job ad that offers a clear picture of both the job – including responsibilities and type of contract – and the company, says Edoardo Bounous, CEO for Jobrapido, a job board that aggregates job listings by location. “For jobseekers, it […]