Why Newspaper Inserts Remain Strong


For many people, it’s a tradition to sit down with the Sunday paper to relax, learn about recent events around the world, and to look through the latest weekly ads and circulars. In fact, many people who aren’t even in the market to make a purchase will peruse newspaper ads and circulars for fun, just […]

The Best Online Classifieds Attract the Best Candidates. Here’s How


The responsibility for classified creation falls on the employer, not the job board owner. But you are charged with building the best community you can. Great classifieds are part of that community, so it’s in your best interest to help educate and guide employers about how to make them stand out. There’s so much more […]

Study Shows Americans Ignore Online Ads: Here are 3 Ways to Improve Them

online advertising

Most Americans ignore ads, at least that’s what a study from Goo Technologies has shown. Around 82% of people ignore online ads, while 37% ignore those on the TV. It’s important to be intriguing, unique and exciting in any ads that you place to get people to click and want to find out more. But […]