More People Choosing Smartphones for Their News Consumption


Online publishers are always looking for an edge that will help bring traffic their way, but there is a lot to be said for sticking with the basics as well. The one basic rule that has been part of the publishing industry since it started is that you have to present information in a format […]

Can Bundling Products Boost Revenues?


Could bundling products or services be another big trend to impact the publishing world this year? Bundling is a relatively simple tactic that you’ve likely seen at work in the world of infomercials: “buy the fitness package today, and you’ll not only get the DVDs but you’ll also get the bonus food guide, jump rope, […]

4 Newspaper Trends to Watch for 2015


2014 was an exciting year in the newspaper and publishing sector, and a quick glance ahead suggests that 2015 holds the promise of more change, innovation, and profits. For businesses that can keep up with the changing needs of everything from content production to advertising relationships to cross-platform development, the opportunities for growth are nearly […]

The Lightning Fast Rise of the Mobile-Only Newspaper Audience


In the past, sitting down at the kitchen table or in a recliner in the morning to read the paper was an all-too-common daily ritual for many Americans … then came the Internet. As online technology grew and branched out, it forced news publishers to re-evaluate their print offerings, with many scrambling to learn new […]

Online Publishing: Easy to Start, Difficult to Master


Anyone can create an online publication. For just a few dollars and with minimal technical knowledge, entrepreneurs and online publishers are launching entire publications. But most quickly find out that a vision is not enough. There are many aspects to running a successful publication, from creating a compelling content strategy to having the skills needed […]