Why Print Newspapers Are Not Hitting Rock Bottom


Is print newspaper bottoming out? Not likely. A report last October from consulting firm McKinsey painted a relatively positive picture for the print publishing industry, claiming that “many of the people likely to abandon print newspapers and print consumer magazines have already done so … most of [the] core audience – households that have retained […]

Examining the News Habits of Facebook and Twitter Users


Social media audiences are starting to become extremely segmented in how they get their news, how they react to news, and how they share news content. It used to be that online publishers could get their content read based on the basic age demographics assigned to large social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. […]

Mobile Usage Now Larger Than Desktop: What Does This Mean For Publishers?


Mobile devices appear to be winning the online engagement war. As reported in a recent article on Marketing Sherpa, mobile email opens recently topped desktop opens, while 49.3 percent of the population makes purchases with their mobile devices (as opposed to a mere 36.6 percent of purchases via desktop computers. With this new trend in […]

Uncover What Your Job Board Could Be With RealMatch [INFOGRAPHIC]

A RealMatch Thanksgiving

There are all kinds of reasons why many publishers are choosing RealMatch as their recruitment advertising platform. In this infographic, we explore some of the key differences between RealMatch and some of our competitors. Uncover what your job board could be with RealMatch and see what those purple guys aren’t delivering: 1 of a kind: […]

Is Your Content Digestible? Here’s Why It Needs to Be

Is-your-content-digestable-here's why-it-needs-to-be

One of the biggest and most important trends in digital publishing today is the push towards “snackable” or “digestible” content. These compelling little tidbits may not strike you as brilliant journalism, but they could just save your publication. Here are some of the reasons you need to make your content easy to grab on the […]

Use Your Audience Data for Targeted Ad Sales

Use Your Audience Data for Targeted Ad Sales

If your trade publication is associated with a companion website, the stream of data that website collects can play a critical role in helping you boost both ad revenue and audience share. So says Mather Economics President Matt Lindsay in an article for the Newspaper Association of America (NAA). Let’s look at some of the […]

4 Revenue-Generating Tips for Niche Online Magazines

4 Revenue-Generating Tips for Niche Online Magazines

PR Newswire recently quoted the Association of Magazine Media’s 2015 Magazine Media Factbook’s statement that within the past three years, the adult U.S. Viewership of magazines’ digital editions has more than quadrupled. That’s an extraordinary gain in audience numbers — and it’s time you captured a piece of that pie for your own niche publication. […]

Magazine Publisher Rodale Partners With Chef’d.com


If there truly is strength in numbers, two online companies just got stronger. Rodale, the self-described “world’s leading healthy lifestyle media company” recently announced that it’s entered into a creative partnership with gourmet meal service Chef’d to feature the latter’s meal plans and a la carte gourmet meal kits in a variety of health-oriented trade […]

Circulation Revenue Surpasses Advertising for First Time

Circulation Revenue Surpasses Advertising for First Time

According to the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers, the amount of revenue generated by circulation dollars was greater than the amount of revenue generated by advertising in 2014. This small piece of information holds some monumental implications for companies that engage in digital media and print media. What Does This Mean? The news […]

How To Define Your Target Audience

Target Audience

You likely know the term, “target audience”, but do you really know what it means? For many, a target audience is a group of people that is sought after for one reason or another. While this is true to an extent, a target audience is much more than that. If you’re defining your association’s or […]

How to Use Revenue Per Visitor Metrics for Your Association

How to Use Revenue Per Visitor Metrics for Your Association

When calculating success for a website, there are many metrics that can be analyzed, including bounce rate, conversion rate, and referrals. These metrics tell you what’s working, where it’s working, and how it’s working. Along with that, key metrics can determine where something is not working, allowing you to easily spot a fix. For trade […]

The New Competition for Publishers?


Over the years you may have had to deal with your fair share of competition from other publications — but the newest crop of rivals fighting for their share of advertiser/audience pie may in fact be brands. As these brands morph into media platforms, traditional publishers will have to respond. Let’s look at how this […]

4 Ways a Conference Blog Can Benefit Your Association

association conference blog

Planning and executing a conference for your professional association can be a great way to not only engage current members, but also to attract new members. Although there are a number of tools available to help promote your upcoming conference, one of the most important, yet underused, is a dedicated blog. Creating a dedicated blog […]

Attracting & Retaining Members with a Great Content Strategy


RealMatch was fortunate to host a webinar with Hilary Marsh, Chief Content and Digital Strategist of Content Company, exploring the important topic of “Attracting & Retaining Members with a Great Content Strategy.” Professional and trade associations frequently hear that content marketing needs to be a core component of their digital growth and visibility strategy. In […]

How to Plan for Your Trade Show Sponsorships

trade shows

Trade show sponsorships are an effective way to get your industry publication in front of interested readers. But it’s important to strategize: what steps can you take to get the most out of your sponsorship investments? From choosing the right industry platform to pushing for the best effective onsite advertising opportunities, trade shows can be […]

Top Digital Trends: A Crash Course for Local Media


The Internet has not only changed itself over the last two decades, but it has also changed the way that consumers are receiving their information. In a recent webinar, sponsored by RealMatch, presenter Shannon Kiney, founder of Dream Local Digital, points out that a current, single online weekend edition of the New York Times contains […]

How Your Niche Website Can Lure Visitors from Outside Your Field

Increase niche website traffic

If you’re like most of the owners with a niche website, getting new traffic is probably a challenge. This is especially true when your niche is of interest to only a small group of people. You may have thought about trying to lure visitors from outside your field to help increase your website’s traffic, but […]