How AI Can Improve Your Franchise Recruiting Plan

When it comes to keeping your franchise running smoothly, you can’t overlook the importance of effective franchise recruiting. But you probably already know that franchise recruiting has unique challenges, all of which can vary depending on your industry. Luckily, modern technology exists that can help all franchises meet their recruiting goals: artificial intelligence (AI).

Franchise Recruiting Challenges

Before we get into how AI can help improve your franchise recruiting plan, let’s take a look at some of the common challenges that franchises face: 

  • High turnover, particularly in quick-service restaurants and seasonal franchises
  • The need for consistent service, to build loyalty among customers
  • The need to fill open jobs quickly 

A franchisee is responsible for more than just hiring—and actively building out and maintaining a candidate pipeline can be difficult. That’s where AI comes in. 

Franchise Recruiting Solutions: Utilizing AI

From scheduling calendars to driving directions, we interact with AI almost daily. It’s no surprise that it’s made its way into recruiting solutions. If you’re focused on franchise recruiting, you’ll want to consider AI-driven software in two specific tools: a programmatic recruitment solution and a smart chatbot. PandoLogic offers both.

pandoIQ, PandoLogic’s programmatic recruitment software, uses proprietary algorithms and AI to predict, tailor, and optimize your job advertising campaign. Automating these manual processes not only saves you time but also brain space; it means far fewer decisions that you have to make. pandoIQ’s AI capabilities rely on both historical data points and real-time campaign performance. This means we can determine where your job ad will find the most traction with high-quality candidates in the quickest amount of time—whether you’re looking to hire quickly or for specialized positions. 

PandoLogic can help franchises: 

  • Improve staffing levels and quality
  • Lower cost per applicant while increasing applicant conversion rates
  • Reduce employee turnover by finding qualified and high-quality candidates
  • Stretch job ad budgets 10 to 20 times further, so franchisees can move excess ad budget dollars to more strategic company initiatives  

The other side of an effective, AI-driven franchise recruiting plan is a smart chatbot. An AI-driven chatbot uses artificial intelligence to converse, engage, and schedule interviews with candidates. 

An AI-driven chatbot can help franchises: 

  • Personally engage candidates by being able to chat 24/7
  • Parse the job description to produce a role-specific chat to inform and evaluate your talent pool
  • Build you a pipeline of qualified candidates, helping to combat high turnover
  • Automatically schedule interviews with qualified candidates

Franchisees have enough to do without worrying about the menial, repetitive tasks that often weigh down franchise recruiting. With AI-driven recruitment tools, you get peace of mind by offloading these tasks to purpose-built solutions. 

Franchise Recruiting Success Story: Domino’s Pizza

If you’re unsure of what AI-driven franchise recruiting looks like in real life, look no further than NRV Pizza. NRV Pizza, a regional franchise of Domino’s Pizza, was struggling to achieve the quantity and quality of applicants they were hoping to see based on how much they were spending on job advertisements. Before PandoLogic, NRV Pizza was only using one job site with a set budget to market their job opportunities and build a candidate pipeline. They needed to expand where they looked for candidates. Enter pandoIQ. NRV Pizza used pandoIQ to diversify its recruitment sources and increase its candidate pipeline. Using AI, pandoIQ automated and optimized job ad visibility across relevant sites—increasing NRV Pizza’s exposure to the right job seekers without overspending or manual intervention. 

The results

  • 472% increase in applicant volume  
  • 533% decrease in cost per applicant  
  • 19% reduction in monthly recruitment investment 
  • 15% increase in overall employees on payroll 

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