How Programmatic Can Help Staffing Agencies Deliver Results

Staffing agencies manage numerous job ads, in a variety of industries, with vastly different organizational hiring needs. It’s not just that a staffing agency has a lot of jobs to post; it’s that each of those job types requires a different strategy in order to optimize results. Your average truck driver searches for jobs differently than your average hospital administrator—and there may be different expectations for a job ad’s performance by industry. So tapping into the best strategy to deliver results across multiple industries can’t be a one-size-fits-all approach.

When you break down the variables that constitute that strategy (where to post, how long to post, how much to spend), programmatic technology can take each of these factors and optimize results based on job type and based on real-time indicators of job ad performance. While this technology can work really well for any single organization, for a staffing agency who needs a multi-faceted approach providing multiple advertising strategies on a grander scale, it can offer the competitive edge to deliver the best results.

You Can Easily Monitor Ad Performance

A programmatic platform can measure each job ad performance and optimize results based on your job ad spend across multiple job ads—essentially divvying up the budget in order to keep each ad performing well. Staffing agencies must pay attention to Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs; they are the markers that quantify the success of a job ad. Desirable KPIs may include cost per hire, cost per application, the desired number of applications per open position, or the actual number of applications required to fill a position.

Tapping into these KPIs can ensure the job ad performs the way you want it to, and setting these markers in a programmatic platform will lead to the desired results. Programmatic can provide reports on these KPIs if you need to make adjustments—but furthermore, a programmatic platform will optimize the results for you. When an ad underperforms on a particular site, it can allocate less spending on that site. When a job ad collects its desired number of applications, programmatic can then cut off spending on that job ad and reallocate your dollars where they are needed.

You Can Customize The Rules

When you are tuned into KPIs, you can establish these goals by setting rules particular to job ads by industry within the programmatic platform. For example, for healthcare staffing positions where applicants may be scarce and where turnover is high, you might set the rule that spending for this job type should never be turned off. On the other hand, if you get a quick response to an easy-to-fill position with 50 applications, you might have the rule to turn of spending immediately.

The programmatic platform can also “learn” based on the data and how well individual job ads perform based on your KPIs. If you want at least five applications in five days and do not hit that benchmark, then spending will increase on that job ad and heighten the chances that job seekers will see the ad.

You Can Adjust On The Fly

Once rules are established, you can also modify the strategy easily when necessary. If you have a high priority position to fill and want to allocate more spending on that position, programmatic can divvy up the rest of the job ad spend so that each ad continues to perform at its highest level possible. When you need your priorities to shift, you can easily set the platform to respond to a new variable—it can maintain optimization of your job ad spend for lower priority positions and deliver results quickly for the high priority positions while maintaining job ad performance across the board.

Paying a set fee for posting on a job board is less efficient than using programmatic technology. While programmatic learns the best places for the ad to perform, the set fee post remains static. Programmatic technology gets the most out of every dollar because it creates a balancing act between ad performance and cost over time.

As technology improves, job posting strategies of the past will likely produce worse results. This technology is here now to make the most out of every dollar across multiple job ad campaigns.

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