1 Pennsylvania Newspaper’s New Revenue Strategy

In Lancaster, PA, LNP Media Group recently increased its monthly recruitment ad sales by 400 additional new ads per month. This resulted in increased ad placement revenue of an additional $22,000 a month.

Furthermore, revenue associated with self-service ads, supported by the introduction of an automated ecommerce solution, increased to $10,000 per month from $15,000 per year. Local employers took note of the increased accessibility, leading some who had never previously advertised with LNP Media to start placing ads.

How did LNP Media Do It?

LNP Media Classified Advertising Manager Chris Stahl worked closely with her recruitment advertising technology provider and partner RealMatch to introduce a number of new recruitment ad sales tools to the company and local employers. One of the first things Stahl did was increase the value of LNP Media’s online advertisements, using RealMatch’s Total Talent Reach service. Alongside a price increase per posting, each post was now being distributed to a network of national and local job board sites, significantly increasing reach.

Another change RealMatch introduced to LNP Media was bundling online and print ads. Previously LNP Media had been offering online ads as an add-on option for print ads. As a bundled product, advertisers understood another aspect of the extended ad reach.

Other Revenue Drivers

In addition to Total Talent Reach, LNP Media started offering additional ”boost” products to increase the performance of employers ads. ”Social boosts” were introduced to advertisers, which pushed ads to social networks too. Profits are up by $35,000 a month for these boosts alone. Furthermore, the company hired an additional sales rep. Stahl said, ”If you have people who are willing to sell it and are able to sell it, it is easily sellable… It’s saving people time and money”.


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