Audience Engagement with Video: Why it Works, and How to Use It

Picture this. You’re clicking through the pages of your favorite digital magazine, and you come upon a video. What do you do?

Embedded video is like a beacon. You either watch it or make a choice not to. It’s so simple to click the button and see what’s waiting inside that little box.

Audiences love videos. That’s no secret, given the wild popularity of YouTube, Vimeo, and other hosts. It provides easy access to information, entertainment, or both, and it doesn’t have to cost much to produce.

If your strategies are still focused on images and text, you’re missing out on the benefits that video can bring to your audience. Here are just a few reasons why you need it, and how it can work for you.

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That’s Entertainment!

B2B isn’t inherently straightforward and businesslike. Your target audience is full of people, and people like to be entertained. Don’t be afraid to use humor — it makes your brand memorable.

Video doesn’t have to stop at marketing. You can add any video element that enhances content. In some cases, video can stand as a feature, all on its own.

Mobile Devices Pair Well with Video

All of those mobile devices no one can leave home without are go-to sources for nearly everything. People catch the news using a tablet, look up directions with a phone, and yes, they also read your content and watch video. At least they do if you’re offering mobile.

Video and mobile are a ”match made in heaven.” At least that’s what business development consultant, Belinda Summers, writes for Sales and Marketing Solutions.

Mobile displays are small, which can make reading text difficult for some people. But video is different, so it can engage readers. Or in this case, viewers. It’s short, your audience doesn’t have to focus on tiny words. Sharing is simple, too.

Video is SEO-Friendly

Written content isn’t your only SEO shot. Video adapts just as easily. Even better, Google has a habit of prominently displaying videos that rank well.

Michael Miller, author of YouTube for Business: Online Video Marketing For Any Business (2011), explains in Entrepreneur that keywords or tags help searchability. This brings in more readers who didn’t originate at your magazine.

The video title and description give you plenty of SEO real estate. Use it wisely, just as you would with an article or a blog post. Your title is important, not just for enticing viewers to stop and watch, but also for showing up in search results.

An article that’s informational and well written can get attention. Add video, and users tend to stick around. Also, who doesn’t want to be the first to share a clip that everyone will be talking about?

Embedded video is effective, and it ramps up your content from ordinary to noteworthy. You can entertain, share ideas, and market your trade magazine to more people than with words alone. With video, you’ll build your brand and reach more people.

Using the same SEO techniques as anything else you create, this medium can easily become part of your content, marketing, and even advertising strategy, now and well into the future.

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