Want Native Ads that Work? Stick to Quality

Native Advertising
Native ads are really part ad and part content, which means quality is a necessity. Nobody is going to read and act on content that doesn’t speak quality and relevance.

There has been a lot of debate over native ads. Some see them as deceptive, but others simply see them as content monetization; a way to beef advertisement revenue while offering content to readers. The truth is they really are part ad and part content, which means quality is a necessity. Nobody is going to read and act on content that doesn’t speak quality and relevance.

A Brief Overview of Native Ads

The idea of a native ad is to make the advertisement part of the content. Previously, businesses have placed flashy banners and ads to distract the reader from the content. By making it part of the material the reader is looking at, it blends in and is often more suggestive; as long as you get the quality.

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Creating Content People Want to Read

The best way for content monetization to work is for readers to be genuinely interested in the content. You want to create something that speaks to the people you are targeting, answers a question or just covers tips that your target audience has been looking for some time. You can’t just create content to sell your product, service or to get them to click on your advert.

You have 20 seconds or so to draw people in. Your first paragraph of your content needs to be compelling and let the reader know exactly what he or she is going to get from the article or blog post, and that needs to match the title and description.

Build Trust with Your Audience

Trust only comes from quality. If you give bad tips, the reader isn’t going to trust that the product is going to work the way you say it will. If you share false information, your audience is going to question the validity of the service. Everyone clicks away and goes to your competitor.

Quality builds trust and turns the "maybe" into a "yes!"
Quality builds trust and turns the “maybe” into a “yes!”

By creating content that is honest, upfront and helpful, you build trust quickly and easily. If they trust you as a company, they’re going to trust the product or service that you offer. It improves the chances of them buying it or clicking your advert to find out more.

Attract the Quality Audience

Quality content leads to a quality audience. That is you get the target audience you have been aiming towards; the people who are going to buy or invest. If your content is minimal and unhelpful, you’re only going to get those who are looking for a quick freebie, if you get anyone at all. They’re not going to help your business.

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The quality audience will also help you with your brand and trust building. People will share your helpful and quality content with their friends, which improves your reach. They’ll share with like-minded people, which increases the chances of your native ads working in the way you expected.

Quality is essential when it comes to native ads. You can’t just put up a sales page and get people to click an ad or button. You need to tell them how they benefit, build trust with them and get the right type of people reading in the first place. Quality content monetization is the only way you can do that.

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