RealMatch Partners with eQuest to Join Its Delivery Network

With the evolution of job site aggregators and niche job boards, employers are finding it difficult to put together programs that effectively target job candidates that meet their criteria. The eQuest network has been in place since 1994 to help recruiters to find the candidates they need without the hassle of recurring delivery fees. RealMatch has now teamed up TheJobNetwork candidate search system with eQuest’s delivery network to help recruiters find the talent they need quickly.

RealMatch And TheJobNetwork

There are two reasons why companies like eQuest have been teaming up with RealMatch to utilize its TheJobNetwork resource. The purpose of TheJobNetwork is to take a job listing and match it up with job aggregators and niche sites around the country to help find the perfect candidate. Once a recruiter creates a job ad, TheJobNetwork goes to work matching up the requirements of the job with the thousands of websites that could help in bringing in the perfect candidate.

The other strength of TheJobNetwork is that it can be customized to help deliver even faster results. Recruiters can create focused job search criteria that will allow TheJobNetwork to reach out across Internet and deliver accurate candidate results very quickly.

Talent Acquisition Competition Is Fierce

While many people wonder how they will find a job in this tough economy, there are even more people who have employers fighting over each other to gain their services. Job aggregators took the recruiting world to the next level by allowing a job hunter or recruiter to work across a wide variety of job boards to find the perfect match. Ever since this method was introduced, the competition for good job recruits has been intense.

RealMatch uses TheJobNetwork to filter through any job boards that do not apply to a recruiter’s search and delivers only focused results. The recruiters who use eQuest will be able to get results much faster, which means that they can get to good candidates before the competition does and add the talent they need to grow their businesses.

Costs Are Reduced

One of the positive effects of TheJobNetwork that impressed eQuest was the ability of TheJobNetwork to lower the cost of recruiting for each HR professional. By delivering focused results quickly, and avoiding the unqualified candidates that other methods can produce, TheJobNetwork makes it cost-effective for recruiters to find the talent they need.

By adding TheJobNetwork to its delivery network, eQuest is significantly enhancing and expanding the services it can offer to its clients. Recruiters will now be able to get immediate results from thousands of websites that match their exact criteria. The ability to create custom campaigns will be invaluable to recruiters who have had problems in the past with finding qualified candidates to fill very specialized positions.

George N Root III is a professional freelance writer who has expertise in topics such as Internet marketing, business, advertising, and personal finance.

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