3 Ways to Use Job Boards for Audience Development

Trade websites can benefit from a well-designed and executed custom job board. Not only do employers like them because of the targeted audience they reach, your website audience will find them helpful in numerous ways aside from the obvious.

Many people browse job listings even if they're not actively looking for a new job.
Many people browse job listings even if they’re not actively looking for a new job.

Passive job seekers can get a feel for what opportunities are out there, and even those who are satisfied in their jobs can keep a finger on the pulse of the industry by regularly perusing job listings. But if you’re going to put a white label job board on your site, you need to ensure that it helps you as much as it can with audience development. Here are three ways you can ensure your job board is boosting your audience development efforts.

1. Use Your Job Board to Make Visitors Feel Like Industry Insiders

Employers prefer niche job boards like those on trade websites because they know they’re reaching a relevant, targeted audience. That audience, in turn, prefers niche job boards on sites like yours for two main reasons. For one, these job boards quite often have listings that simply aren’t found on big job search engines and aggregator sites. For another, even when these jobs are listed elsewhere, many applicants feel that by applying through job boards located on relevant trade websites, they have an advantage over other applicants because they will be perceived as industry insiders. So what you’re doing with your custom job board is what every website strives to do: connecting engaged users with content that they want. Furthermore, you’re delivering to employers the applicants they want.

2. Use Your Job Board to Strengthen Reputation as Industry Experts

A well-populated, trade specific website is a public vote of confidence that your site is an important “resident expert” for that trade. Each time a site visitor lands a job (or even an interview), this reputation is solidified. With a well-planned social media strategy, you can enlarge your site’s audience even more, as more people in your industry find your job board through social media and discover your site for themselves. One of the most important things a site can do for audience development is build upon its reputation as a “go to” site for a particular niche. This helps a site rank higher for important keywords, makes it easier to get valuable back links, and improves traffic numbers.

3. Pair Your Job Board With Exclusive, Valuable Content

A job board can lead people to your great content and great content can lead people to your job board.
A job board can lead people to your great content and great content can lead people to your job board.


A great job board can do a lot, but it can’t make up for mediocre content. An up-to-date trade-specific job board can do a lot of heavy lifting, but it does it far better in the company of high quality, relevant content. Top quality content reinforces the strength of the job board and the reverse as well. New visitors drawn to your site for content will be more likely to stay longer and bookmark your site if you also have a great job board as a draw. Visitors who reach your job board from a social media posting will be pleasantly surprised to discover a new source of relevant, helpful content in their field. The total effect can be greater than the sum of the parts.

With your trade website, traffic development should feed audience development and engagement, and audience development should feed revenue development. If you plan to host a custom job board on your site, don’t just put it up and leave it there. Include it in your social media campaigns and let it help you draw and retain traffic. You’ll not only benefit from more and better job listings (and the revenue from those listings) but also from solidification of your site as an industry expert.

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