Serving a Content Buffet

Blogs seem to have become the default format businesses use to get information to consumers. According to, there are over 152 million blogs on the Internet and that number keeps rising. Companies that spend the time to generate at least 20 blog posts per month generate approximately five times more web traffic than the blogs that only generate four posts per month. It cannot be denied that having an active blog is a great way to attract web traffic, but that is not the end of the story.

The website counter at is up to over 1.1 billion websites and counting. While blogs are a dominant format for Internet content, the reality is that blogs only make up a small portion of the actual content that people read. The best approach to getting more web traffic and increasing revenue is to offer a content buffet made up of various types of formats that appeal to a broad audience.


The experts at Marketing Profs offer an infographic that offers a variety of content formats that are popular online. Webinars are video presentations put together in a business meeting format. Some webinars are interactive and others are not, but they are effective even if people cannot get involved in the content. Webinars can be segmented out and used in their parts, which makes them convenient for the website owners.

White Papers

White papers are usually comprehensive documents that focus in on a specific topic and offer a lot of detailed information. The notion that people only want to read short articles online is not entirely accurate. While many people like to skim the Internet to find what they are looking for, there is a large contingency of Internet users who want a lot of details.


The Entrepreneur Magazine website identifies e-books as PDF files that are done in the format of a traditional book. One of the more effective marketing ploys used by many companies to persuade people to sign up for a newsletter or agree to get marketing emails is to offer a free e-book when users register. Instead of killing printed books, it looks like the Internet simply moved books to a new and extremely popular format.


Infographics are images created to emphasize a specific point using catchy graphics and a lot of data. If you want to get people to understand the magnitude of your company’s data, then an infographic is an excellent vehicle.

Slide Shows

Many sports websites bring in web traffic by offering list articles in the form of picture slide shows. The way it works is that each entry on the list is an image and the images are grouped together in a single presentation. These can be extremely effective for any company that wants to present a series of facts that could be enhanced by an accompanying image.

Web Content

Web articles and web pages that offer evergreen information are still one of the most popular forms of content on the Internet. Evergreen content is content that is just as relevant in 10 years as it is now. To make content evergreen, developers will leave out specifics such as dates and prices. Web articles that offer valuable information are still great ways to bring in consistent web traffic.


There is no denying the marketing power of a good video, but there have been changes in the way videos are presented that every company needs to be aware of. It used to be a no-brainer to put up a video and attract traffic, but too many unscrupulous marketing executives use misleading video titles or even links that go to content other than videos to draw people in. When you use video content to bring in traffic, you must first establish a reputation for offering reliable video content before you will see steady traffic.

Internet users want to see information presented in a variety of formats to help them understand the information better. If you have a lot of data to compare, then consider an infographic. If you want to show off the top five features of your newest product, then consider a slide show that utilizes pictures of your product’s features. When you offer a content buffet, you will find it much easier to bring in steady web traffic.

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