How AI Continues to Drive Recruiting Tech…Even Now


The world of work is at a real inflection point, resulting from a variety of unavoidable forces—everything from a global pandemic that has disrupted every facet of society to a mass economic downturn that has dragged international business across industries to a near standstill are driving companies to imagine a next-level evolution in an effort […]

AI Empowerment: Turning Data Into Peace of Mind During The Seasonal Hiring Rush


As the year draws to a close, you’re probably looking for ways to make the seasonal hiring rush easier. Whether that means hiring seasonal employees or dealing with a boom period, time and resources can be in short supply. That’s where artificial intelligence (AI) and data can step in and make your recruiting and hiring […]

The Pros Of Using AI In Your Recruiting Process [Infographic]


There will always be a need for human intervention when it comes to recruiting, but why not get a little help from technology? AI can help make your recruitment process less grueling and more effective for you and your team. But how? We’ve created this simple infographic depicting just exactly what an AI-enabled job advertising […]

Critical Tactics That Will Make High Volume Hiring Successful

high volume hiring

High volume hiring is the process of hiring for a large number of open positions during a specific period. The number of jobs being hired for depends on the company, but it can range anywhere from hundreds to thousands of positions. Typically, the need for high volume hiring arises as a result of organizational growth, […]

How AI Uplevels the Staffing Agency Process


How AI Uplevels the Staffing Agency Process Everywhere you look, you’ll see the word artificial intelligence (AI). We are amidst a technological revolution with AI as the driving force. Its impact is significant across the talent acquisition landscape, particularly for a staffing agency. These advancements in AI have empowered hiring agencies to connect more easily […]

How AI Will Make Healthcare Sourcing Strategic


The healthcare industry is predicted to be one of the fasting growing industries over the next decade, and HR professionals are already facing the strain of finding quality candidates to fill open positions, from nursing staff to hospital administrators. With this growing demand, HR teams need to increase efficiency where they can—and the first step […]

Why Talent Acquisition Needs AI To Yield The Best Results

why talent acquisition needs AI for better results

The data available to talent acquisition teams is immense—so much so that it’s often too much to process. From past recruitment marketing campaign successes to data on the most successful hires, there are patterns to be replicated to help ensure future success. But how do you detect those patterns, or collect the data to produce […]

How HR Tech Trends Will Affect the Industry in 2019

We know the HR landscape has undergone rapid changes in technology over the past decade, from manual processes to programmatic advertising featuring automation and built on AI. The goal? Get more applicants faster and at lower cost–i.e., improve the three main driving KPIs in recruitment marketing: Time-to-Hire, Cost-per-Hire, and Quality-of-Hire. Having more applicants should mean […]

What HR Professionals Need to Know About Machine Learning


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the hottest thing in hiring and recruitment right now. And while Machine Learning is not AI, it is a subset of AI that trains machines to learn by automatically applying complex mathematical calculations to Big Data to find patterns without human intervention. From there, predictive models can be built and refined automatically […]

Recruiting Trends: Does the Rise of AI Spell the End for HR Recruiters?


By 2025, approximately 25% of jobs are expected to be replaced by AI, according to the Boston Consulting Group. For you, the HR recruiter, does this mean your job can be replaced by robots? The short answer is: not quite. But HR recruiting trends have already drastically changed in the past decade and prove to […]