3 Key Takeaways From the State of Newspaper Advertising


Newspaper ad revenue might not be quite up to speed for overtaking print, but it still contributes an important chunk. Digital readers pay attention, they have a clear, preferred way to consume news, and when they see an ad that they like, they take action. That sounds like a combination for success, and it is. […]

Do Bloggers Have the Secret Sauce for Newspaper Success?

Newspaper Success

Newspaper reporters and writers have the chops and credibility that many bloggers, even successful ones, can’t touch. But they have a different sort of secret sauce that could drive you to a new level of newspaper success. The most influential bloggers share a few common threads that their audiences respond to, and so might yours. […]

Why We Love the Future of Newspapers (And You Should Too)

Future of Newspapers

Raise your hand if you’re tired of hearing about the slow, agonizing death of newspapers. Sure, print is on the decline. But it’s still got a strong readership that happily pays for a subscription and ad performance is high. Digital still gives many publishers fits, but the kinks are slowly but surely being ironed out. […]

Anybody Want to Own a Small Newspaper? Anybody?

Anybody Want to Own a Small Newspaper? Anybody?

Do you want to own a small newspaper? If so, you’re apparently one of the few. Ross Connelly, owner of a longstanding, small community paper in Vermont, is ready to retire. His family has owned the print-only weekly for 30 years. And for the price of an entry fee and an essay submission, anyone could […]

Why Print Newspapers Are Not Hitting Rock Bottom


Is print newspaper bottoming out? Not likely. A report last October from consulting firm McKinsey painted a relatively positive picture for the print publishing industry, claiming that “many of the people likely to abandon print newspapers and print consumer magazines have already done so … most of [the] core audience – households that have retained […]

Forecasting 2016: How Digital and Print Ads will Evolve in the Newspaper Industry

When it comes to comparing print revenue to digital revenue in the newspaper industry, perception is much different than reality. As digital has evolved, newspapers have learned a great deal about how to reach and audience, and what type of content to create. The biggest thing that newspapers have learned is that consumers on the […]

How Data is Helping Canada’s Leading Newspaper


Canada used to have two national dailies and a long list of regional and local newspapers. But in recent years, the Globe and Mail has emerged as the only substantial daily in Canada, with the National Post seeing a tremendous decline in subscriptions over the past few years. Times have changed around the world and […]

A is for Art on the Front Page of the Sentinel & Enterprise

Newspaper Art

The Sentinel & Enterprise is a daily newspaper published in Fitchburg, Massachusetts that is the stereotypical local newspaper trying to survive. To go along with its daily print newspaper, the Sentinel also has a very popular online component that is growing on a regular basis. But even with its relatively low level of success in […]

3 Reasons Investors are Buying Newspaper Stocks

print newspapers

The newspaper publishing industry continues to defy the experts as many of the largest newspapers in the country are seeing significant growth in revenue, while failing newspapers are being bought and made profitable again. But perhaps the most perplexing fact about the newspaper publishing industry is that it is attracting investors such as Warren Buffett […]

The Chicago Defender Makes a Comeback


In 1905, Robert S. Abbott started a weekly newspaper in Chicago called the Chicago Defender. It was going to be written with content that interested African-Americans, which Abbott decided to just refer to as “the Race.” By 1915, the Defender had a circulation of 250,000 issues each day and was the most popular newspaper in […]

How and Why the Newspaper Industry is Rebranding Itself


The newspaper industry used to have a stranglehold on the distribution of information in the United States that not even television seemed to be able to break. But as digital publishing gains momentum, it is starting to look like the old ways of delivering the news are on the verge of being replaced. But the […]

Newspapers’ Digital Audience Reaches New Heights


Information is always in demand and more publishers are starting to realize that all they need to do to maintain a profit is shift the way they deliver that information. There was a bit of apprehension among the newspaper publishing community when the Internet started to become popular, but numbers released recently by comScore show […]

Why Your Newspaper Can’t Be and Shouldn’t Be BuzzFeed

why your newspaper shouldn't be buzzfeed

If you’ve spent any time on the Internet, and more specifically, on social media, you’ve likely seen the headlines: “20 Celebrities Who Grew Up Homeless”, or, “15 Hairstyles You Never Knew Existed”. Such headlines, often associated with sites like BuzzFeed.com, are meant to get you to click, but unfortunately, they very rarely deliver, even on […]

Why Newspaper Inserts Remain Strong


For many people, it’s a tradition to sit down with the Sunday paper to relax, learn about recent events around the world, and to look through the latest weekly ads and circulars. In fact, many people who aren’t even in the market to make a purchase will peruse newspaper ads and circulars for fun, just […]

Marrying Your Print and Digital Revenue Development


If you’re a digital publisher, it’s easy to be discouraged when you repeatedly read about digital revenue streams falling short when it comes to making up for declines in print revenue. But there is plenty of encouraging news too, as the concept of a print publication evolves into the concept of an information factory producing […]

Newspaper Acquisitions on the Rise, but is that a Good Thing?

print newspaper

By now the whole world has noticed the consolidation in media properties over the years. That consolidation could extend to smaller newspapers. Why Smaller Newspapers? Larger media companies find small newspapers an attractive investment for one reason: cash flow. Additionally, those newspapers have dramatically dropped in value, just like their bigger brothers. That means that […]

How to Make Your Newspaper Brand Stronger

Newspaper branding

Branding may be a misused buzzword sometimes, but it’s a concept newspapers have to pay attention to if they want to thrive in the digital age. Publishers like The Washington Post Company, Gannett Co., and The New York Times Company have all leveraged their reputations for being trusted information sources to build their digital brands. […]