Why Having Your Recruitment Data In One Tool Can Streamline The Process


There’s an unspoken cost to being “datacentric” in today’s data-heavy, digital world. While having numbers to back up your assumptions is always helpful, the dark underbelly of data is something that until now wasn’t really a problem. We’re talking about data silos. Data silos, as defined by PC Magazine, are “separate databases or files that […]

How to use your HR data for strategic insight


In the digital age, data generated by HR practices is vast. From traffic on the company’s website to keeping tabs on potential candidates for hire and on employees within your organization, there is a lot of data that can be generated over years—even over the course of a single day. But it is often underutilized. […]

5 Benefits Of A Data-Driven Recruitment Strategy


So many aspects of your recruitment strategy are now digitized, which streamlines the application process for job seekers and organizations alike-you just upload a file and click a button. But the potential benefits of all this digitized data are so much more than just collecting resumes without drowning in paper. Digitizing this information means you […]