How Niche Job Boards Can Help Veterans

An article published by the San Diego Union-Tribune tells the story of how a veteran’s job board called Hire Patriots helped to find enough work for a veteran that allowed that veteran to pay off his bills and start his own company. What is it about niche job boards that help veterans to find work and take care of their families? Why does it sometimes take a niche board to fill the employment needs that veterans have?

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The Right Job For The Moment

One of the attributes of Hire Patriots that helps veterans to get back on their feet is that it often lists jobs that go beyond the typical jobs you would see on a job board. While there are plenty of truck driving and contractor jobs on Hire Patriots, there are also jobs looking for people to help other move furniture, clean their gutters and do regular landscaping. These may not be ideal jobs, but they keep money flowing for veterans who often find it difficult to secure consistent employment.

Why Niche Boards Work For Veterans

A niche board focuses on its audience and develops features and programs that better serve that audience. Veteran job boards specifically look for companies and people looking to hire veterans, and then find unemployed veterans to fill those jobs. These job boards make it their mission to appeal to anyone looking to hire veterans and, in turn, veterans know that they can utilize those boards to find work.

The problem many veteran niche job boards are finding is that there are more veterans looking for work than there are positions available. That is why so many of these niche boards are constantly advertising for more employers that can help to fill the needs of unemployed veterans.

Look To The Future

According to, the growing number of environmentally conscious industries could be ideal places for veterans to find work. The veteran helped by Hire Patriots eventually started his own solar panel installation company, which is just one type of company to start in a diverse and rapidly growing green products industry. From solar energy to making construction supplies from recycled materials, veterans will want to look into getting trained to work in this rapidly growing field.

Niche job boards focus on a specific type of audience to bring in revenue. While most niche boards focus on specific types of industries to serve, some are working hard to bring more employment opportunities to specific groups of people. Military veteran job boards are doing their best to keep up with the employment needs of a growing number of unemployed veterans, but the task is difficult. With more of a concentration on emerging industries such as the green products field, veteran niche job boards can put together offerings that bring workers and employers together in a mutually beneficial arrangement.

What tools can employers utilize to find veterans for their employment opportunities? How can job boards and local media connect more veterans to employers?

George N Root III is a professional freelance writer who has expertise in topics such as Internet marketing, business, advertising, and personal finance.

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