3 Takeaways from the New Monster-Twitter Alliance

Monster.com is known as a destination for employers and job seekers, but until recently, the company hasn’t done much in the way of connecting with users via social media. That has changed, however, as the company’s Monster Social Ads will begin appearing in front of Twitter users in a proactive attempt to reach more people using Twitter’s advertising tools. The effort is designed to focus more on recruiters than job seekers and employers, but it can offer some lessons for job boards of all types.

What This Means for Your Job Board

If you operate an online job board, this move by Monster.com should serve as a lesson in using available and emerging technologies to attract employers and talent. Instead of sitting around and hoping that people will find and use your job board, you need to take proactive steps to reach people in places that they already frequent, including social media sites. Because more and more people are using sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, it would be a good idea to take advantage of the marketing, advertising, and networking possibilities that these sites offer.

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How to Operate More Proactively Through Social Media

In taking the example of Monster.com, your job board could focus on targeting users of social media sites through ads. Many social media sites these days have very deep analytics on users, and they are able to get ads in front of key demographics like never before. On top of that, as the economy has continued to struggle and many people are still out of work, social media sites have become very popular for the unemployed to connect with friends and family to try to find work.

By getting your ads in front of these people, you’re more likely to attract job seekers, and this can be a huge benefit when marketing your job board to recruiters and employers. If you can demonstrate that your job board can help recruiters or employers to find the right people to match their openings, they will be more likely to use your board over your competition.

Incorporate Social Media Into Your Job Board

Another way to be proactive in your approach is to incorporate social media elements into your job board. For example, you might offer users the ability to share an opening on their social media feeds. In many cases, a job seeker will come across a job opening that isn’t right for them, but they have an unemployed friend or family member that might be a great fit. By allowing users to share openings right from your job board, you receive the benefit of allowing users to market your site for you.

Likewise, you can offer a service that delivers updates on new job openings that match the interests of users who sign up for the service. This approach not only reaches out directly to job seekers, but it also shows recruiters and employers that your job board is proactive in its approach, thereby making your job board more attractive to potential job posters as well.

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