4 Ways to Make Your Job Board More Efficient

Operating a niche job board in today’s market is demanding – both in terms of time and resources. From overseeing the technical aspects of hosting and managing your site to interfacing with companies posting jobs and candidates seeking work, there are multiple elements that go into the process. As a result, job site owners need to find technological solutions and other forms of support to make their job board operations and marketing more efficient. Here are some strategies that different boards are using to upgrade their customer experience and increase their reach, while strategically decreasing the work that staff or owners need to complete.

Automate Customer Support

Providing better customer support should be a top priority. Support could be answering questions for employers ready to buy posting space for jobs or candidates that have questions about the application process. Evaluate your available content, such as help menus, article database, and video tutorials. Do you have easily accessible resources that answer the most frequently asked questions? If not, consider creating these materials to better vet questions and minimize the number of inquiries you’re receiving. Consider using a service such as Zendesk to affordably outsource routine inquiries if you need more staff support.

Look for Software Solutions

If you’re currently managing a job board manually, there are numerous solutions that can help make each step easier from allowing users to register to posting individual jobs. The costs vary widely, from completely free to expensive for heavily featured enterprise solutions. Some popular solutions include RealMatch, Smart Job Board, webJobs, Easy Job Script, and Jobsite Professional. These programs and others on the market automate many of the technological and administrative functions that operate your job board, often through a single integrated interface.

Integrate Social and Promotional Functions

Marketing your job board is both time consuming and expensive. One way to improve your performance is to integrate features that allow users to help promote it for you. Allow users to email jobs to friends that might be qualified. Integrate social media share buttons so that users can promote specific positions on social networks. Many casual job browsers will share with other people they know that are looking, or will share promising leads on industry group blogs, discussion groups, or email lists.

Evaluate Your Layout

Has your design been created to optimize performance? If not, it may be time for an official design consultation. An experienced professional will be able to help you streamline different processes, increase clicks, and ensure that your site is user friendly. Small tweaks to a layout or design can yield big results in terms of usability and enhance the popularity of your site. Specifically evaluate your navigation, the key functional areas of your site, and your overall user experience.

Operating a job board entails a significant amount of work. Taking advantages of technology and services that can help you increase the efficiency are essential to growth strategies. Whether you’re seeking to decrease the work involved in overseeing your job board or looking for efficient ways to increase your reach, the four tips above will help you get started.

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