5 Sources for Great Syndicated Content

If you’re an online publisher, you know you have to keep feeding your audience’s appetite for fresh, relevant content to raise your site’s profile and accelerate traffic development. That’s not easy if you have a small staff and / or a small budget.

When your organization doesn't have the resources to create enough original content, syndicated content can help fill the gaps.
When your organization doesn’t have the resources to create enough original content, syndicated content can help fill the gaps.

Many web publishers turn to content created by others that is relevant, informative, legal, and properly tagged and credited to supplement original site content. Once you find one or more sources of content relevant to your audience that’s also a good fit with your site’s normal content, you can continue providing your audience with the information they’re hungry for so that they’ll keep coming back for more. When you carefully curate the syndicated content you use and bookend it with original content, it won’t dilute your brand and can help keep your site fresh and dynamic. Here are 5 sources for fresh, relevant content for your site.

1. Scribit

With Scribit, you create an account and set up a syndication template that allows you to post articles and videos directly to your site and share them as well. You can share by Tweeting, emailing, or sharing on Facebook. You can search for specific content, or you can browse by topic, by what’s newest, or by content provider. Additionally, you can sign up for daily alerts to let you know what new content is available in your selected topic areas.

2. Curata

Curata continually searches the web to find relevant content for your website. You can easily manage content flow by adjusting the sources you choose from. Curata will even make suggestions and recommendations to help your SEO and your audience development. With Curata, you can rapidly build a content archive that will help with your SEO strategy, and you can direct the content to one online destinations, or multiple destinations.

3. MyBlogGuest

MyBlogGuest is a free resource for finding guest bloggers in your subject matter areas. Guest blog posts, when chosen well, can engage readers and often attract new readers. The best guest bloggers know that their fans will check out sites where their posts are picked up, potentially enlarging your audience. MyBlogGuest also has an Infographics Gallery that lets publishers diversify content with engaging graphics that help people make sense of relevant data.

Guest bloggers often bring in new traffic, some of whom may decide to stick around.
Guest bloggers often bring in new traffic, some of whom may decide to stick around.

4. Healthfinder.gov

If you’re in the health care field, you can use the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s healthfinder.gov content syndication program. It’s an easy way to add accurate and actionable health information to your website using content from the Center’s “Health Topics A to Z” directory, from which you can choose topics that will work for your site. You can also customize content to match your website’s look and feel. Every topic in the repository is vetted by subject matter experts and is also reviewed and, if necessary, updated every six months.

5. GuestBlogIt

GuestBlogIt is another resource for finding guest bloggers and articles for your website. Broad topic areas include business, sports, health, entertainment, technology, lifestyle, internet, politics, science, and finance. You can peruse the article gallery by keyword or category and send authors requests to pick up their content. It’s also a good way to network with other professionals in your industry, offer your own guest blogging services, and gain more targeted traffic to your blog.

Keep in mind that guest blog posts and syndicated articles aren’t the only ways to add fresh, audience-attracting content to your website. RealMatch provides recruitment advertising for trade publishers, giving your site a constant stream of new information that makes your site stickier and that attracts new, targeted traffic.

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