4 Ways Your Healthcare Job Board Can Offer More Value

As unemployment and underemployment remain high these days, healthcare professionals are seeking careers and open positions more than ever. Although this may seem like bad news, it can actually be positive news for people who run or wish to create healthcare job boards. While traditional job boards on the web focus on offering a myriad of different listings across a variety of industries, your healthcare-focused job board can take advantage of the recent upswing in professionals seeking out jobs in the healthcare field. To attract candidates while adding value, use the follow 4 tips:

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1. Offer Industry News and Opinion Content

One way to attract candidates to your healthcare job board over other job boards is to offer more than just job listings. For example, you could provide a daily or weekly industry update that includes news and opinion about recent happenings in the healthcare field. This feature can be used to not only attract new candidates, but also keep them coming back. Likewise, you could use this feature to attract healthcare employers to your site, and you could even have this feature sponsored by a different healthcare employer each time you publish to offset costs.

2. Provide the Ability to Interact

While most job boards are static, your healthcare job board doesn’t have to be. By offering candidates the opportunity to interact with one another and with employers on your job board, you’ll be more likely to see candidates spend time on your site instead of your competition. One way to do this is to add a message board or forum section to your job board. This area can be used to discuss tips for jobs seekers, unemployment-to-employment success stories, and more. You might also think about creating a social media component to your job board that allows candidates to create profiles and share content.

3. Set Yourself Apart

Another way to add value to your healthcare-focused job board is to find a way to set your board apart. For example, you could let employers know that they have to include a salary range for each position they post. Because virtually all job seekers want to know this information, and because most employers fail to disclose this information in traditional job postings, this feature would set you apart, add value, and build your brand.

4. Create a Job-Specific Newsletter

While it’s important for users of your job board to be able to filter the jobs they search for, you could also offer a filtered, job-specific newsletter that puts relevant open positions in front of candidates on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Users can have the option of signing up to receive updates about specific job categories, such as nursing, administrative, and surgery. Doing this serves two purposes in that it provides additional value to your candidates, but it also reminds them about your service on a regular basis, raising the chances that candidates will come back to your site. If you’re monetizing things correctly, getting candidates clicking back to your job board will go a long way in determining your success.

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