Expert Interview with Chandra Turner on Recruiting Millennials

College grads are entering a new and uncertain job market. Even in publishing, they’re not sure where to start, so Chandra Turner’s made it her job to show them how to work in the publishing industry at Ed2010. She took a moment to talk with us about how the recent graduate finds a job.

Tell us a bit about Ed2010. What’s the site’s mission?

Ed’s mission is to help recent grads and junior editors break into and move in the magazine media industry. Ed works on what I like to call career karma – if you help someone in her career, it will come back tenfold for your own.

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What are some ways companies can think outside of the box when looking to get their job opportunities in front of younger candidates? 

I think it’s less important how companies market to younger candidates and more important for younger candidates to market to employees. In the magazine world, there are often hundreds of candidates applying for any one full-time open position. So the real trick is getting noticed in that pile of resumes and cover letters. Ed2010 is full of ways to help job seekers address this issue. We have courses on resume and cover letter writing as well as one-on-one critiques and tons of advice on the website.

How do millennials look for jobs?

They do their research more than any other generation simply because there’s more available research. Glassdoor and review sites like it offer a lot of insight into what it’s like to work at companies, especially their corporate culture. Millennials want to know what the work-life balance is like as well as if it’s a nice place to work; previous generations didn’t put as much stake in these things. Or at least they didn’t talk about them as much.

How do you think technology is going to change getting jobs in front of potential candidates in the future?

I’m not sure. I read recently that one company, perhaps it was Zappos, is only hiring candidates who are fans of theirs on social media. I don’t think that media companies will be following suit anytime soon, but it is an interesting concept.

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