The Importance of Candidate Engagement During the Recruitment Process

two HR team members discussing why candidate engagement is important

Elite recruiters strive to thoroughly engage prospects, compelling them to learn more about the hiring business and give serious consideration to an offer of employment. However, if you are like most recruiters, hiring managers, and others in the human resources industry, you are likely wondering, “Why is candidate engagement important?” The level of engagement achieved […]

How is Artificial Intelligence Changing the Recruiting Process?

how is artificial intelligence changing the recruiting process

Over the course of the last decade, artificial intelligence has been growing and evolving. Since the mid-2010s, corporate titans have hinted at the continual rise of AI in nearly every field of industry. The flexibility of self-learning software promised the automation of tasks normally too complicated for a machine to undertake. Now that technology has […]

4 Hiring Challenges Recruiters Face in 2022

Recruiter working through hiring challenges

This year has been a tough one for HR teams across the country. Workers are leaving their jobs in droves, costs of labor and recruitment are rising, and candidates are becoming more selective when choosing a new job.  Overcoming the challenges that these new industrial norms introduce is the difference between a successful season and […]

Everything You Need To Know About Social Recruiting

a group of recruiter's discussing social recruiting

Virtual recruiting methods have taken over the industry over the last few years. As our workforce begins to truly pass into the hands of the younger generations, social recruiting becomes more and more common. Candidates are online like never before, and recruiters have answered the call by increasing their social media presence and focus.  If […]

5 Ways to Make Onboarding More Effective

woman participating in remote onboarding

Onboarding is an essential part of employee initiation. Without it, new workers will have trouble becoming acclimated to both work and the company culture. Retention rates drop, productivity stagnates, and as a result cost efficiency goes down significantly. That, obviously, is not an ideal scenario. Remote onboarding adds more than a few challenges to this […]

3 Strategies to Supercharge Your In-House Recruitment

Recruiters discussing in-house recruitment strategies

While going through an agency is an effective way to hire, nothing beats effective in-house recruitment. In-house recruiters know your company inside and out. A good recruitment team can transform the face of your company into a marketable, diverse landscape. The employees they hire, stick around for the long haul. For an internal recruitment strategy […]

How AI Recruitment Software Can Increase Employee Retention

a happy African American woman smiling to camera

Getting new employees in the door is great—keeping them at your organization is even better. So though recruitment and retention are two different components of a company’s People team, they aren’t separate. In fact, recruitment and retention strategies go hand in hand.  Why Is A Strong Retention Strategy Important? If you’ve never had trouble filling […]

How Healthcare Organizations Can Pick the Right AI Recruitment Technology


HR professionals in the healthcare industry face multiple pressure points, from high turnover rates to a lack of qualified candidates in one of the fastest growing industries. With an increasing demand for healthcare services in the aging population, the talent acquisition landscape for healthcare industries looks bleak—unless healthcare industries embrace the technology that can help. […]

Use These AI Recruitment Tools To Find Top Talent


As HR goes more digital, the buzzwords seem to be piling up. Metrics! Analytics! Machine learning! But when it comes to implementing these new digital tools to make your own work better and more efficient, it’s important to know just how the new wave of artificial intelligence (AI) can work to help you improve your […]

Understanding the Risks and Rewards of AI Recruiting


While many tools available to recruiters are touted as AI, not all fit the bill. As a hiring or HR decision-maker, it’s essential that you understand the features, as well as the risks and rewards of any automated recruiting tools you choose to deploy. As with anything, you’ll need to maintain a certain amount of […]