How Data Analytics Recruiting Can Work For You

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Chances are, the next hire you will make is checking their mobile device, using a wireless network, or running social media software right now. For you, that means constant streams of information you can use in order to find and hire the best candidates for your open positions. Over the past decade, companies have seized […]

Why Big Data Should Be Part Of Your Healthcare Recruitment Suite


So much of the healthcare industry is based on absolutes and exact science. Why not apply similar principles to recruiting, too? Analytics have cropped up as a vital tool for marketing departments and businesses to gauge their website traffic and better learn how to promote their brands—and talent acquisition teams can also hop on board […]

How to use your HR data for strategic insight


In the digital age, data generated by HR practices is vast. From traffic on the company’s website to keeping tabs on potential candidates for hire and on employees within your organization, there is a lot of data that can be generated over years—even over the course of a single day. But it is often underutilized. […]

Understanding Your Recruitment Budget and How to Take Back Control

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Creating an annual recruiting budget can seem like an overwhelming responsibility, but it’s an essential task for any well-organized recruiter or talent acquisition specialist. Failing to do so means that you won’t be able to capture crucial metrics and identify areas for development. A well-planned recruiting budget can make or break your talent acquisition success […]

How To Be More Proactive In Your Recruiting Solutions

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You have a looming deadline when a key player on your team decides to quit. Everybody on the team panics. You revisit that outdated job description, make a few changes and post it to every job board that you know. Then you sit and wait for that amazing candidate to apply. Sound familiar? This is […]

The Truth About Programmatic: Five Reasons You Need It

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Experts predict by 2020 over 80% of all recruitment advertising will be based on programmatic campaigns. Programmatic recruitment advertising is the process of automating the decision-making of where job ads are displayed as well as how much you need to bid to target specific audiences, demographics, and sites. It’s a recruiter’s best friend – saving […]

Better Talent Acquisition Campaign Strategies, Better ROI

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Whether the economy is boom or bust, every penny matters for recruiters and talent acquisition professionals on a budget. From time-to-hire to cost-per-hire, KPIs must be consistently met while sticking to the agreed-upon allowance. A recruiting budget is essential because companies must understand how much they are willing to spend per candidate and how to […]

Where’s Your Talent Acquisition Data Blind Spot?

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Programmatic recruitment can solve a host of talent acquisition problems. It doesn’t find the answer; it is the answer. Data is the foundation of HR automation that makes everyone’s life easier. The industry is already headed in that direction, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). But without the right analytics, over-reliance on […]

5 Ways Big Data Changes Talent Acquisition

5 Ways Big Data Changes Talent Acquisition in 2018

It’s not that the answers talent acquisition needed didn’t exist before; it’s that the technology to find the data and transform it into useful answers was still in the future. Thankfully, the future is now. Everyone talks about the power of programmatic and big data, but only some people in talent acquisition do something about […]

Talent Acquisition Metrics Trends to Watch in 2017

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“You can’t pick your data, but you must pick your metrics.” – Jeff Bladt, Harvard Business Review Be careful about getting so caught up in data that you lose sight of the talent acquisition goal: great hires. Data is what your metrics are made of; it’s not the metrics, themselves. The difference is comprehensive information […]

How Newspapers Can Profit from Programmatic Advertising


Programmatic advertising takes the layers of competition that exist in publishing and makes it work better for everyone involved. Publishers reach a more receptive segment of ad buyers, advertisers target the right customers, and customers get a personalized experience. But for all of the industry buzzwords, there are still a lot of publishers (and buyers) […]

How Newspapers Can Survive and Thrive in Their Transition to Digital Publishing


It’s time to abandon the notion that newspapers are transitioning to digital publishing; it’s already happened. For the past several years, the industry has slowly but surely adjusted to the new digital direction like a boat that’s getting up to speed. Unfortunately, revenue has bobbed along behind it in a life raft that’s always in […]

What am I Supposed to Do With All of This Online Recruitment Data?


Big online recruitment data sounds like big intimidation to people who don’t get it. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who fit into that category. It’s one thing to know that the data is there. It’s something else to know how to use it or even understand its real value. The promise of big […]

How the Circulation Manager’s Duties Have Changed


If you ask circulation managers how the industry in general and their role, in particular, have changed in the last 5 or 10 years, you’ll probably want to take notes. From 5 years ago, there has been a data revolution. But from 10, most agree that it’s become a whole new world. RELATED: How Can […]

5 Recruiting Metrics You Should be Tracking


Chances are you’ve got a lot of questions about your own hiring process. How much does it cost to hire one new person? How many people who start an application see it through to completion? The answers don’t have to be estimations; not if you know which recruiting metrics are worth tracking. RELATED: Whats Big […]

Why Publishers LOVE Real-Time Data

Real time data

The time-honored phrase “get real” has taken on a new, urgent meaning in the world of digital publishing and marketing. Real-time data has become the Holy Grail for publishers and advertisers alike, although many publishers finding the pursuit of these treasured numbers an uphill battle. Let’s take a quick look at the value, benefits and […]

Start Planning for 2016 Now

Start Planning

It’s never too early to plan, and seeing as how 2015 has already met it’s halfway point, now is the perfect time to start thinking about success in 2016. In fact, the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) is already planning a conference, set for April of 2016, to help you do just that. The […]

Use Your Audience Data for Targeted Ad Sales

Use Your Audience Data for Targeted Ad Sales

If your trade publication is associated with a companion website, the stream of data that website collects can play a critical role in helping you boost both ad revenue and audience share. So says Mather Economics President Matt Lindsay in an article for the Newspaper Association of America (NAA). Let’s look at some of the […]

Member Data Collection: An Ongoing Process


Much like traditional businesses rely on customer data and potential customer data, professional associations rely on member data and the data of potential members in order to not only provide the right services, but also to entice potential members to join. The process of gathering and using this data, however, can be fraught with difficulties. […]

4 Things You Need to Know About the White House Report on Big Data

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  The federal government has released a report about big data and privacy. It’s not only a broad overview of the entire big data concept, it also has several salient points for online advertisers. Here’s what you need to know about the White House report on big data. SEE ALSO: 5 Problems Even the Best […]

Science Drives Audience Development for Some of the Biggest Names in Publishing

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You might not think that “old school” media companies like The New York Times would take advantage a hi-tech concept like “big data.” In fact, they do. Some of the biggest names in traditional media are using data and analytics to perform some state-of-the-art number crunching. The results have been impressive. The companies are earning […]

5 Problems Even the Best Job Boards Face with Big Data

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The best job boards could improve further by selectively harnessing the power of big data. ”Big data” is more than just a flavor-of-the-week buzzword; it’s changing how people are hired and assessed. This makes sense in many respects, since relevant data can be analyzed in such a way that it paints an important picture. For […]

How Big Data Helps Increase Website Traffic

We have all heard about ”big data,” but many of us remain unsure of what it actually is. There’s no conclusive definition that’s been nailed down, but basically big data is the aggregate of information collected from traditional and digital sources, inside your company and outside, that can be used for powerful discovery and analysis […]