Overcoming Recruitment Challenges in 2019


Change is pretty much the only constant in the world of recruiting these days. The applicant pools shift, the technology that shapes your hiring is upgraded or becomes obsolete, and the pace gets faster and faster to keep up with a digital-forward world. 2018 was no different. You likely experienced a variety of challenges: hiring […]

What Talent Acquisition Needs to Know About the Gig Economy


About three decades ago, freelancers and independent contractors made up only a small fraction of the American workforce. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics struggles to count precisely how many Americans work in what’s called the “gig economy,” a 2017 study by global freelancing platform, Upwork estimates that currently, 57.3 Americans engage in some kind […]

7 Ways to Make the Full Employment Economy Work for You

7 Ways to Make the Full Employment Economy Work for You

Nobody has to tell you that sourcing is hard work. Since the economy started to rebound just a few years ago, top candidates have become scarcer and active job seekers have become rarer still. Knowing that, it might surprise you to learn that the full-employment economy can work for you. Why? Because it encourages you […]

The Importance of Branding with Job Boards


Have you ever given any thought to branding your online job board? You may think that branding is not for job boards, but you would be wrong. The bigger job boards such as Monster.com and Glassdoor have specific brands that bring in revenue and attract employers. With a little effort on your part, you can […]

Why Branding is Even More Important Than You Think


Branding is the process of defining who your company is. Not what it is– who it is. As such, you, your employees, and your marketing materials all need to reflect who your company is, both online and offline. Unfortunately, this can be difficult to achieve unless you have a solid plan in place. RELATED: Why […]

Expert Interview with Gavin Hammar on Getting Your Brand Noticed

getting brand notice

In 2014, social media marketing will be all about visual content, says Gavin Hammar of social media management platform Sendible. In order to stand out from the other posts in a stream, it will be even more critical for organizations to share interesting and powerful images. “We are also expecting social media advertising to really […]

Is Your Audience Approaching Tech Burnout?

Audience Development Technology

While technology has the goal of making things easier, it is actually causing too much confusion. Mindshare’s latest Culture Vulture study shows that 58% of people believe that technology has made the life more complicated, and your audience development could be struggling because of that. It’s time to take a step back from using technology […]