4 Reasons Local Job Boards are the Way of the Future


Job boards have been transitioning into something a bit different in recent years. Huge job aggregators are losing ground, but local job boards appear to only be getting started. Hyper-relevance is the driving force behind up-and-coming job boards in the post-behemoth era. You might not have had the budget or staff to compete with enormous […]

5 Ways the Best Job Boards Get More Traffic

Best Job Boards

What good is a job board if you can’t drive in the right traffic? You don’t want a ghost town, you need a thriving hub where employers and job seekers meet. And that takes strategy on all fronts. Marketing strategy components should be designed to bring the right people to your job board. From identifying […]

Local or Vertical: How Should I Brand My Job Board?

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In November 2015, RealMatch hosted a webinar with The Job Board Doctor called ‘Use Brand to Generate Job Board Revenue‘. Throughout the webinar, attendees asked numerous questions about how to best drive revenue by building or developing their job board brand. I chatted with RealMatch Product Marketing Director Bart Bartolozzi following the webinar to see […]

4 New Job Boards and What They’re Doing Differently


As the online job board industry changes, we can expect to see new entries into the job board industry on a fairly regular basis. Some are websites that have changed their name and approach, while others are brand new to the game and have something unique to offer. According to US News and World Report, […]

3 Ways to Take Advantage of the Healthy Healthcare Job Market

The healthcare job market is exploding, so now is the time to focus your job board site on this burgeoning industry. Whether you choose to highlight healthcare jobs on your existing site or you choose to create a new site dedicated solely to healthcare jobs, you now have a large number of opportunities to attract […]

The Best Job Boards Value Employee Candidates


The Best Job Boards Value Employee Candidates A far too common mistake among job board startups, according to Job Board Doctor Jeff Dickey-Chasins, is too much focus on attracting employers and not nearly enough on reeling in job candidates. While it’s understandable for a service to focus the bulk of its time and resources on […]

Expert Interview with Katrina de Leon on Niche Job Markets


  Katrina de Leon knows the ins and outs of a niche job board better than anyone; as the director of marketing for ProductionHUB, the premier pro video employment site, it’s her job to ensure that both producers and crew know how to find the right job online. She spoke with us about what goes […]

Which Niche Industries Need Specialized Job Boards Now?


The buzz is all about niche job boards. The mega job hosting sites have plenty to offer on a grand scale, but niche makes it more personal. The question is, which industries are growing; which have a stronger potential niche market than the others?The best approach is to go straight to the source, and that’s […]

For Healthcare Job Boards, the Candidate Always Come First


One of the most important elements of any business is to have an intimate understanding of the business model. If a business does not understand where its revenue is really coming from, then it is going to make bad decisions. On a healthcare job board, the revenue is generated by employers who pay for the […]

Expert Interview with John Bardinelli on Niche Job Boards


Not all of us wake up one day and decide to start a narrowly targeted job board. But then, not all of us are John Bardinelli, a freelance writer and owner of Video Game Journalism Jobs. John spoke with us about what it takes to run a job board with a narrow focus. SEE ALSO:How […]

How to Make Your Niche Job Board Stand Out

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Do you want your niche job board to stand out from the competition? If so, then there are certain best practices that you should follow. Here are 4 great ideas to give your job board a competitive advantage. 1. Easy Navigation We live in a time when almost everybody is very busy. Yes, this includes […]

How Successful are Local Job Sites?

local job sites

There are a number of local job sites on the Internet. These are sites that only advertise jobs that are within driving distance of a particular geographic location. The idea behind local job sites is that a smaller market is often better. These aren’t websites that receive millions of hits from all over the world […]

Expert Interview with Don Firth on Getting Your Job Board Noticed

job board branding

Whether you’re looking for a job or hoping to fill an opening the web can be both an integral tool and a daunting source of frustration – how do you wade through all the noise to find the best matches? The formula at AllRetailJobs.com has been to concentrate solely on the retail industry and attracting […]