Why Your Recruiting Team Should be Fluent in HR Analytics


HR analytics help teams better understand the movements and motivations of their workforce through the clear-cut language of data. When HR teams take a comprehensive data-driven approach, they consider multiple points of the employee experience: compensation, retention rates, diversity, and inclusion—all of it, really. Understanding these analytics can help savvy teams determine how best to […]

Top Traits of Great Talent Acquisition Leaders


Folks in the Talent Acquisition (TA) field, from seasoned veterans to new recruits, know that it’s a highly specialized industry that’s undergoing a rapid evolution of sorts—the result of a tsunami of technological innovation alongside a tidal wave of social, cultural, and economic forces that have hit the work world across all sectors and employment […]

What Recruiters Need to Focus on Post-Pandemic


No one knows exactly what the hiring landscape will look like in the coming months. When you put a pause on businesses across the board, then re-open, then slow the breaks, then re-open again, and then wait in anticipation for whatever the next phase will be, you’re stuck in a muddle of hiring, rehiring, laying […]

Is Your Current HR Tech Stack Creating More Roadblocks?


The roadblocks for hiring during a global pandemic are clear—from figuring out how to engage staff that teleworks, to working with reduced staffing levels, to video-interviewing new hires. HR teams have had to modify their usual practices, roll with the punches, and streamline their processes in order to meet the demands of the current moment. […]

How The Pandemic Has Improved The HR Tech Stack


From virtual learning, to entertainment, to the business meeting, technology enabled many aspects of life to continue during stay-at-home orders—albeit in a vastly new way. The pandemic has demonstrated that people can adjust quickly and monumentally to change the way we do things on a daily basis. Companies that had already invested in technology solutions […]

4 High Volume Hiring Metrics You Should Be Tracking [Infographic]


One of the advantages of high-volume hiring metrics is that the sheer numbers, while daunting, give you more reliable, actionable data. Much like a scientific study that includes 10,000 patients instead of 100, the data you collect is greater by order of magnitude and the averages you get will be more reliable. When you track […]

What HR Tech Mergers Mean for The Industry

1_What HR Tech Mergers Mean For The Industry

There are big changes happening in the world of HR tech, and if you’re an industry insider it’s in your best interest to stay on top of everything that’s going on. As they say, knowledge is power, and in today’s ultra-competitive work world, which is rapidly becoming even more volatile in the midst of a […]

4 Skills All HR Leaders Will Need This Decade


In terms of reputation, HR departments are usually the stable, workhorse teams who keep everything else in an organization moving. Some people outside of the HR world, don’t often think of HR leaders as innovators, but the reality is that the HR backbone of a growing company needs to be current and flexible in order […]

4 High-Volume Hiring Metrics You Should Be Tracking


One of the advantages of high-volume hiring metrics is that the sheer numbers, while daunting, give you more reliable, actionable data. Much like a scientific study that includes 10,000 patients instead of 100, the data you collect is greater by order of magnitude and the averages you get will be more reliable. When you track […]

How HR is Thriving in the Era of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

How HR Is Thriving In The Era Of AI Technology

The finance industry thrives on data because dollars are very much about the numbers. Marketing teams require data analytics to effectively understand their reach and their audiences. But people don’t often think of HR as data-centric, because it is primarily people-centric. HR, however, is an industry uniquely poised to benefit from incorporating data into the […]

3 Ways Your Staffing Org Can Become More Strategic

4_Three Ways Your Staffing Org Can Become More Strategic

Savvy staffing professionals know that regardless of the target industry or area of expertise, one thing matters above all else—results. Those who succeed in the staffing field of work ensure that they’re consistently in parallel engagement between high-value candidates and companies in need of qualified talent to meet their business goals, and are connecting the […]

How To Scale Your High Volume Hiring Strategy

3_How To Scale Your High Volume Hiring Strategy

A looming election, a global pandemic, supply chain disruption, trade wars, and tariffs—executives may face many challenges in the coming year but, according to a recent survey from Oracle NetSuite, the biggest worry for 2020 cited by executives is talent acquisition. With the current high unemployment rates comes the challenge of talent excess, meaning your […]

3 Ways HR Data Is Reinventing Business Development

2_Three Ways HR Data Is Reinventing Business Development

In this new decade, data analysis is turning workplaces into the best versions of themselves. While a lot of companies keep tabs on outward markers like client feedback or sales, focusing that same drive for improvement and development inward by keeping tabs on traits like employee experience can lead to better business outcomes from the […]

Why It’s Vital to Develop Your Data Skills in HR Technology


As an HR professional, you’re keenly aware of the importance of key performance metrics to track your effectiveness. In fact, chances are that your ability to accurately forecast and meet the staffing needs of your company, engage with and attract in-demand passive and active candidates, and maintain a talent-rich pipeline of worthy job seekers is […]

How HR Can Benefit From AI Technology


Whenever we hear about artificial intelligence (AI), we often think that this technology will only be useful in the future. However, many companies and individuals are using it in their everyday life. AI applications are making their way into the real world and affecting the way we collect and analyze information. While the use of […]

4 High Volume Hiring Strategies to Implement in 2020


There might come a time in your career as an HR professional when you’re called upon to increase your hiring practices by a large number—maybe in anticipation of a seasonal sales push or if your organization is opening up a new branch. This is known in the industry as high-volume hiring. Simply put, high volume […]

5 Reasons Intelligent Automation is Crucial to Your Candidate Sourcing


Are you taking advantage of all the automation you can in order to source candidates for open positions? Many time-consuming tasks for HR teams (like posting jobs on multiple job sites) can now be automated, freeing you from having to perform the mindless, repetitive parts of the job. Intelligent automation takes this concept one step […]

3 Stats Every TA Professional Needs to Know About The Gig Economy


In its purest form, the gig economy refers to the effort to monetize skills and time in order to earn money while taking on various projects (or gigs)—think freelance and contract-based work, as well as the classic moonlighting efforts at night and on weekends. Although this started out as a classic “side hustle” to earn […]

How AI Recruiting Simplifies Enterprise Hiring Efforts


With constantly shifting (and seemingly never-ending) demands, enterprise recruiting can often feel like one big, open-ended challenge—especially for bigger organizations. With ever-increasing pressure to improve key metrics like time to hire and cost per hire, sophisticated tech can be the enterprise recruiter’s best friend. Enter AI recruiting. Artificial intelligence (AI) is an especially potent tool […]

The 4 Best Candidate Sourcing Tools for 2020


These days it’s vital to be in the know—the more in-tune you are with all the options available for candidate sourcing, the better your results and the stronger your team. The top tech for sourcing in 2020 includes candidate sourcing tools that assist HR from the front-end like the job ad campaign down the funnel […]

How To Utilize Benchmarks In Your Recruiting Strategy


Curious how your recruitment game measures up against the competition? Last decade, benchmarking became an HR industry standard for measuring aggregate performance for all aspects of HR—from components like salary to overtime, to an organization’s diversity. Benchmarks in years past were often published on a yearly basis and were based on surveys. But now, comparison […]

How Your Team Can Use Recruitment Process Automation


In today’s lean work culture, where most companies are tasked with doing more with fewer resources, a good strategy for maximizing your hiring efforts is through recruitment process automation. Despite the often-pervasive fear that automation at its core is designed to completely replace the need for humans in various jobs, automation in recruitment can serve […]

4 Key Takeaways from PandoLogic’s Recent Webinar


Terry Baker, President and CEO of Pandologic and Chad Sowash, Co-host of The Chad and Cheese podcast, provided insights into the last decade of recruitment marketing in their recent webinar “Cutting through the Hype: A Guide to Programmatic Recruitment Adoption.” The insights come not only from these two experts in the field, but from a […]