Journalistic Integrity Earns Trust and Ad Sales in Troubled Times


News consumers have a renewed skepticism and are watching newspapers and all news media outlets with extreme scrutiny. That makes today the perfect time for journalists and newspaper publishers to prove their worth. Public perception of journalistic integrity isn’t at an all-time low, but it’s a far cry from the post-Watergate era when public opinion […]

Why We Love the Future of Newspapers (And You Should Too)

Future of Newspapers

Raise your hand if you’re tired of hearing about the slow, agonizing death of newspapers. Sure, print is on the decline. But it’s still got a strong readership that happily pays for a subscription and ad performance is high. Digital still gives many publishers fits, but the kinks are slowly but surely being ironed out. […]

3 Reasons the Future of Newspapers is Bright

Future of Newspapers

After hearing the same old thing again and again, people start to believe it. But are newspapers dying? No; far from it. They’re only changing. And change, as it goes, can be good. A few positive voices can be heard above the negative din. They’re saying: People still want the news Digital is the right […]

How to Transform Job Boards Into an Advertiser’s Dream

Job Boards

Without advertisers, job boards would be a lonely planet. So naturally, one of the first and top priorities for any job board owner is bringing in ad dollars. Even better, you want advertisers who come back for more and more business. But attracting the best advertisers takes more than one strategy. Marketing matters. But how […]

How Local and Independent Publishers Can Stay Relevant and Generate Revenue


Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, perhaps small local and independent publishers should be designing a brand new type of vehicle for a different kind of road. There’s a certain freedom in the startup mode and energy of a small paper. Just as a new college grad has the whole world ahead, indie and […]

How the Best Job Boards Attract the Most Advertisers


Plans for the best job boards are rather hollow if the candidates aren’t there. It’s a catch-22. Candidates won’t have a reason to come if there aren’t any job ads. And advertisers might not have an interest in a job board without any traffic. So how do you leap over that first admittedly large hurdle […]

Job Boards are Still Evolving and Yours Can Come Out on Top


It’s hard to envision the growth and success of job boards without the third jewel in the crown: evolution. Resistance is a bit futile, as some of the longstanding industry giants have recently learned. Today, relevance depends on a keen sense of what advertisers and jobs seekers expect from a job board. And that changes […]

Managing the Pros and Cons of Newspaper Paywalls


Global Internet access to free information makes it difficult for newspaper paywall strategies to stick. They were a great idea, and they do actually work. Problem is, people who were born into Generation X and everyone who is younger had spent most or all of their lives with a very different Internet experience from the […]

How Can Publishers Use Data Analytics to Increase Revenues

increasing revenues

Matt Lindsay is an economics expert that has been releasing a series of blog pieces and books that talk about the shift in the publishing industry away from traditional distribution and into something that is more focused on the reader. In a guest blog posted on, Lindsay suggests that the advertising revenue pie is […]

Gordon Borrell: Recruitment Spending, Online Services, & Niche


As we related in a previous article, Gordon Borrell of Borrell Associates recently presented a revealing webinar entitled “Where the Recruitment Dollars Went (and how to get them back).” This webinar focused on the increasing shift toward digital media as the central player in the recruitment advertising arena, complete with some telling numbers on how […]

Examining the Part-Time Employment Picture

Job board

Part-time work, or hourly work, has often been considered to be within the realm of younger workers who are just starting out. As the past six years have proven, however, part-time work is no longer considered to be just for newcomers to the job market. The fact is, many companies are now choosing to either […]

The New York Times Launches New Recruitment Advertising Platform

The New York Times

The New York Times recently announced the launch of T Jobs, its new talent acquisition platform (aka job board) on ”We’re doubling down on our recruitment offerings by investing in this new white-label solution” said Andy Wright, Senior Vice President, Advertising, The New York Times referring to RealMatch’s technology platform. Job Matching Technology T […]

Circulation Revenue Surpasses Advertising for First Time

Circulation Revenue Surpasses Advertising for First Time

According to the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers, the amount of revenue generated by circulation dollars was greater than the amount of revenue generated by advertising in 2014. This small piece of information holds some monumental implications for companies that engage in digital media and print media. What Does This Mean? The news […]

How to Use Revenue Per Visitor Metrics for Your Association

How to Use Revenue Per Visitor Metrics for Your Association

When calculating success for a website, there are many metrics that can be analyzed, including bounce rate, conversion rate, and referrals. These metrics tell you what’s working, where it’s working, and how it’s working. Along with that, key metrics can determine where something is not working, allowing you to easily spot a fix. For trade […]

How Can You Grow Recurring Revenue?

Running a publishing website is hard work, and you can add to that hard work if you find yourself having to re-pitch your website to advertisers every year. Instead of getting to the New Year and having to start all over again, you should aim to grow recurring revenue and continuously add value for your […]

Now is the Time to Map Out a Plan for Non-Dues Revenue


Membership dues are a big part of your association’s revenue, but it is important to keep those dues down if you want to attract more members. Utilizing non-dues revenue not only helps you to keep your membership costs attractive to potential new members, but it gives you the revenue you need to update your site […]

5 Types of Content to Increase Traffic to Your Job Board


The primary task of any website owner is to find ways to drive more traffic to their site and generate more revenue. The tricky part is making sure that your content is relevant to your website’s theme or else Google may disregard your content and your website. But if you do some thinking outside of […]

4 Ways to Generate More Revenue from Employment Advertising


The local newspaper’s lock on the local employment market has been shaken by an onslaught of online employment boards and national employment websites that claim to offer better employment services. The truth is, with help from experts like RealMatch, your local newspaper can use its companion websites to generate new revenue from employment advertising and […]

How You Can Boost Revenues Without Adding Customers


Every business owner wants to generate more revenue; after all, that’s more or less the point of going into business in the first place. However, in the ever-competitive world of trade publishing, many companies are fighting over a limited supply of new customers, all while ignoring their current customers. This then leads to current customers […]

Odds are You Haven’t Exhausted Your Options for Member Engagement


When you run a membership-based trade association or other type of membership website, you are always interested in retaining members and growing membership numbers. That is when you are introduced to what appears to be the ultimate buzz term – membership engagement. However, this is much more than a bit of trendy lingo. Your focus […]

Webinar Review: Crowdfunding and Micropayment Revenue Streams

Making more money is at the core of every business. Sometimes you need to look outside of the box to find new streams of revenue. By taking a look at what other businesses have done successfully to raise funds, you can create a new marketing plan with these ideas at the forefront. The LocalMedia Association […]

Tech and Retail Weaken Ad Revenue, but Not for Everyone


The magazine industry hasn’t had a very good start to the year. Specifically, publishers saw first quarter ad revenues weaken for both the tech and retail sectors. Overall, the number of print magazine ad pages fell by 4% in the first quarter of 2014. Their digital counterparts didn’t fare much better. They saw a 7% […]

Increase Ad Revenue By Offering Video

It takes resources to run a blog or website, especially a successful one. When those resources aren’t recouped, the challenge to keep the site going mounts almost daily. You need a revenue development strategy, and that’s where video comes in. Videos are an ideal platform to help increase ad revenue. You can start slow or […]