Why Your HR Team Needs AI [VIDEO]


You’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about AI and its capabilities. But how will it help you and your HR team manage your day-to-day tasks? From automation to insights, AI-enabled recruitment can show you the full scope of your hiring strategies while saving you time and money in the process. AI isn’t in some […]

How an Explainer Video Can Help Your Trade Association


There is always a great deal of competition when it comes to getting new members for a trade association, especially when you are focusing on gaining new members online. A good membership effort should try to set itself apart from the other associations in as many ways as possible and one effective way is through […]

Are You Making the Most of Your Video Potential?


Your website is supposed to be designed to generate revenue, but it cannot maximize its revenue potential if you are not keeping up with the latest trends. Multimedia presentations have always been popular on the Internet, but there is more to multimedia than just putting up a picture or a video. If you want to […]

Audience Engagement with Video: Why it Works, and How to Use It


Picture this. You’re clicking through the pages of your favorite digital magazine, and you come upon a video. What do you do? Embedded video is like a beacon. You either watch it or make a choice not to. It’s so simple to click the button and see what’s waiting inside that little box. Audiences love […]

Increase Ad Revenue By Offering Video

It takes resources to run a blog or website, especially a successful one. When those resources aren’t recouped, the challenge to keep the site going mounts almost daily. You need a revenue development strategy, and that’s where video comes in. Videos are an ideal platform to help increase ad revenue. You can start slow or […]