Are You Making the Most of Your Video Potential?

Your website is supposed to be designed to generate revenue, but it cannot maximize its revenue potential if you are not keeping up with the latest trends. Multimedia presentations have always been popular on the Internet, but there is more to multimedia than just putting up a picture or a video.

If you want to generate more revenue, then you need to properly utilize video. What does that mean? Let’s find out.

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Start Offering Video Chat For Your Customers

The experts at KISSmetrics tell us that live chat on a website increases customer engagement, lowers your costs and increases revenue. When you include the option for video live chat, you will start to attract an entirely new audience that loves the convenience and the novelty of real-time video support.

Amazon started using video chat support for some of its Kindle products and launched an advertising campaign that highlighted the new service. Perhaps as a result, the company has seen a steady rise in its Kindle revenues throughout the year.

Video Testimonials Are The Wave Of The Future

Website visitors have no idea how much of an investment the owners make in presenting testimonials the quality of their products or services. No matter what kind of product or service you are offering, video testimonials will be huge in the coming years.

A written testimonial is easy enough for a visitor to ignore, but video testimonials will increase audience engagement and improve revenue. Video testimonials also tend to be seen as more legitimate to visitors, which will enhance your site’s reputation.

Optimize Your YouTube Channel

Are you just dumping content to your YouTube channel and then linking that content to your website? YouTube suggests that a comprehensive channel strategy will increase interaction and bring you significantly more web traffic.

When you optimize your YouTube channel, then you increase the chances that people will find your content during a YouTube search. Any method you can use to get views for your videos is going to have a positive effect on your web presence and YouTube can be a powerful marketing tool when it is used properly.

Why Video?

We have spent some time talking about maximizing your website’s video potential, but we really have not indicated why video is so important. According to Cisco, 79 percent of all consumer Internet traffic will be for videos by 2018. Right now, around 66 percent of consumer traffic is driven by video content. Cisco also points out that the pace at which Internet video content will be streaming to television will grow fourfold by 2018 as well. In short, now is the time to get on the video bandwagon to take advantage of these boosts in video traffic.

If your website is not already maximizing video content, then it needs to if you want your site to grow. In the coming years, more video content on your site will have a direct relationship to generating more revenue and significantly increasing your audience.

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