4 Ways to Get More From Your Recruitment Advertising

These days, it seems like newspaper and broadcast media outlets are seeing a significant decrease in their recruitment advertising revenue because of recruiting sites and online job boards. But when you utilize innovative ways to help people find the jobs they are looking for, then your offering goes well beyond what the recruiting sites and job boards can offer.

A look at the recruitment advertising field shows us that job hunters want results, plain and simple. While many recruiting websites and job boards add more bells and whistles to try and attract revenue, the main focus should always be performance for both job seekers and employment advertisers. There are several ways to get more from your recruitment advertising and the more functionality you offer, the better your results will be.

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Make People Think

The advertising experts at HireRabbit.com point out that the very best recruitment advertising is the kind of advertising that makes people stop and think. If you are going to try and directly address a competitor’s ad in your marketing, then doing so in a clever way can significantly enhance your results. Remember that job hunters are more interested in how a service can help them to land a new job, so speaking out against the competition while offering a functional piece of information is a very powerful message.

Speak Directly To The Job Hunter

A job hunt is a very personal endeavor, which is why good recruitment advertising speaks directly to a job hunter and not to a general group. By using your advertising to make people feel that their individual employment goals matter, you can develop a bond that job recruiting websites actually shy away from. There is a big difference between allowing a job hunter to customize their experience and making a job hunter feel as though their quest matters to your site.

Clean Up Your Offering

If you want to get more from your recruitment advertising, then you have to offer better results than job recruiting websites and message boards. One way to do that is to develop a screening system for employers that removes the spam companies and leaves your job hunters with real potential employers. By attracting more quality candidates, you will be able to bring in the employers that will help you to generate more revenue. You will also enhance the power of your advertising when you can offer something of true value to your users.

Create Innovative Methods

The Wall Street Journal reports that 42 percent of employers utilized video services to screen prospects in 2011. That number has been steadily growing ever since. If you want your recruitment advertising to bring in quality candidates, then you need to offer innovative solutions to the job hunting question. Work to create a video process that offers value to the job hunter and the employer and you will see your revenue increase significantly.

With recruiting advertising that truly performs, your newspaper/ trade association/ job board can help its audience through connecting the candidates with the right employers.

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