5 Ways to Tie a Healthcare Career Fair Into Your Website

Career fairs are great opportunities to attract new talent to your business or organization, but they can also be great opportunities to promote your products or services. Many organizations that hold career fairs use their websites to get the word out, but there are actually a number of ways to tie in your website before, during, and after a career fair. Below are five tips to help you maximize your resources, both online and off.

1. Offer Early Registration

If registration is required for your career fair, you might consider offering early registration on your website. When registering, you might also offer attendees the chance to submit their resumes right to your site, allowing you to have a head start on your candidate search. This can help you to cut down on clutter the day of the event while allowing you the ability to organize your day more efficiently by figuring out which candidates you want to spend the most time with.

2. Provide Branded Merchandise

You might also consider offering branded merchandise to candidates on the day of the event. To do this successfully, make sure your website’s address is featured prominently on all merchandise so that applicants will know where to find you. Things like t-shirts work well because they provide a lot of exposure for your organization and its website, but other useful items, such as pens, work as well.

3. Live Tweet on Your Website

Another fun way to gain exposure for your website and your career fair is to live tweet from the event and display the feed on your site. You could tweet about everything from the atmosphere to the turnout, allowing site visitors the chance to follow along. It would be a good idea to also include information about the event, such as what time it ends and how to attend.

4. Hold an Online Career Fair

In addition to holding a physical career fair, you could also hold a virtual career fair on your site. With the right programming and digital architecture, you could hold live chat sessions with candidates from your site using text and video technology. This would allow candidates who aren’t able to attend the physical career fair the ability to still apply and be interviewed. Candidates could also submit their resumes to you through your site or through email to expedite the process.

5. Follow Up With a Newsletter

During the career fair, whether online, offline, or both, offer applicants the chance to sign up for your organization’s mailing list. After the career fair has ended, send out a newsletter to all applicants to not only keep them up to date on your organization, but also to provide additional exposure for your brand and its website. Remember to only send out newsletters to people who have signed up or you might be guilty of sending out spam. In addition, you need to offer a simple way for subscribers to opt out of receiving the newsletter.

With a little bit of planning, it’s easy to tie your website and its capabilities into your career fair. If you’re interested in more ideas, consider contacting a business technology development specialist.

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