Expert Interview with John Philpott on Being an Influencer

If you want to differentiate your site from all the other job sites populating the web today, then it’s critical to not only have a niche, but also become an expert in that niche.

To ensure that your site not only remains useful, but also continues growing, the solution is simple, says John Philpott, CEO of CanAm Physician Recruiting Inc. and Principal for CanAm Health Management Consulting.

“Create market content relevant to industry and have opinions of issue relevant to industry,” John says. “Be an influencer.”

And John knows a thing or two about being an influencer. Since founding CanAm Recruiting in 1997, he’s consulted with everyone from physicians to hospital administrators to government officials – helping med students pinpoint career choices and doctors navigate malpractice and licensing issues. As a mediator and negotiator, he’s handled contract and management disputes as well as behavioral issues and helps CEOs, chiefs of staff and directors address HR and recruiting. In addition, he’s helped private clinics with their business and operations management needs.

He knows a thing or two about the healthcare field, which helps poise his site as a go-to destination for both physicians seeking new positions and potential employers.

Here, he shares some quick thoughts on what his fellow digital publishers can do to set themselves a part and be a true resource for their followers. Read on:

Tell us about CanAm Physician Recruiting…

Here at CanAm Physician Recruitment, we’re committed to helping physicians identify, locate, secure and flourish in their ideal careers. We are professional consultants who thrive on the management of physicians’ careers. Alternatively, we act as consultants to healthcare employers to ensure thriving workplace environments conducive to high retention of physicians.

What have you done to become one of Canada’s most trusted international physician recruitment firms? Why do you think both employers and job seekers use your site?

We have delivered solutions for our clients and physician candidates. Because of our success, we have huge amount of repeat clients and candidates who refer us to colleagues.

What have been the most effective tools you’ve found to market your site?

The very best tool is referral from satisfied clients and physicians.

In addition to job postings, what types of content have you found that has helped grow your audience and increase engagement?

Monthly newsletters, blog, LinkedIn, Twitter and job board. The ability to seek out the unique opportunities that interest physicians.

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing digital publishers and online job sites today?

Saturation. Firms need to network more and pool resources.

What are the most interesting opportunities you see on the horizon for sites like yours?

International branding. Engagement of industry affiliates.

What new tools or innovations are you most excited about in the realm of online recruiting?

Video interviewing, conferencing and networking.

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