How Programmatic Advertising Works for a Local Newspaper Publisher


A local newspaper publisher doesn’t feel small with a programmatic advertising partner. Some national publisher brands built their own programmatic ad exchanges. And they’re proven to work. But local can also enjoy the revenue benefits of ad campaign optimization. In some ways, programmatic is ideally suited for the local market. Ad sales is arguably one […]

Finding the Next Frontier for Newspapers and Paid Advertising


Paid advertising success is always on the move. It often feels like herding kittens. You can see the possibilities. But the knowledge that revenue is possible doesn’t make it any easier (or less pointy) to catch. The newspaper industry is changing, sometimes in chaotic ways. That’s not exactly a secret. So perhaps it’s time to […]

How One French Newspaper is Targeting Ad Blocking


It’s not a pleasant thought, but sacrificing some advertising revenue could give newspapers the whitelisted status that they need to beat the ad blocker surge. Publications are approaching the problem from different angles. French daily, Le Figaro, took a big risk by banning ad blockers on their site, and it paid off. Now the real […]

4 Ways to Sell Local Ads Better

Local ads

Recruitment ad sales seem to be especially challenging for some ad reps, while others drive much more business in the right direction. Is it luck? Experience? A better publication with a broader reach? Maybe, at least in part, but there’s more to it than that. RELATED: How the Right Online Tools Jump Started One Company’s […]

How to Get Visitors to Spend More Time with Your Native Ads


Native ads are those ads that are not as intrusive as banner and link ads, and they are supposed to add value for the reader. Whether or not native ads enhance the reading experience for the user is up for debate, but The Atlantic has learned that good native advertising can definitely increase revenue. According […]

How Will Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages Affect the News Industry?


When Apple and Facebook decided to get into the news distribution business, the move signaled the beginning of the end for the ability of publishers to determine how their content is delivered to customers. On the one hand, social media platforms delivering news stories can affect just how much revenue the publishers can generate, and […]

What’s the Future of National Newspapers?


You don’t have to look very hard to find articles that bemoan the fate of national newspapers over the past few years. According to Harvard Politics, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times have all been forced to cut 20 to 100 editorial jobs in recent years just to keep costs […]

What to Know About Apple’s New Mobile Ad-Blocking


Digital publishers will want to know, if they don’t know already, that Apple is poised to release an update to Safari for iOS9 that permits browser-wide ad blocking. If you’re determined to capitalize on the lucrative, ever-growing mobile consumer market, this may understandably seem like an apocalyptic pronouncement — but is it? Let’s examine what […]

This App Might Be a Publisher’s Worst Nightmare


A new app has digital publishers throughout the Internet biting their nails, and not without reason. Eyeo recently announced the beta release of its new version of AdBlock Pro for the Google Android operating system. Let’s examine what this new development might mean for your publication. SEE ALSO: The New Competition for Publishers? Why You […]

Member Engagement: Why a Big Budget isn’t Everything

Your Budget

In the world of business, including trade associations and professional associations, it may seem as though a large budget is the key to success. In fact, it makes sense, right? The more money your association has, the more marketing, advertising, outreach, and research it can do. While it’s certainly true that more money can mean […]

3 Last Minute Tips for Making the Most Out of Black Friday


Although Black Friday started off as an informal day for retailers to boost sales for the year, it has morphed into a full-fledged yearly tradition. In fact, some people get so excited for Black Friday that they camp out in front of retailers in the hopes of being among the first shoppers to score great […]

Local Media Consortium Reaches Deal with Yahoo


The idea that the Internet should be for local advertising as well as national audiences was reinforced recently when the Local Media Consortium, an organization that is made up of 55 local media advertising organizations, signed a three-year marketing deal with Yahoo. This is one of the tools that Yahoo intends to use to try […]

Political Advertising: The Money-Hungry Beast Returns


As November 2014 is quickly approaching, you’ll be seeing the leaves changing and the temperatures dropping soon, but as this is an election year, you’ll also be seeing plenty of something else: political ads. Love them or hate them, political ads have become a staple in America’s electoral system, and politicians are willing to spend […]

Expert Interview with Patrick Zeng on Targeted Marketing

targeted marketing

As an advertiser, it can be tempting to follow the logic that the bigger your audience is, the better chance you’ll have of selling your product. But, cautions Patrick Zeng, CEO of YesUp Ecommerce Solutions Inc., parent company of, when advertisers try to capture a wide range of audiences across different channels, verticals and […]

How a Banner Ad Renaissance Could Enhance Audience Engagement

banner advertising

  Traditional banner ads have earned their poor reputation. They result in very low click-through-rates (CTR), they’re typically viewed as a distraction when they’re not being totally ignored, and they’re generally uncreative. However, that’s not to say that banner ads are completely dead. Some websites have put some polish on the banner ad concept in […]

TV Still Reigns in Advertising, but Digital is Up and Coming


April is the month when television executives make their respective cases for bigger budgets, and cable networks are trying to close the gap in ad pricing that has long existed between cable and broadcast, where there’s a 3 to 1 advertising rate gap between broadcast and cable. Cable takes in more total ad dollars, but […]

Social Media Drives Advertising for Publishers Now More than Ever


Social media is driving as much as half of the traffic to some web sites. How can publishers capitalize on that? With targeted, intelligent advertising, of course. 1. The Primary Sources There was much ado (about nothing, according to some folks in-the-know) recently when Facebook changed its algorithm to make links offering “high quality” content […]

Native Advertising for Publishers Is Mainstream: Make the Most of It

Native Advertising

Native advertising is becoming more and more accepted in content. In fact, it’s becoming expected by many. People are turning away from traditional online advertising for publishers, so content marketers and business owners need to find better ways to make ad revenue from their content. You need to make the most of your native advertising, […]