The Ultimate Guide to Recruitment Marketing: 7 Strategies for the Modern Era

The Ultimate Guide to Recruitment Marketing Recruiting marketing consists of a combination of strategies and tools that organizations use to engage job candidates. To attract candidates, it aims to promote the company’s culture and establish a brand within the organization. In today’s competitive job market, recruitment marketing is an important part of the hiring process […]

How to Optimize Your Recruitment Marketing Budget for Success

recruitment marketing budget

What is Recruitment Marketing? Recruiting marketing involves promoting a company’s employer brand and attracting potential employees. Companies frequently promote the company’s culture, work environment, and employee benefits to appeal to top talent and encourage them to apply for open positions. Common recruitment marketing tactics include social media campaigns, job board advertisements, content marketing, and nurturing […]

What is Recruitment Marketing and How is It Evolving?

recruitment marketing

Recruitment marketing is the process of attracting and acquiring top talent for an organization through a variety of methods and channels. This can include online advertising, social media outreach, recruitment events, and employee referral programs. Over the past 5-10 years, recruitment marketing has evolved significantly due to changes in technology and the way that people […]

The Furst Look: Conversations With Revolutionary Leaders


Welcome to the very “furst” edition of The Furst Look: Conversations with Revolutionary Leaders. My name is Brett Furst and I’m PandoLogic’s Business Growth Strategist. In this series, I sit down with some of the most revolutionary leaders in the industry to discuss what really matters to them and the industry. In this session, I […]

How Programmatic Builds The Bridge Between Marketing and Talent Acquisition

illustration of characters building a bridge that represents recruitment marketing

Just as marketing brings new prospects to your organization, so does talent acquisition. The similarities between these two endeavors has even given rise to the phrase “recruitment marketing,” and recruiters have become well aware of how the company brand can affect hiring. When it comes to advertising your job, the similarities are even clearer. While […]

3 Ways To Build A Superstar Employer Brand On A Budget

building an effective employer brand on a budget

As an HR professional, you’re well aware of how important it is to maintain a talent-rich pipeline of passive and active candidates in your industry for the range of positions you’re responsible for hiring for at your company. After all, your team’s performance is likely tied to an array of key performance metrics that clearly […]

Why Posting Jobs Manually Leads to Lost Money

Why Posting Jobs Manually Leads to Lost Money

For a long time, digital recruitment still meant a lot of manual work: searching out the right job boards or sites, uploading or emailing the information to the right contact, and using portals to manage the information. That’s a lot of touchpoints for a “digital” process, no? As AI-based HR technology becomes more sophisticated, many […]

5 Guaranteed Techniques That Will Improve Your Hiring Process

tips to improve your hiring process

Enterprise hiring can feel like a daunting task for you and your team. You have hundreds if not thousands of jobs to fill, but you can’t seem to zero in on the best candidates. Maybe your process isn’t as streamlined as you may think. Nailing down a process that benefits both you and potential hires […]

Why you should think like a marketer, not a recruiter


Recruiters: Are you looking to take your key performance metrics to the next level and help ensure that you’re maximizing your team’s potential effectiveness? Of course you are—in today’s ultra-competitive job market, candidates have a wealth of work options to choose from—from part-time and freelance jobs to contract work on top of full-time opportunities—and companies […]

Time to Hire: How to Expedite Your Hiring Process

time to hire

An open vacancy bleeds money in several ways; projects may languish or stress an entire department, and your job ad may cost more the longer it runs. It’s no secret that turnover creates inefficiency within your organization—but there are ways to make your hiring process streamlined to fill that vacancy quicker and still get quality […]

Focus your hiring on candidates’ potential—not experience


Ever since Kennedy-Nixon, American elections have tended to fit neatly into the narrative of the change candidate vs. the experienced political veteran. We can think of any election as a really exhaustive, expensive hiring process—whether it’s for the nation’s top job or your local representative. But while you may not hold a company-wide vote on […]

4 Reasons You Should be Open to Ditching Degree Requirements When Hiring

4 Reasons You Should be Open to Ditching Degree Requirements When Hiring

Bachelor’s degree strongly preferred. Must have a BA or higher in the field. You see these lines in job descriptions all the time, and have likely written something similar yourself. A degree requirement is a way of setting a baseline qualification and narrowing the field in a preliminary way. And in some fields it’s necessary—after […]

Recruitment Marketing Basics: A 4-Minute Read [Cheat Sheet]

As recruitment marketing and talent acquisition become more competitive than ever, positioning your recruitment tools effectively takes on paramount importance. After all, you want to improve your ROI and make sure you’re getting the best possible people for your open positions. You may think that particular clock starts running once you make contact with potential […]’s State Of Recruitment Marketing Report 2018

state of recruitment marketing

A recruiter cannot solely be a recruiter anymore; they need to be marketers and psychologists with a deep understanding of their prospective industries and the state of the jobs market as a whole. That’s a lot of hats to wear for one person. What brought about this change? A lot of signs point to the […]

What Is Recruitment Marketing? Everything You Need To Know


As recruitment and talent acquisition become more competitive than ever, positioning your recruitment tools effectively takes on paramount importance. After all, you want to improve your ROI and make sure you’re getting the best possible people for your open positions. You may think that particular clock starts running once you make contact with potential applicants […]

How Is Tech Evolving In The Talent Sourcing Ecosystem?


The handshake. The meeting. The phone call. Talent acquisition is very much in the business of people, but as a new generation of millennials enters the workforce (a generation that has grown up with the internet) the talent sourcing ecosystem now also relies on clicks and likes and a web presence more than ever before. […]

Exploring Recruitment Marketing and Talent Acquisition


If you’re looking to take your company’s recruitment strategies to the next level and demonstrate measurable improvements in your HR performance metrics, you’re likely taking a close look at your talent acquisition strategies. But have you considered the benefits of recruitment marketing for attracting, engaging, and retaining top talent? Think of recruitment marketing as a […]

How Improving The Candidate Experience Will Supercharge Your Pipeline


As an HR leader, you’re responsible for ensuring that your team consistently hits its key performance benchmarks-which can sometimes be a daunting task. One inevitable metric that you’re certainly held accountable for is making sure that you’re attracting and sourcing the best available talent for open positions in your organization-which means that you need to […]

How To Target Every Stage Of The Recruitment Marketing Funnel

target every stage of recruitment marketing funnel

It’s no secret that marketing is one of the fields that has been amongst the best and most adept at incorporating data and technology. And as that advancement is applied to recruitment marketing, we can expect to see faster progress through the recruitment marketing funnel. Currently, HR professionals are not doing a good job of […]

How To Strategically Develop Your Employer Branding


When it comes to your company’s brand, you probably know it pretty well-what it is, where you fit within your industry, and how you define your brand strategy. But what about your employer brand? Just as marketing is a different animal from recruitment marketing, so, too, are company branding and employer branding. Employer branding is […]

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Job Advertising Spend


Imagine you’ve just got the bill for your meal and realize you’ve been charged the same amount for your water as you have for your lobster dinner. You might scratch your head and wonder why a restaurant would charge the same for vastly different things, especially when the water is normally free, or when lobster […]

5 Benefits Of A Data-Driven Recruitment Strategy


So many aspects of your recruitment strategy are now digitized, which streamlines the application process for job seekers and organizations alike-you just upload a file and click a button. But the potential benefits of all this digitized data are so much more than just collecting resumes without drowning in paper. Digitizing this information means you […]

4 Recruitment Strategies That Will Boost Your Hiring


The practice of talent acquisition is often thought of as a competition-a sport that takes place on a big field where companies compete to get the best quality candidates. But even though speed is important in hiring, the process in its entirety is less like a sprint and more like a marathon. A good talent […]