How to Hire for Diversity: 6 Best Practices for Diverse Hiring

diverse hiring

Having a diverse staff is no longer optional in today’s business world. Not only do customers judge a business by the staff they see representing a business, but prospective candidates want to know more about the company with which they’re interviewing to be sure they align morally. Being diverse is a critical piece to business […]

How to Create a DEI Recruitment Strategy

a team planning out their DEI recruitment strategy

DEI is an acronym commonly used in human resources circles to refer to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Most hiring managers and executives understand the importance of workplace diversity. However, celebrating diversity and acknowledging its importance is not enough. Action is necessary in the form of a DEI recruitment strategy and subsequent execution. The creation of […]

How to Create a More Diverse Pool of Candidates

Having a diverse workforce is important for a number of reasons. A diverse workforce brings a wide range of perspectives and experiences to the table, which can lead to more creativity and innovation in the workplace. Diversity can also help to improve a company’s reputation and make it more attractive to top talent. In addition […]

How to Get Started with DEI Training for Your Business

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training is more important than ever in today’s world. With social and political movements highlighting the need for greater equality and inclusivity, many companies are recognizing the value of DEI training in creating a more inclusive and equitable workplace. However, implementing DEI training can be a daunting task, especially for […]

What is Unconscious Bias?


Unconscious bias is an automatic judgment, preconceived belief, or social stereotype about another person that someone has formed without their own conscious awareness. These beliefs can result in actions that unintentionally benefit or penalize someone you are biased about. The people subjected to these biases are usually minority groups based on class, gender, sexual orientation, […]

5 DE&I Initiatives Your Organization Should Start in 2023

HR team discussing de&i initiatives

Having a diverse workplace is a necessity of the modern age, as a diverse workforce brings with it competitive advantages. People with diverse backgrounds and mindsets come with a wide range of perspectives and a propensity to produce solutions that can help your organization stay ahead of the curve. More than that, a diverse and […]

How Fair Chance Hiring Can Benefit Your Organization

fair chance hiring

Hiring is a process that takes no prisoners — sometimes literally. People with criminal records are far more likely to be unemployed, with multiple studies finding unemployment rates around 30-40% greater than those without a record. When you consider that nearly a third of Americans have been arrested at least once, this can be devastating. […]

Assessing Your Diversity Task Force Goals

setting diversity task force goals

Workplaces are diversifying quickly—and for good reason. Ensuring that your business is a safe space is good not just for the employees, but the business as a whole. An environment of respect and inclusion radiates outwards, taking the form of glowing recommendations by your workers and unparalleled productivity. A Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DEI) task […]

Storytelling With Pride Part Two: The Impact of Juneteenth

Storytelling With Pride Part Two The Impact of Juneteenth

This post was originally published to commemorate Juneteenth 2021. We are re-posting this message to continue to spread awareness of the meaning of Juneteenth and how its impact is still felt today. PandoLogic’s mission to amplify diverse voices continued with a discussion focused on the impact and prevalence of Juneteenth. Juneteenth represents a massive historical […]

The Drawbacks to Hiring for Culture Fit

HR team discussing hiring for culture fit

Whether or not hiring for culture fit is effective or not is hotly debated in the field of HR. On one hand, finding employees who align with your company is every recruiter’s dream. On the other hand, there’s a persistent worry that culture fit is simply a way to disguise personal preference. This, however, is […]

Culture Add vs. Culture Fit: What’s the Difference?

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For the longest time, culture fit was a deciding factor in recruiting—and it still is for many recruiters today. Finding a candidate that slots easily into the way that your organization runs has its benefits, but it’s not always the best way to approach hiring for culture. For example, hiring for culture fit can have […]

How to Recognize and Eliminate Unconscious Bias In Hiring

unconscious bias in hiring

In recruiting, unconscious bias harms diversity and overall quality of hire. Little things like preferring familiar names or saying that a hire is just a good “culture fit” will drain a diverse candidate pool. Over time, it won’t just be your diversity that will wane — your organization’s work quality will too. This article will […]

Recruiting Diverse Candidates: How To Improve Your Efforts

recruiters meeting to discuss recruiting diverse candidates

Recruiting diverse candidates is top of mind for many recruiters—and for good reason. The value of various life experiences, mindsets, and cultures cannot be overstated. Recruiting diverse candidates allows organizations to make connections with all manner of people, creating a healthy company image and office culture simultaneously.  Actually finding quality candidates that help you meet […]

Building an Inclusive Workplace Culture That Will Last

using post-it notes to demonstrate how to build an inclusive workplace culture

The economy is in the midst of a massive post-pandemic recovery—and retaining a workforce is becoming difficult. With uncertain times comes an uncertain mindset; if a company isn’t showing proper appreciation for employees, many are making the choice to leave. In light of this change of mindset, creating the proper inclusive workplace culture to keep […]

How a Diversity Audit Can Help Determine Your Talent Needs

discussion on a diversity audit

When was the last time you conducted a diversity audit at your company? Chances are, you’re due for another one. After all, achieving diversity in the workplace isn’t a simple box to check. Instead, it’s a proactive decision you make again and again. Keep reading to learn why diversity audits are important, how you can […]

Setting Effective Diversity Goals And How To Achieve Them


The first step to achieving your organization’s diversity goals? Setting them. It’s an important process—and the sooner you start, the sooner you can begin taking the necessary actions to bring your diversity goals to fruition. This post outlines how to set diversity goals, how to achieve them, and a refresher on the importance of workplace […]

The Importance of Measuring Diversity and Inclusion


It’s been proven that more diverse and inclusive companies are more successful businesses. So how can you effectively build a more diverse and inclusive organization? One key when it comes to prioritizing D&I is measuring diversity metrics. This can help you track improvements—and identify the areas that are in need of improvement.  Why You Should […]

Understanding Adverse Impact in Hiring and How to Avoid It


When it comes to hiring, there are a whole lot of “do this and not that”. While hiring and recruitment strategies can—and should—be specific to roles and industries, there are a few universal things to keep in mind. One such area? Avoiding adverse impact.  What Is Adverse Impact? In order to understand how to properly […]

Has Work From Home Closed the Employment Gap for People With Disabilities?


When the COVID pandemic hit, people found themselves thrust into a work-from-home mode en masse. Those who could do their jobs remotely did. It felt like a new frontier of Zoom calls for many. But for people with disabilities, it meant that everyone was now getting an accommodation they’d been requesting for years—often unsuccessfully. Now, […]

Storytelling With Pride Part One Featuring Alex Maghen


PandoLogic is dedicated to amplifying the voices and stories of diverse communities. “We all learn best through stories,” says Adam D. Blum, MFT, founder of the Gay Therapy Center, the largest private therapy provider for the LGBTQ+ community in the US. So as part of our mission to promote diversity and allyship, we held the […]

Reimagining Company Culture: Why You Should Consider Culture Adds


If you’re searching for a single word to accurately describe the current state of the work world, volatile would be a fair choice. It’s nearly impossible to deny the fact that unprecedented levels of uncertainty are disrupting how companies are doing business at every appreciable level of operation. Everything from the global pandemic to waves […]

Can AI Create More Diversity In The Workforce?

a conceptual illustration of an AI machine adding diversity in the workforce

“Diversity in the workforce.” If you’re an HR professional, you’ve surely heard this phrase. But the rise in prioritizing diversity is not just a trend or new buzzword to include in company descriptions. To properly focus on diversity within an organization takes a shift in mindset and long-term commitment. It cannot be a passive value […]

Answering the Most Common Diversity Hiring Questions

an illustration of a women's employee resource group talking about diversity hiring initiatives

Diversity and inclusivity are among the most important goals for any organization right now. Still, it’s an area where many companies need to build and improve—and where we can all strive for more and better. It can be hard to know how to step up your diverse hiring and recruiting, but you’re not alone. Here […]

Top Job Boards to Boost Your Diversity Hiring

illustration of a person recruiting on a diversity job board

Having a robust, diverse workforce that represents the population is a major priority for organizations today. Companies know that inclusivity and diversity make any organization stronger—it helps them connect with customers, makes products better, and creates opportunity all around. And it’s not just ethnic or gender diversity, which are frequently what people think of when […]

Establishing A Successful Diversity Hiring Plan

illustration of a diverse candidates standing in line as part of a diversity hiring plan

A successful and diverse workplace starts with a strong diversity hiring plan. Crafting this plan may include everything from establishing ways to target diverse talent in your job ads and sourcing, to evaluating your current hiring practices with an eye towards increasing inclusion. When courting diverse candidates and fostering a more welcoming, inclusive process, there […]

The Data Dimension: How To Use Data To Hire Diverse Candidates


By now, companies are well aware that a greater diversity correlates with better business outcomes. But diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives go well beyond the bottom line. Diverse candidates not only open your organization up to building a better, more welcoming community for your existing employees, but also allow the reinforcement of the strength […]

5 Diversity Recruitment Mistakes You Might Be Making


One of the most important initiatives for any organization right now is hiring for diversity and inclusion. It’s great to have a plan for bringing in people from an array of cultures and perspectives, but getting the right plan in place can be challenging for a business of any size. If you’re looking to step […]

How Diversity Adds Dimension to Your Workforce

an illustration of a diverse group of people

If you ask executives and HR departments all over the country about what their priorities are for the near future, chances are they’ll tell you that diversity is a major goal for their organizations. Still, according to a recent survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), only about 57% have active strategies to […]

Are Your Job Listings Attracting Diverse Applicants?

Diversity and inclusion hiring strategy

The next time your company is looking to find the right candidate for an open position, ask yourself the following question: Are you casting a wide enough net in order to find the best available talent from an equitably diverse pool of applicants? In today’s business climate, having a diversity and inclusion hiring strategy is […]

Goodbye Hiring Bias! How AI Filters Applicants Fairly


No matter how objective we think we are when hiring, we’re all subject to human nature and human assumptions. Hiring bias can be as serious as rejecting (or picking) someone because they’re a particular race or gender, but it can also be something as innocuous as picking someone for an interview because they went to […]

Embracing diversity in recruiting

Embracing diversity in recruiting

The United States gets more diverse by the day, which means the workforce is becoming more diverse as well. Companies that work actively to make their recruiting and hiring practices more diverse are positioning themselves well for a future where the current status quo is likely to change significantly by 2045. Per census data, by […]

How Cognitive Diversity Benefits Your Organization


Creative solutions. Fresh perspectives. New energy. These are all things you want from your employees and from your organization as a whole. In hiring, more HR teams are discovering the benefits that bringing a greater diversity in age, gender, ability, and ethnicity to your organization can have. To name just a few: diverse organizations embrace […]

Thank You Captain Obvious: Diversity in the Workplace is Still Important


What if you heard that a successful, great hire was as much luck as anything else? And what if you learned that diversity training, no matter how focused, could put your organization on a direct path away from diversity? Would knowing those things change your hiring process? Unconscious biases have more control over perception and […]

Can Blind Recruitment Help Encourage Diversity?


Some organizations are having great luck cultivating genuine diversity in the workplace through blind recruitment. This strategy requires knowing less and consequently learning more about your candidates. Those two sentiments aren’t mutually exclusive, as they might seem. RELATED: Workplace Diversity Is The Key To Success in HR The more that you know about a candidate […]

Workplace Diversity Is The Key To Success in HR

Workplace Diversity

HR departments are probably the most important departments in Tech companies. Yes, HR – not necessarily R&D, product or marketing – this is the department that its employees set the foundation for the success of any company. It is their responsibility (and goal) to bring in the best and brightest, to create a great diversity […]

What Does The US Women’s Soccer Gender Pay Gap Mean For Hiring

Gender Pay Gap

Yesterday was national gender pay gap day or more commonly known as Equal Pay Day. This “celebration” began as a way to highlight the gender pay gap by identifying how much longer in 1 day or week a woman would have to work to make the same amount of money as her male counterparts. There […]

How to Embrace Community Diversity

Make everyone of all ages, races and personalities feel like they belong with you.

A recent Diversity Initiative by the American Society of News Editors has shown that authentic representation is needed for all businesses. Community diversity is a major problem for some. It requires creating content and products that are relevant for all different walks of life, needs and individuals. However, it is worthwhile embracing and it will […]