Here’s Why The Biggest Job Ad Sites Aren’t Always The Best For Your Recruitment


Recruiting isn’t one-size-fits-all. Yet, most employers use this approach when they post all their jobs on one of the big job advertising sites. These sites (like Monster, Glassdoor, Indeed or LinkedIn) each have a substantive reputation and can get you a lot of visibility for your job openings—they just don’t work for every type of […]

The Staffing Agency’s Guide To Programmatic Recruitment


Staffing agencies are finding it increasingly difficult to help their clients find the best candidates. Concerns of a diminishing talent pool coupled with a highly competitive market for top candidates makes for some difficult terrain. But that’s not where your troubles end, on top of this we’ve noticed a trend of major job boards cutting […]

The Healthcare Recruiter’s Guide To Programmatic Recruitment

programmatic recruitment for healthcare recruiters

Healthcare is growing at such an exponential rate that it has become a highly competitive market. An aging Baby Boomer population coupled with an increase in life expectancy has led to increased demand in healthcare professionals. And, in true form, that’s never the only problem. On top of that, turnover rates are sky high industry-wide. […]

Top 10 Recruitment Thought Leaders In HR You Should Be Following

HR thought leaders

LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Instagram are a great way to network, but there’s also a wealth of wisdom and advice out there to take in as you make your daily perusal of blogs and other media. Whether you want to listen to a podcast on your morning commute for your daily dose of HR inspiration […]

Don’t Make These Recruiting Mistakes!


The recruiter acts as a liaison for organizations and prospective candidates—part matchmaker, part sleuth. As the first face that may greet your next hire, a recruiter should be well-versed in your brand, your corporate culture, and your organization’s needs. This integral role can help you grow your organization as you hire new talent. But there […]

Why Posting Jobs Manually Leads to Lost Money

Why Posting Jobs Manually Leads to Lost Money

For a long time, digital recruitment still meant a lot of manual work: searching out the right job boards or sites, uploading or emailing the information to the right contact, and using portals to manage the information. That’s a lot of touchpoints for a “digital” process, no? As AI-based HR technology becomes more sophisticated, many […]

Why you should think like a marketer, not a recruiter


Recruiters: Are you looking to take your key performance metrics to the next level and help ensure that you’re maximizing your team’s potential effectiveness? Of course you are—in today’s ultra-competitive job market, candidates have a wealth of work options to choose from—from part-time and freelance jobs to contract work on top of full-time opportunities—and companies […]

5 ways CPC can improve KPIs 

With the CPC or “cost-per-click” model of job advertising common to most job boards today, more traffic will ultimately be more costly—but too little traffic will get you fewer applicants. It’s like the goldilocks principle of recruitment advertising: you don’t necessarily want too much traffic or too little: you want the right amount. But, really, […]

How Programmatic Can Accelerate Your Recruitment

Put Recruitment Processes in Overdrive with Programmatic Recruitment Advertising

The advent of ‘big data’ necessitated the use of automated tools that could handle massive amounts of data. Thus was born programmatic advertising, as part of the marketing function. Programmatic advertising has been around for several years now in traditional marketing. As recruitment becomes increasingly data-driven, programmatic advertising is gradually gaining ground in talent acquisition […]

4 Reasons You Should be Open to Ditching Degree Requirements When Hiring

4 Reasons You Should be Open to Ditching Degree Requirements When Hiring

Bachelor’s degree strongly preferred. Must have a BA or higher in the field. You see these lines in job descriptions all the time, and have likely written something similar yourself. A degree requirement is a way of setting a baseline qualification and narrowing the field in a preliminary way. And in some fields it’s necessary—after […]

6 Things HR Needs to Know About Generation Z

6 Things HR Needs to Know About Generation Z

It might be difficult to believe, but Millennials aren’t incoming freshmen anymore. Welcome, Generation Z. Born after 1995, they’re the youngest segment of the workforce and they’re not as similar to their predecessors as you might imagine. This is their first act and they’re ready for their close-up. This generation wants involvement, they want to […]

4 Simple Strategies For Effective Onboarding [Checklist]


Did you know that approximately 3 million Americans quit their jobs each month? And that doesn’t even include the number of layoffs, firings, or other involuntary terminations. Many workers leave jobs soon after starting. While some may leave for better pay or for other personal reasons, recruiters and hiring managers in the know understand that […]

Recruitment Marketing Basics: A 4-Minute Read [Cheat Sheet]

As recruitment marketing and talent acquisition become more competitive than ever, positioning your recruitment tools effectively takes on paramount importance. After all, you want to improve your ROI and make sure you’re getting the best possible people for your open positions. You may think that particular clock starts running once you make contact with potential […]

Understanding Your Recruitment Budget and How to Take Back Control

Man pointing to a document

Creating an annual recruiting budget can seem like an overwhelming responsibility, but it’s an essential task for any well-organized recruiter or talent acquisition specialist. Failing to do so means that you won’t be able to capture crucial metrics and identify areas for development. A well-planned recruiting budget can make or break your talent acquisition success […]

7 Ways to Minimize Cost-Per-Hire

7 Ways to Minimize Cost-Per-Hire

One of the most critical recruiting metrics recruiters seek to improve is their cost-per-hire. Along with source pipeline, candidate quality, long-term retention, and other key performance metrics, tracking your cost-per-hire will help you to understand the performance of your recruiting initiatives better and minimize your expenses across the board. For recruiters and hiring managers on a […]

July 2018 Jobs Report [Infographic]

Although the unemployment rate edged down to 3.9% in July, the latest jobs report released by the US Department of Labor shows the US economy is growing at a slower rate than expected. 157,000 new jobs were added last month, missing expectations of 190,000. Here’s our key takeaways from the July jobs report and what […]

June 2018 Jobs Report [Infographic]


According to the latest jobs report released by the US Department of Labor, the US economy has seen continuous job growth for 93 consecutive months. In June, 213,000 jobs were created, surpassing Wall Street’s expectation of 195,000 jobs. The unemployment rate rose by .02% from May to 4%. For employers, this means the challenge to […]

May 2018 Jobs Report [Infographic]


The May jobs report by the US Department of Labor shows signs of a strong, bustling economy. The unemployment rate fell to 3.8%, the lowest in nearly two decades, and the number of jobs grew to 223,000, marking the 92nd consecutive month of job creation. But good news for the economy doesn’t necessarily mean good […]

April 2018 Jobs Report [Infographic]

April Jobs Report 2018

The job market hasn’t looked this promising in 20 years. That’s what the latest jobs report released today by the US Department of Labor is saying. After a stagnant March, the April jobs report is boasting an unemployment rate below 4% for the first time since 2000. Overall, the latest jobs report reflects a strong […]

March 2018 Jobs Report [Infographic]


According to the latest jobs report released by the US Department of Labor, the unemployment rate remained at 4.1% for the sixth straight month and average earnings rose by 8 cents an hour. The report also shows 103,000 jobs were created in March, short of Wall Street’s expectation of 185,000 new jobs. Overall, the latest […]

4 Ways to Benefit the Candidate Experience Using Automation

candidate experience

Programmatic recruitment might sound like a surefire path to the unemployment line. It’s quite the opposite, both for you and the job candidates you source and hire. The technology that drives automation lets you work smarter. And that boosts one of the most important trends in sourcing and hiring: the candidate experience. Here are four […]

Is Simple Texting the Next Big Thing in Recruiting Technology?

Is Simple Texting the Next Big Thing in Recruiting Technology?

You probably text every day, but have you ever sent text messages to a job candidate? Get ready, because you will. RELATED: What it Means to be a Recruiting Leader in 2018 Texting isn’t new, but it is new for recruiting technology. It’s how the up-and-coming generations prefer to communicate, especially with unsolicited messages or […]

4 Ways Top Recruiters Nail Their Brand as a Leader

4 Ways Top Recruiters Nail Their Brand as a Leader

Are you just a recruiter? Or are you someone other recruiters want to imitate? Chances are you fall somewhere in between. If you want to break out of the rut and transform your brand, you need to stop, re-evaluate and form a new plan. Otherwise, you’ll be on the same track in a year. RELATED: […]

What it Means to be a Recruiting Leader in 2018

What it Means to be a Recruiting Leader in 2018

Some people are natural-born leaders. They have a certain influential quality that makes others stop and pay attention. The best ones wear it lightly, too. People naturally want to do what they’re doing, read what they’re reading and hopefully enjoy some of the same successes. But what if you’re not one of the lucky ones […]

Can Better HR Technology Really Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line?

talent acquisition

HR professionals everywhere are hoping for (and hopefully planning for) a healthier budget in the coming year. Just think of what more funding could do. You could update the company hiring site, develop more brand-building strategies, and maybe offer a more attractive benefits package. That’s just the beginning. You could also invest in new HR […]

How to Convince the CFO You Need a Bigger HR Budget

Three people discussing the HR budget.

You can’t simply walk into a budget meeting with your hand out and hope to walk away from it happy. Preparation takes time. With the new budget season nearly upon us, hopefully, you’ve already begun. Unfortunately, asking for a bigger budget isn’t as simple as explaining why you need it. To capture the attention of […]

HR Budget Season is Coming: Get More or Get Left in the Dust

HR Budget Season is Coming: Get More or Get Left in the Dust

How do you view HR? Are you the department that fills open positions and ensures compliance with state and federal regulations? Or are you one of the critical driving forces behind the success of every team, every department and the company as a whole? Related: Can Better HR Technology Really Improve the Company’s Bottom Line? […]

6 Things HR Needs to Know About Generation Z

6 Things HR Needs to Know About Generation Z

It might be difficult to believe, but Millennials aren’t incoming freshmen anymore. Welcome, Generation Z. Born after 1995, they’re the youngest segment of the workforce and they’re not as similar to their predecessors as you might imagine. This is their first act and they’re ready for their close-up. RELATED: Employee Skills Shortage Could be a […]

3 Ways HR Talent Management Can Shape the Future Workforce

How Predictive Data Helps You Stay Ahead of the Next Recession

You’re not the only one bemoaning the lack of qualified job candidates. It’s happening in every industry and keeps getting worse. But what would you give for one great idea that could shape the future for the better? RELATED: Employee Skills Shortage Could be a Bigger Problem in 2018 HR talent management professionals have an […]

Employee Skills Shortage Could be a Bigger Problem in 2018

Man pointing to a document

It’s no secret that great job candidates are few and far between these days. Employment is up, unemployment is down, and just like two days before prom, most people are already accounted for. But HR and many employers share another growing concern besides a thinning talent pool. There’s a skills shortage, they say, even among […]

What the Talent Acquisition Pipeline of the Future Might Look Like

With the rise of the gig economy and unemployment progressively lower, casting a line into the same pool of candidates can yield disappointing talent acquisition results. Diversifying where you source, how you retain and who you hire are becoming requirements for recruiters and human resources, especially as the market continues adding more new jobs. Younger […]

Develop a Mentoring Talent Strategy that Brings Seasoned Pros and New Stars Together

As more of the Baby Boomer generation moves toward retirement, carefully honed skill sets become an increasingly rare commodity for employers. Fresh, new job candidates enter the workforce every day, but what they have in enthusiasm, they lack in experience. There’s a skills gap that’s widening as more people retire, but a mentoring program might […]

Are You Overlooking a Job Candidate Goldmine?

If you look for talent acquisition gold in a tapped out stream, you’ll come up with a pan full of sand. But if you stake another claim upstream, you might find some bright, shiny prospects. There’s a gold mine of talented people just waiting to be discovered. Problem is, most of them are overlooked for all […]

Why Happy Employees are Your Best Talent Acquisition Tool

Why Happy Employees are Your Best Talent Acquisition Tool

About one-third of new employees quit before they reach their six-month anniversary. One-third of them knew they’d leave within the first week. On the flip side, TLNT Talent Management & HR says employees referred by someone already on board are more likely than anyone else to stay on the job long term. RELATED: A Competitor’s […]

A Competitor’s Loss is Your Talent Sourcing Gain

A Competitor's Loss is Your Talent Sourcing Gain

You probably take care of your employees, but not every company has the same philosophy. Some of them haven’t gotten the memo about this being a job seeker’s market and some have their priorities elsewhere. But for whatever the reason, a competitor’s loss is your talent sourcing gain if you think of it as an […]

What’s the Number One Emerging Hiring Metric for 2018?

What's the Number One Emerging Hiring Metric for 2018?

What’s the top emerging hiring key performance indicator for 2018? It’s a trick question. According to an array of talent industry professionals, the most important KPI is one that, when improved, has the most power to affect business in a positive way. RELATED: These Talent Acquisition Metrics Get the C Suite’s Attention For you, the […]

3 Ways Big Data Can Improve Critical Hiring KPIs

3 Ways Big Data Can Improve Critical Hiring KPIs

Technology lets you look out from today into a more productive tomorrow. It makes the work of HR professionals simpler and more effective, but that’s just the beginning. Using predictive analytics, information from decisions and actions in the past helps create a better result in the future. It’s all because of big data-that sometimes confusing, […]

September 2017 Jobs Report


According to a recent report by the U.S. Department of Labor, the unemployment rate in September dipped to 4.2 percent. This is 0.2 percent lower than the unemployment rate in August and 0.1 percent lower than the unemployment rate in July. The number of jobs created fell by 33,000 after adding an average of 172,000 […]

August 2017 Jobs Report


According to a recent report by the U.S. Department of Labor, the unemployment rate in August, at 4.4 percent, saw little change from 4.3 percent in July. The number of jobs created fell from 209,000 in July to 156,000 in August. Employment increased in manufacturing, construction, professional and technical services, health care, and mining. Here […]

5 Ways Recruiters Source Better with Fewer in the Candidate Pool

5 Ways Recruiters Source Better with Fewer in the Candidate Pool

The U.S. Department of Labor‘s July 2017 jobs report showed unemployment at a steady 4.3 percent. With over 200,000 new jobs created and nearly everyone who wants one already working, pickings are awfully slim. What’s in your talent acquisition bag of tricks when times are tough? With so few applicants on the market and more […]

July 2017 Jobs Report

July 2017 Jobs Report

The month of July saw little change in employment and unemployment rates. According to the U.S. Bureau of Statistics, employment increased by 209,000 new jobs and the unemployment rate fell to 4.3 percent. Employment decreased by 220,000 new jobs in June and the unemployment rate hardly changed from 4.4 percent in June and 4.3 percent […]

June 2017 Jobs Report

June 2017 Jobs Report

The month of June has been interesting when it comes to employment. Job creation has increased 222,000 new jobs. The unemployment rate was little changed at 4.4 percent from the previous 4.3% in May. Unemployment has increased since there are more people entered the labor force. Employment has increased in fields of health care, social […]

May 2017 Jobs Report


The month of May has been interesting when it comes to employment. Job creation has decreased to 138,000 positions from the expected 185,000. But the good news is unemployment has fallen to 4.3%, the lowest it has been in 16 years! Here are some of the highlights for the month of May. BROAD OVERVIEW Unemployment […]

April 2017 Jobs Report


The month of April brings us great news! Hiring has picked up and unemployment has fallen to 4.4%, it’s lowest point in over a decade. Overall, the unemployment rate is near what economists consider full employment. Here are some of the highlights. Broad Overview Unemployment decreased from 4.5% to 4.4% Wages grew 2.5% The economy […]

Recruiters: Improve Your Email Writing With These 8 Tips


Anyone who works now must get to grips with email writing, and this is especially true for those in recruitment. A good email can make or break a potential hire, so it’s essential that you get it right. Here’s eight tips that will help you write the best email, every time. 1. Make good use […]

4 Prevailing Themes That Help Shape News Media Today

News media

It’s a veritable rollercoaster for newspaper publishers. News media revenue looks promising but gains can’t happen fast enough. Advertising revenue dips, but new ad revenue possibilities emerge. Anyone could get whiplash from all of the ups, downs, stops and starts of operating a profitable newspaper. What brought us to where we are today? There’s one […]

Need More Hours in a Day? Nip Recruiting Process Time Wasters in the Bud

Overcoming Recruitment Challenges in 2018

How many of your ordinary talent acquisition tasks waste resources instead of contributing to great hires? Nip them in the bud, and you’ll gain more time to focus on what really works. Time wasters plague every industry. All that you need is a quick scan through Quora to find a list of recruiting pain points […]

5 Ways Data Driven Recruitment Strategies Deliver Quality Candidates


You want more efficient processes, less budget spend, quicker and better hires, and lower turnover. It might sound like a tall order, but data-driven recruitment delivers it right to your table. It’s all because of the keyword: data. Data is information that surrounds everything you, your team and the candidates you want to hire. It’s […]

March 2017 Jobs Report


The March Jobs Report shows some interesting results. The month of March saw a decrease in unemployment to 4.5%. This is the lowest unemployment rate since May 2007, which is great news. That being said, there are pros and cons to this last month’s results. Let’s take a look at some of most important takeaways […]

Here’s Why You Need an Intern Recruitment Process


Interns bring with them fresh perspective and energy. And they’re in abundance. They give you the chance to try on an employee for size without committing to a working relationship. And they’re perfectly primed to hit the top of your recruitment funnel later. If you don’t have an active intern recruitment process in place, now […]

Win the Talent Sourcing Hunger Games With Candidate Re-Engagement

Sourcing Talent

It’s a fiercely competitive landscape out there with talent acquisition pros vying for top candidates at every turn. Everyone needs an edge in order to survive, and a great one might be right under your nose. We’re talking about candidate re-engagement. Who fits into that category? It could be anyone you’ve worked with, hired, nearly […]

3 Reasons Your Recruitment Process Needs a Revolving Door

recruitment process

How many great candidates have passed through your recruiting process, never to be seen again? If you’re not re-engaging them, chances are you’re losing money and wasting valuable time. Talent acquisition is costly. So don’t shut the door when a candidate is passed over. Install a revolving door, and keep the pipeline filled with more […]

4 Best Talent Sourcing Tips for Current Employees

Talent Sourcing Current Employees

Why look outside the company for new hires when great talent is so close to home? Current employees already know the company. And you know them, as well. Those are two major steps in the usual recruitment process that you can file away as “done.” It’s not corporate cannibalism if you do it right. Moving […]

4 Reasons You Need New Software For Your Job Board Platform

RealMatch Programmatic Job Board Software

Maybe your job board software is chugging along perfectly fine, thank you. Perhaps you’re confident that you can handle it on your own. That may be true. But can your current setup deliver consistently better results? And do you have access to the largest recruitment ad network in North America? If not, then your job […]

How Data-Driven Recruitment Advertising Became the Gold Standard

Recruitment Strategies

Data-driven or programmatic recruitment advertising started off as an industry disruptor. Now it’s settling into its groove as a go-to strategy for employers, recruiters, HR, job boards and publishers. It’s defining how each element of the talent acquisition industry does business together. And it’s fast becoming the new standard. Like most technology that shakes up […]

How Recruitment Strategies Can Defeat Hiring Bias

You can’t eliminate hiring bias, but you can disrupt its effect. And that matters to the up-and-coming generation of employees who expect an authentically diverse workplace. Diversity is critical to success for many businesses. That’s especially true if the company’s product or service is intended for a diverse population. If you want to speak to […]

RealMatch Ranks High in Recruitment Solutions

recruitment solutions

Back in the day, RealMatch recruitment solutions looked like a bit of an upstart, a new kid with a lot of new ideas. Some of the former major players in the job board game have come and gone since then. You can probably think of a couple of big names that have either vanished or […]

How Newspapers Can Profit from Programmatic Advertising


Programmatic advertising takes the layers of competition that exist in publishing and makes it work better for everyone involved. Publishers reach a more receptive segment of ad buyers, advertisers target the right customers, and customers get a personalized experience. But for all of the industry buzzwords, there are still a lot of publishers (and buyers) […]

The Difference Between Recruitment Strategies and Talent Acquisition (and Why it Matters)

Man pointing to a document

Recruitment strategies are the short view; talent acquisition takes the longer route. Although they’re sometimes used interchangeably, they’re not the same thing at all. The differences might seem subtle on the surface. But underneath, there’s a world of difference. If there’s a talent shortage, recruitment is usually only a quick fix. Think of it as […]

4 Recruiting Solutions Used By Cutting-Edge Recruiters


The rumble of the next generation in recruiting solutions was felt a few years ago, and it’s starting to take shape. Some theories wash themselves out, such as the rush to adapt a mobile app. Most people don’t download them at all, and the ones who do rarely use them. But some theories really stick. […]

Why Programmatic Recruitment Advertising Should Matter

recruitment advertising

True technological revolutions only happen occasionally, and the talent acquisition industry is in the midst of a vibrant and far-reaching one right now. For years, talent specialists have focused on writing a better job ad and working hard to place it in a better location for optimum results. After those initial steps, the process has […]

We’re on the Verge of a Programmatic Job Posting Revolution

Programmatic Job Posting

Can you feel it in the air? Like the shift from summer to autumn, things in the talent acquisition industry are growing a bit crisper and more sharply focused. There’s a job posting revolution that’s gaining momentum. It started subtle, but more and more recruiters and HR professionals are jumping on board every day. And […]

What Does Randstad’s Purchase of Monster Mean for the Talent Industry?

What Does Randstad's Purchase of Monster Mean for the Talent Industry?

The talent industry is abuzz about Randstad’s recent $429 million acquisition of the job board purple behemoth, Monster. But the talk has less to do with the purchase and more to do with what it might indicate about the talent industry’s future. Monster’s fade from the spotlight was, at least to some, a predictable event […]

Don’t Let Technology Replace the Old Fashioned Talent Acquisition Work Ethic

Don't Let Technology Replace the Old Fashioned Talent Acquisition Work Ethic

Newer talent acquisition industry professionals embrace technology and run with it, but old fashioned values and work ethic shouldn’t be sacrificed in the process. There doesn’t have to be a tradeoff, and there shouldn’t be. Of course, new technology has a way of improving the processes that need it. That’s its whole point. But “old” […]

How Much Do Posting Jobs Really Cost You?


Open positions don’t save the company money, even though there’s no paycheck issued to an empty workstation. In some cases, especially with tech positions, the act of posting jobs means you’re losing money. And the longer the chair stays empty, the worse the situation becomes. You can learn a lot about the value of every […]

9 Vital Resources For Successful Recruitment Tactics

What will be the first step you take when one of your top performers resign? You will look for candidates who have similar skill set and experience to fill their shoes. Needless to say, it’s hard to find ideal replacements all the time. So, how do you deal with this situation? With an effective recruiting […]

July 2016 Jobs Report


July 2016’s jobs report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows better results than it has in quite a while. After a bit of cautious optimism in recent months, this report might indicate that it’s not a fluke; hiring really is on an upward trend, at least for now. “Total nonfarm payroll employment rose […]

Does Your Recruitment Process Focus on Top Talent or the Right Talent?


What do you think about when you hear the words “top talent?” What about “rock star?” Think they’re the same thing? In some cases, they might be. But sometimes the best person for the job isn’t an industry wizard with a list of credentials that stretches from here till November. There’s nothing wrong with reaching […]

LinkedIn Smart Search and What it Means for the Recruiting Process


The new LinkedIn Smart Search function and Recruiter interface, which were previewed last October, might bring in more paid customers, but they take some getting used to. The smart part of the equation doesn’t feel so smart when search results are less than half, or sometimes even lower, than before. But the problem isn’t the […]

4 of the Most Creative Recruitment Advertising Campaigns Ever


If you’ve seen one recruitment advertising campaign, you’ve seen them all. At least that’s what most American job hunters think. According to a Gallup poll, the State of the American Workplace, the majority of job seekers are disengaged and they need a clearer picture of what a prospective job entails. If your ads are more […]

Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Recruitment is Near


There has been a tug of war between technology and the human element in hiring for quite some time. Technology helps facilitate smarter, more efficient practices. Humans have a sensitivity that picks up on subtle nuances that technology can’t. And some say that artificial intelligence or AI is the perfect combination of both. Will this […]

4 Surefire Social Media Recruitment Building Blocks

If you don’t have a social media recruitment strategy, what are you waiting for? The days of wondering whether or not it’s important are long gone. Now we’ve moved into an era of finding the right building blocks to create the best plan. The big three – Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter – are used by […]

When an Improving Economy is Bad for Business

cat in a suit

Job seekers have worried for years about finding work, but the tide has shifted, and that’s not great news for recruiting. It’s the big truth about supply and demand. Whoever has the biggest supply has the odds stacked in their favor. Today, supply favors workers as the economy keeps improving. HR recruiters have a tougher […]

Why Overqualified Candidates Might Be a Myth


The idea that overqualified candidates make terrible employees has been around as long as the coffee break. The idea of not hiring overqualified candidates is not without merit, as the Harvard Business Review indicates that a study by Israeli scientists found that overqualified workers do tend to be more miserable with their jobs and quit […]

Seasonal Trends Show How Hiring Happens on the Calendar


A new year doesn’t necessarily mean new hires — at least not right away. As the job market peaks and declines dynamically over the course of the year, it’s important for job board owners to understand how and where hiring and quitting patterns intersect. If you want to learn how these cycles affect your enterprise […]

All You Need to Know About December’s Jobs Report

I made a list, checked it twice. Here is what you need to know about the December Jobs Report. Lots of Jobs Added The Labor Department reported that US employers added 252,000 jobs in December 2015. It also added 50,000 previously unreported jobs to the October and November Jobs report. One area for expected growth […]

Gordon Borrell: Recruitment Spending, Online Services, & Niche


As we related in a previous article, Gordon Borrell of Borrell Associates recently presented a revealing webinar entitled “Where the Recruitment Dollars Went (and how to get them back).” This webinar focused on the increasing shift toward digital media as the central player in the recruitment advertising arena, complete with some telling numbers on how […]

How Creative Should Healthcare Recruitment Ads Be?

creative ads

A generation ago, hospitals could count on filling healthcare staffing positions through classified ads in local papers. While newspaper classified ads are still used, healthcare facilities and recruiters in the healthcare industry now employ other techniques as well, such as open houses, job fairs, incentive programs, and online job boards. Every other sector uses these […]

Post-Social Recruiting: How the Best Job Boards Are Redefining Social

job board social media

Over the last few years, social recruitment has been widely used. It involves using various social media platforms to reach the masses. However, the best job boards aren’t doing it that way. They’re using something known as post-social recruiting. The former is aimed at those actively looking for jobs most of the time. On the […]