How to Measure Recruitment Success and Hit Your Goals

Do you run an effective recruitment program? You might think you do, but how can you be totally sure? Like any other facet of business, recruitment efforts can be deemed a success (or failure) by using a wide variety of quantifiable metrics. It is in the best interest of organizations to ensure that the time […]

The Benefits of Using AI in Recruitment

recruiter using AI tools for recruitment

AI recruitment software usage is still on the rise. Over 37% of businesses currently employ AI software in the workplace, and that number is only expected to rise as the decade continues. The benefits of working AI recruitment software into your hiring plan are many, and with a variety of tools at your disposal, you […]

How AI Can Help You Reach Your Productivity Goals


There’s a reason that artificial intelligence (AI) software has become increasingly popular in a variety of work situations—including to help meet productivity goals. From weather predictions to travel directions to smart banking, many of us interact with AI on a daily basis. Sometimes even without realizing it. These self-learning machines can analyze vast amounts of […]

3 Ways AI Improves The Virtual Hiring Experience


10 years ago, none of us could have predicted that virtual hiring would become the new norm. At least not to this degree. Whether you predicted it or not, it’s here to stay—which means you need to equip your team with the hiring tools to properly execute virtual hiring so you don’t miss out on […]

The Future of HCM Software with AI


In the past, HR has often been seen as a reactive department—concerned with administrative duties and a lot of checking boxes. Human capital management (HCM), both as a mindset and as a set of practices, encourages a much more proactive approach. One that engages current and prospective employees in ways beyond ensuring payroll. After all, […]

How A Conversational AI Platform Can Help Your Recruiting Team


You already know that modern technology can both aid and improve your talent acquisition efforts. But how do you know which tools and tech your team should be using? Is AI really as powerful as it’s advertised to be?  This post sheds light on a specific tool that wields artificial intelligence (AI): conversational AI platforms. […]

How AI Is Transforming The Workplace


You may have heard the joke that every company today calls itself a tech company, whether they sell software or mattresses. While this might not be the case, it is true that most modern companies take advantage of the technology that’s at their disposal. That’s why you’ll increasingly see AI in the workplace becoming part […]

5 Different Ways Companies Are Using AI In Recruiting


Not every company has the same hiring goals—and nor should they. But even when goals and challenges differ, one thing remains consistent: modern technology like AI can help. Keep reading to learn five different ways that companies use AI to reach their recruiting goals. 1. Increasing Applicant Volume For some organizations, particularly larger companies or […]

How AI Will Make Your Strategic Sourcing Intuitive


Sourcing talent in recruiting can be a lot like sleuthing, especially when there’s so much competition to find great talent. It has often required creative and exhaustive research skills, and finding talent through social networking sites or job board resume databases-and even harder to reach places like conference participant lists or alumni associations. There are […]

How Data Analytics Recruiting Can Work For You

discussing data analytics recruiting

Chances are, the next hire you will make is checking their mobile device, using a wireless network, or running social media software right now. For you, that means constant streams of information you can use in order to find and hire the best candidates for your open positions. Over the past decade, companies have seized […]

Goodbye Hiring Bias! How AI Filters Applicants Fairly


No matter how objective we think we are when hiring, we’re all subject to human nature and human assumptions. Hiring bias can be as serious as rejecting (or picking) someone because they’re a particular race or gender, but it can also be something as innocuous as picking someone for an interview because they went to […]

How AI Can Help You Hire Better-Quality Candidates


Hiring a new candidate efficiently in a quick and cost-effective way is important, but in the long term, the priority for measuring effectiveness in hiring will be the value the new employee brings to the company-the quality of hire (QoH). This value can appear at first glance to be a combination of intangibles, such as […]

Effective Budget Planning for Recruiters


Even though it may feel too early to start worrying about your recruiting budget for next year, trust us—it’s never too early. And later, when deadlines are looming and you have even more pressure to get it done, you’ll be so thankful you put in the time now to make the process more effective and […]

The Pros Of Using AI In Your Recruiting Process [Infographic]


There will always be a need for human intervention when it comes to recruiting, but why not get a little help from technology? AI can help make your recruitment process less grueling and more effective for you and your team. But how? We’ve created this simple infographic depicting just exactly what an AI-enabled job advertising […]

The Healthcare Recruiter’s Guide to AI Recruitment

the healthcare recruiters guide to AI recruitment

One of the biggest challenges facing healthcare today is widespread talent gaps and shortages. A study conducted by the Association of American Medical Colleges’ Center for Workforce Studies has cited that there will be 45,000 fewer primary care physicians and 46,000 fewer surgeons and medical specialists in the next decade. This means that healthcare organizations […]

(Re)Fresh(ed) Predictions: Why Recruitment Loves AI

AI in Recruitment

Last year we asked if you’ve heard the buzz surrounding AI. Now the popularity and acceptance of AI technology has become apart of our everyday lives. We’ve invited AI into our homes with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, so it only makes sense that this kind of tech would find its way into the workplace. […]

How AI Will Help You Reach Passive Candidates


If you’re looking to maximize your recruitment efforts to source the best available talent in your industry, you know the top candidates aren’t necessarily the ones who are actively looking for new employment options. Reaching these passive candidates is a challenge that in the past meant spending hours of time, money, and resources.  As the […]

Understanding the Risks and Rewards of AI Recruiting


While many tools available to recruiters are touted as AI, not all fit the bill. As a hiring or HR decision-maker, it’s essential that you understand the features, as well as the risks and rewards of any automated recruiting tools you choose to deploy. As with anything, you’ll need to maintain a certain amount of […]

Why Your HR Team Needs AI [VIDEO]


You’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about AI and its capabilities. But how will it help you and your HR team manage your day-to-day tasks? From automation to insights, AI-enabled recruitment can show you the full scope of your hiring strategies while saving you time and money in the process. AI isn’t in some […]

6 Things You Need To Know About Recruiting With AI [Fast Facts]


The number of impressive things Artificial Intelligence (AI) can do today is anything but short. AI helps us get to our destinations faster, predicts the weather better, recommends songs we may like, and can outsmart humans at Jeopardy. But did you know AI can also enhance your recruitment and talent acquisition strategies? In fact, 80% […]

What Is AI For Recruiting?


Technology is advancing faster than you could have ever imagined. The only option in this fast-paced world is to stay on top of the tech that’s trending in your sphere. So what’s trending in HR? Right now the answer to that question is artificial intelligence (AI). But what is AI for recruiting and how does […]

3 Tips For Ending Vacation Remorse

beach front vacation

Summertime. Everything just seems slower once the temperatures rise. Coastal beach views, icy lemonade in a chilled glass, and an endless array of summer fun; it’s like the whole world pauses and remembers how to relax again. Except for you. You’ve got so much on your plate at work that you can’t even remember the […]

Good-bye Hiring Bias: How AI Filters Applicants Fairly [Infographic]

goodbye hiring bias header

No matter how objective we think we are when hiring, we’re all subject to human nature and human assumptions. Hiring bias can be as serious as rejecting someone because they’re a particular race or gender, but it can also be something as innocuous as picking someone for an interview because they went to the same […]

Picking The Right AI Recruitment Technology For You


If you’re looking to increase the efficiency of your HR team and boost this year’s effective performance metrics, you’ll need to address the potential pain points that may be adversely affecting your organization’s ability to operate at its peak potential. Then, once you get a handle on your needs, your goal should be to find […]

Recruiting Trends: Does the Rise of AI Spell the End for HR Recruiters?


By 2025, approximately 25% of jobs are expected to be replaced by AI, according to the Boston Consulting Group. For you, the HR recruiter, does this mean your job can be replaced by robots? The short answer is: not quite. But HR recruiting trends have already drastically changed in the past decade and prove to […]