Turning Job Site Platforms Into Candidate Experience Hubs

Job site platform

Job candidates can sometimes feel inconsequential to the sourcing and hiring process. They’re frustrated by the veil of mystery that surrounds employers. They’re over the inequity that stems from subjecting themselves to intense scrutiny by companies that may not even disclose their name, much less communicate with candidates after they apply. RELATED: Job Board Platform […]

Job Board Platform Content That Transforms the Candidate Experience

Job board platform

The job hunt is in a near-continual state of flux. Old jobs become obsolete, new employers arrive to shake up the market and emerging technology flips the job search process on its ear. Candidates hardly know what to expect, but job boards can offer them an anchor in uncertain times through relevant, valuable content. Content […]

4 Social Recruitment Strategies that Drive a Larger Audience to Your Job Board


You’ve got the job board, and the advertisers are there or potentially so. But without the talent connection, no job board can function. So where is this mysterious group of people who want a new job, even if they don’t realize it just yet? To a large degree, they’re running to social media. Although they’re […]

3 Ways to Maximize Your Job Board’s Career Center


Running a job board these days isn’t as simple as soliciting listings from employers and resumes from job seekers. While such simplistic tactics may have worked in the past, Internet technology has dictated that more advanced features be offered in order to succeed, both in receiving advertising revenue and securing job placement for candidates. Below […]

How to Fix Your Job Posting to Get More Qualified Applicants


Your perception of your career site and the job ads that you create might be a far stretch from the impression that candidates get. If you think the process is seamless, you might be surprised. Maybe it’s time to walk a mile in the shoes of your job candidates. RELATED: How Subpar Job Postings are […]

Identity Theft is Not a Joke, What You and Your Job Seekers Need to Know


Just when you thought that your forward-thinking, digital-age application processes were top-notch, along comes the criminal element to shake things up. There’s at least one in every crowd, and in Australia, it’s becoming a serious issue. Identity theft can happen anywhere in the digital realm. But perhaps what makes digital job applications so vulnerable is […]

Should Employers Continue Drug Testing Employees?


Drug testing employees is routine for many employers. It’s likely been the policy for as long as senior leadership can remember. And so, every time a new hire joins the company, they’re sent off to pee in a cup and prove they’re drug-free. A recent survey of around 70,000 working people across the U.S. found […]

Looking for Positive Glassdoor Reviews? Try These 4 Strategies


Great Glassdoor reviews are a bit like love: they have to happen naturally. That said, there’s a lot that you can do to improve your odds. Because Glassdoor is becoming as important to job seekers as Angie’s List is to consumers, it pays to take whichever steps you can to encourage current and past employees […]

Put the Checkbook Away: Top 3 Perks Job Candidates Are Looking For


Are you thinking about a career move? CareerBuilder says that it might not be long before you’re in the same spot as the candidates you scout. According to a survey of over 3,000 people, which the job resource website released back in December, about one in five expect to change jobs this year. So now […]

Top 5 Jobs Being Replaced by Technology


Employment is on the rise, still gaining over the losses from the Great Recession. But at the same time, employment in many middle-class jobs is all but evaporating. How can both be true? It’s part of the mystery of the disappearing middle class, and 247 Wall Street says that it and other sources agree: it’s […]

Defining and Nailing Cultural Fit


When a new hire isn’t a good cultural fit, everyone loses. The employee loses time, and you lose time and money as well. It’s buzzworthy right now, but knowing that cultural fit is important and achieving it are two different things. RELATED: 5 Ways to Improve Company Culture Of course you want employees who fit […]

How to Create an Employee Referral Program That Works


Employee referrals are unsurpassed in improving hiring volume and the quality of new hires. That’s according to ERE Media, and they go on to explain that this rich resource is #1 in improving time to fill, retention and applicant-to-hire ratio. If you don’t have an employee referral program, it’s time to pull one together. RELATED:5 […]

Are There Really 600,000 Job Openings in California?


Are there 600,000 openings in California available on any given day? You couldn’t answer that by the volume of people who are looking for work, but the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that it’s true. If so many jobs are out there, and so many people are actively seeking work, why is it so […]

6 Tips for Tackling Employee Turnover


With employee turnover being one of the costliest problems that a business faces, effective ways to whittle it down should be on every recruiter’s mind. According to the HR consulting firm, Corter Consulting, the loss of one $8 / hour employee costs over $5,000. A salaried employee earning $75,000 annually can cost about $15,000. Businesses […]

The Future of Healthcare Employment

Healthcare employment

If you are in the process of deciding what career to pursue or you are considering a change of careers, then take a long look at a job in a healthcare field. According to TheJobNetwork.com, there will be an average job growth rate of 19 percent for almost all healthcare related fields by 2024. While […]

How You Can Snag the Best Candidates


You know what you expect from job candidates. But have you thought about what they expect from you? Most candidates wouldn’t dream of expressing that sort of opinion in an interview. But the way that they view your company and the hiring process could determine whether you snag the best candidates or send them down […]

Part-Time Jobs to Remain Hot in 2016

Part-time jobs

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 292,000 new jobs created in December 2015. This is a healthy number, but it is made up in large part by part-time jobs. Is that a bad thing? For some people, the availability of part-time instead of full-time jobs can be frustrating. But to others, part-time […]

Healthcare Industry Hires Grow In February’s Jobs Report

February was another great month for the job market as this month’s jobs report shows. Employers added 242,000 workers last month and unemployment held steady at 4.9 percent. That’s around 50,000 more jobs than economists were expecting. Employment gains have averaged 543,000 a month since December, the biggest increase in 16 years. It’s clear that […]

January Jobs Report: Wages Up, Unemployment Down


The January jobs report is starting the year off right with an increase in hourly wages and unemployment at an 8 year low. As President Obama said, “Americans are working.” This is great news for the economy, but it means that employers might find it more difficult to recruit the best of the best. Job […]

Whats Big in Recruiting for 2016?

4 Ways Top Recruiters Nail Their Brand as a Leader

Recruiting is anything but boring these days, and 2016 is shaping up to be an exciting year. Everything is changing, from the way that the employees themselves factor into the equation to the way that qualified candidates are sourced. Recruiters are realizing that employees, and by default employee candidates, really are the vital asset that […]

Hiring for Emerging Roles? Think Competencies Not Certifications


There have always been emerging roles, at least for as long as times have changed. Problem is, times are changing faster now, and roles are branching out in so many different directions. The jobs of tomorrow may bear little resemblance to those of today. But while the decisions that recruiters make are of paramount importance […]

Discrimination Through Micro-Aggression: An Up and Coming HR Problem

Discrimination, at least in its most obvious forms, is growing more and more rare in the workplace, but that doesn’t mean it’s gone. The new face of discrimination, which admittedly isn’t new at all, is micro-aggression. Many employers are beginning to acknowledge the problem, but aren’t entirely sure what to do about it. RELATED: Millennials […]

4 Ways HR Can Help Shrink the Gender Pay Gap


It’s a sad and disappointing fact that women are, even now, paid about 79 cents for every dollar earned by men. The gender pay gap is much greater for minority women, with some earning nearly half that of their male peers. Although it’s gotten better overall, there is still a long way to go. RELATED: […]

January 2016 Jobs Report

US Unemployment rate 2006-2016

Generally speaking, the January jobs report is good news. The US economy continued to add jobs and wages went up slightly. These indicate that the economy is continuing to grow, however that growth may be slowing. While there are several indicators that suggest the economy might be slowing, the general feel is that the US […]

How to Find More Passive Job Candidates


When it comes to recruiting, you’re likely seeking active candidates or candidates who are currently pursuing employment with your company. Although recruiting is never easy, it can be easier when put in this position. Active candidates are often seeking out your specific ad efforts, meaning your company is in a more advantageous position. Passive candidates, […]

How Recruiting is Changing in 2016 and Beyond


The recruitment industry and associated in-house human resources equivalents are always changing, and as 2016 arrives, evolution is sure to take place. The Internet has changed so much about the recruitment process, so whether you work for an outside company that specializes solely in recruiting or you’re a human resources professional tasked with finding the […]

Why Job Candidates are Attracted to Companies with a Mission


When looking for a career position, what would you place as most important? Salary? Title? Growth potential? Obviously, all of these things are important, but these days, job candidates are seeking out companies that not only have mission statements, but also companies that live out their mission statements. It’s easy enough to make up a […]

October Jobs Report Shows Strong Growth


The fourth quarter of 2015 continues to promise a better 2016 for the job market and the U.S. economy as a whole. Let’s explore what the Labor Department’s October report had to say about October’s strong showing, from what the numbers revealed to what the trends imply. Fulfilling September’s Promise October’s numbers indicated a strong […]

5 Reasons Employers Shouldn’t Pay to Post


Job seekers and employers alike have turned the Internet into a one-stop shop for employment these days, and while job boards have many benefits, they also have many downsides. When employers open positions, job seekers can apply by the dozens, the hundreds, or even the thousands. This leads to productivity issues for employers and many […]

4 Reasons Job Boards Continue to Lure Quality Candidates


When LinkedIn and Facebook got into the recruiting game, many people started to sound the death bell for job recruiting boards. But according to Talentculture.com, job boards make up 42 percent of all quality hire activity, closely followed by social media. Why hasn’t social media been able to completely replace job boards as the default […]

How Personal Should Employers Get with Their Candidates?


The old saying “looks aren’t everything” means that a person’s personality traits are also important. While employers aren’t allowed to discriminate against candidates based on looks (even though some do,) many are now adding personality to the list of qualities that a candidate must possess in order to get hired. The thinking behind this trend […]

How to Help Mold the Job Skills of Millennials


Millennials have been entering the workforce for a while now, but employers are often still at a loss as to how to bridge skill gaps. This younger generation of workers comes with a variety of expectations, and this can pose a challenge to older employers who are used to doing things a certain way. To […]

How You Can Really Pull Off a Preparation-Free Interview


In most cases, preparation before an interview is a must, both for the interviewer and the interviewee. On one side of the table, preparation shows that the interviewee has done his or her research about the company, showing that he or she is truly interested in the company and not just a job. On the […]

How Attitudes are Changing on Hiring Ex-Felons


It can be difficult to find a job in a down economy, but that challenge is compounded when you have a criminal record. According to an article published by WSET-TV of Danville, Virginia, people with criminal records are much less likely to go back to prison if they can find steady work. But the problem […]

How to Keep Bias Out of Your Interviews


It’s human nature to have biases, but allowing these biases to factor into the interviewing process can hurt your company’s chances of attracting and hiring the best candidates. For example, you may not like males who have pierced ears (and of course, depending upon the workplace setting, pierced ears may be inappropriate.) However, if you […]

Why Job Boards Should Offer Competitive Pay


When you run a job board, you act as a go-between with employers and employment candidates. The service you provide has immense value to both sides of your equation and you need to make certain that your website is always bringing in the best possible candidates and job leads to keep your traffic happy. But […]

Eeek! 4 Ways to Avoid Turning Into a Zombie Job Board

When the bottom fell out of the global economy in 2008, the effects were felt in every business sector. Aside from the financial world, one of the hardest hit industries was the online recruiting industry. With very few jobs to advertise and a glut of people looking for jobs, job boards suddenly found themselves struggling […]

What is Job Wrapping? A Closer Look

What is Job Wrapping

The Internet is causing a lot of job hunters to look for options in filling their career needs. Since the recruiters go where the job hunters are, it is always in the best interest of your job board to determine exactly what services will attract job hunters. Up until recently, aggregate software had been a […]

Understanding the Mind of a Job Seeker


There are many reasons people seek work, but the common denominator is the need to earn money. Making the problem even worse is that job seekers need to carefully spend money in order to maintain their competitive edge and land the job they’re after. By understanding the hard decisions job seekers face, job board owners […]

Expert Interview with Dr. David Brendel on Executive Coaching


Dr. David Brendel started his career by earning both his PhD and MD in psychology, and ever since, he’s been focused on helping all of us get the most out of the workplace, whether as an author, a speaker or as the head of Leading Minds, an executive coaching service. He shared some insights with […]

Expert Interview with Kimberly Patterson About HR and Job Seeking


As a successful HR pro turned successful consultant, Kimberly Patterson has the wisdom, experience and background to be an expert in her field. Her hands-on and innovative approaches allow her to deliver the best solutions to meet business challenges. She successfully utilizes her knowledge in all things HR to help businesses in whatever capacity they […]

Job Boards: Is It Really About Compatibility?


Compatibility has long served as the cornerstone of dating services, including the major Web-based matchmaking services. But while at least one of these services is trying to apply the concept toward the business recruitment world in an effort to expand its customer base, a genuine match between the needs of the candidate and the employer […]

Expert Interview with Chandra Turner on Recruiting Millennials


College grads are entering a new and uncertain job market. Even in publishing, they’re not sure where to start, so Chandra Turner’s made it her job to show them how to work in the publishing industry at Ed2010. She took a moment to talk with us about how the recent graduate finds a job.Tell us […]

What Resonates with Healthcare Job Seekers?

What Resonates with Healthcare Job Seekers?

If you’re a healthcare recruitment advertiser or a career center manager, then it’s important to understand how to attract quality healthcare professionals.As with recruiting for any particular discipline, there are distinctive best-practices when it comes to searching for and locating excellent healthcare talent. Understanding what moves healthcare professionals to action is step one. Here are […]

Expert Interview with Jacco Valkenburg on Social Recruiting


Whether it’s a business hoping to track down more qualified job candidates or job seekers wanting to get on the inside track with a coveted position, employer branding and recruitment consultant Jacco Valkenburg recommends harnessing the power of social media.“Instead of relying on selecting from the best possible applicants, organizations can use social media to […]

Webinar Review: Peter Weddle of IAEWS on Career Center Management

best practices in career center management webinar

  A recent webinar, entitled “Best Practices in Career Center Management,” highlighted the various means that career center professionals can use to promote their businesses and keep their clients happy.The webinar was presented by Peter Weddle, who is the executive director of the International Association of Employment Web Sites (IAEWS). He’s also the CEO of […]

Use Social Media to Target Healthcare Professionals

social media healthcare

When it comes to searching for healthcare jobs, the landscape across the Internet has changed dramatically over the last several years. While the job board remains the foundation for online recruitment, some job board managers may worry that with all the new social media options, the job board is on its way to extinction. What […]

The Many Niches of Healthcare Blogs

healthcare blogs

Healthcare is an enormous industry, with many facets. And you don’t have to go very far to find extremely specialized healthcare blogs. Why has healthcare created so many niche healthcare blogs, and does that reflect on other industries and their blog opportunities? Natural NichesHealthcare blogging is interesting because, in a sense, the audience comes already […]

Leveraging Social Media for Your Advertisers

social recruiting

Recruitment advertising is a great way to attract talent. However, your advertising strategy should be supplemented with an active presence on social media. The fact of the matter is that advertising will get you the attention of active job seekers. These are the people who are currently seeking a job, either because they are out […]

How Successful are Local Job Sites?

local job sites

There are a number of local job sites on the Internet. These are sites that only advertise jobs that are within driving distance of a particular geographic location. The idea behind local job sites is that a smaller market is often better. These aren’t websites that receive millions of hits from all over the world […]

Expert Interview with Karl Hughes on the Entry-Level Job Market

Having a degree is critical for landing a job, but in today’s job market even college graduates are having a tough job finding entry-level positions. “Over 20 percent of recent graduates are underemployed, and we want to help these people get productive jobs within their field as soon as possible,” says Karl Hughes, director of […]

Expert Interview with Escrowboard on Effective Recruiting


One of the biggest problems of traditional recruiting lies in mismatches between candidates in the available talent pool and the job requirements, says Michael Agee, vice president of operations for The Board Network. Recruiters are charged with finding the best available candidate for open positions and they often turn to job boards as a source […]

Expert Interview with Michael Jones on job board tips

Job board tips

These days, career sites and job boards are a dime a dozen, so it’s more important than ever that site managers continue to improve their offerings. “Do not rest or become satisfied with your work because technology and new competition are moving forward every day,” says Michael Jones, co-founder of HospitalRecruiting.com. “You have to work […]

What Job Seekers Want in 2014 [Infographic]

Jeff Dickey-Chasis of jobboarddoctor.com recently gave a RealMatch webinar about what job seekers want from job boards in 2014, based on a survey he conducted in partnership with job-hunt.org and eharmony.com. This infographic highlights some important findings from his survey and the webinar.