The Future of HR: How Veritone’s Broadbean Acquisition Enhances Your Talent Attraction Journey

Veritone Acquires Broadbean

The corporate landscape is constantly evolving, and with it, the strategies for recruitment and talent acquisition are too. In an exciting recent development, Veritone, a trailblazer in artificial intelligence (AI), has acquired the global recruitment software company Broadbean. Together with PandoLogic, acquired by Veritone in 2021, they will form a unified powerhouse known as Veritone […]

How AI Sourcing Tools are Revolutionizing Recruitment Strategies


In a world where competition for top talent is fiercer than ever, it’s essential for those hiring to stay ahead of the curve. This is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) sourcing tools come in – empowering you to find the ideal candidates quickly and efficiently. In this blog, we will discuss how ground-breaking AI sourcing technologies […]

The Steps to Creating a Data Driven HR Talent Acquisition Team

data driven hr

The moment of matching a perfect candidate to an open position can be very rewarding, like fitting two puzzle pieces together. It is task-oriented and goal-centric. But, while that final goal is obvious, and while your talent acquisition team may already contain dedicated individuals passionate about what they do, there are a lot of markers […]

Why Talent Acquisition Needs AI To Yield The Best Results

why talent acquisition needs AI for better results

The data available to talent acquisition teams is immense—so much so that it’s often too much to process. From past recruitment marketing campaign successes to data on the most successful hires, there are patterns to be replicated to help ensure future success. But how do you detect those patterns, or collect the data to produce […]

Top 5 Talent Acquisition Articles from 2018


In 2018, finding new and creative ways to attract and recruit talent became even more of a priority for talent acquisition teams than ever before. Recruitment marketing, predictive analytics, and HR tech including AI and chat bots were at the forefront of discussions surrounding how to win the war for talent. With the fight for […]

4 talent acquisition analytics mistakes to avoid


Talent acquisition teams generate a lot of data, and it is often an underused resource. But once the HR department embraces their data and establishes metrics and a system of collection, there are several next steps that require you to fully optimize the data: understanding those metrics, letting the data guide you towards strategic insights, […]

6 Things HR Needs to Know About Generation Z

6 Things HR Needs to Know About Generation Z

It might be difficult to believe, but Millennials aren’t incoming freshmen anymore. Welcome, Generation Z. Born after 1995, they’re the youngest segment of the workforce and they’re not as similar to their predecessors as you might imagine. This is their first act and they’re ready for their close-up. This generation wants involvement, they want to […]

HR Technology Spots Candidates With Leadership Potential

HR Technology Spots Candidates With Leadership Potential

I think AI should support human beings. Technology should always do something that enables people, not disable people. – Jack Ma, tech entrepreneur and philanthropist As recruiters and hiring managers, we understand that our roles task us not just with finding immediate candidates for open positions but to also have a long-term mindset for uncovering talent […]

Maintaining Your Employer Reputation

Maintaining your employer reputation

For business leaders, hiring managers, and recruiters there is an acute awareness that a positive corporate reputation, both on and offline, are part and parcel of accessing new clients, receiving funding opportunities, and conducting business in an increasingly interconnected world. Most of us care about our corporate reputations when it comes to our customers, but […]

Data Driven Recruitment Maximizes Your Talent Budget

talent acquisition

Today’s recruiting climate is considered by many to be the most competitive ever. “The War for Talent” has gone from being just a buzzword to being a way of lie– with qualified talent harder to find than ever and critical roles increasingly difficult to fill. Considering these challenges, more recruiters realize that the future of […]

Your Next Great Strategy for Employment Branding

What if the most powerful employment branding strategy you’ve ever used was right under your nose just waiting to be discovered? Content marketing is a sleeper hit. Whether or not you realize it, you already have a good grasp on how it’s done. All that you need now is a strategy to make content work […]

Strategic Recruitment For Long-Term Success

Strategic hiring for long-term success

Savvy organizations know that to give their business the best chance to succeed, they must attract and hire the right talent at the right time. But if your recruiting process is limited to open positions on your careers site or a job board, you are failing to hire strategically, meaning that you are only looking […]

Exploring Recruitment Marketing and Talent Acquisition


If you’re looking to take your company’s recruitment strategies to the next level and demonstrate measurable improvements in your HR performance metrics, you’re likely taking a close look at your talent acquisition strategies. But have you considered the benefits of recruitment marketing for attracting, engaging, and retaining top talent? Think of recruitment marketing as a […]

7 Ways to Minimize Cost-Per-Hire

7 Ways to Minimize Cost-Per-Hire

One of the most critical recruiting metrics recruiters seek to improve is their cost-per-hire. Along with source pipeline, candidate quality, long-term retention, and other key performance metrics, tracking your cost-per-hire will help you to understand the performance of your recruiting initiatives better and minimize your expenses across the board. For recruiters and hiring managers on a […]

Three Ways to Maximize Recruiter Effectiveness

Three Ways to Maximize Recruiter Effectiveness

Your organization has dedicated internal recruiters, and yet they seem to be finding it difficult to find the right talent. Your company has outsourced its recruitment efforts to an RPO, but somehow, the partnership does not seem to be yielding the expected results. Are you in either of these situations? Then read on. 1. Develop […]

How To Be More Proactive In Your Recruiting Solutions

Recruiting solutions

You have a looming deadline when a key player on your team decides to quit. Everybody on the team panics. You revisit that outdated job description, make a few changes and post it to every job board that you know. Then you sit and wait for that amazing candidate to apply. Sound familiar? This is […]

5 Talent Recruitment Trends You Need to Implement in 2018

2018 Talent Recruitment Trends

Over the past several years, innovators in talent recruitment have been rallying behind trending recruitment processes to improve their day-to-day. Their goal is to make recruiting more gratifying and less transactional for recruitment professionals, while also keeping things interesting for candidates. Below are the five latest trends to hit recruitment that will alter the way […]

How RPO Maximizes the Candidate Experience: Does Technology Help?

How RPO Maximizes the Candidate Experience: Does Technology Help?

A research study by the University of Warwick shows that happy employees are 12% more productive in the workplace. Better productivity translates to better ROI. But how do organizations make (and keep) employees happy? A good starting point would be to enhance candidate experience. After all, the recruitment process marks the beginning of any kind […]

Challenges of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

discussing challenges of recruitment process outsourcing

Despite the availability of a huge pool of talent, why do so many companies still find it hard to find talent? A probable answer lies in the way companies manage their talent acquisition and recruiting activities. Back in the 80s and 90s, when companies began to see significant cost-savings by outsourcing their employee benefits and […]

4 Strategies for Effective Onboarding

Strategies for effective onboarding

Did you know that approximately 3 million Americans quit their jobs each month? And that doesn’t even include the number of layoffs, firings, or other involuntary terminations. Many workers leave jobs soon after starting. While some may leave for better pay or for other personal reasons, recruiters and hiring managers in the know understand that […]

3 Methods for Building an Entry-Level Talent Pipeline


From the sales industry to manufacturing to corporate America, entry-level talent can be an essential business-driver that contributes to economic growth for organizations and to society overall. However, many companies tend to over-focus on executive recruiting and hiring senior personnel, overlooking the potential for younger, less experienced workers to join their organizations and grow within […]

Understanding Challenges Around Filling Entry Level Positions


Despite being one of the biggest drivers of job creation, entry-level and hourly positions are getting increasingly more difficult to fill. With all the talk about executive recruiting, let’s not neglect the importance of having strong early-career talent as well. Entry-level employees are useful for reducing operating costs, developing more robust talent pipelines, increasing employee […]

HR Technology Spots Candidates With Leadership Potential

HR Technology Spots Candidates With Leadership Potential

I think AI should support human beings. Technology should always do something that enables people, not disable people. – Jack Ma, tech entrepreneur and philanthropist As recruiters and hiring managers, we understand that our roles task us not just with finding immediate candidates for open positions but to also have a long-term mindset for uncovering […]

3 Ways Your Talent Pipeline Maximizes the Recruiting Budget


A healthy talent pipeline makes nearly every talent sourcing process easier to manage. It eliminates one of the most inefficient processes known to HR and recruiters, which is starting from scratch each time there’s a job opening. The average new-hire costs organizations $4,129 — and that’s before the new employees’ first payroll is even processed! […]

Better Talent Acquisition Campaign Strategies, Better ROI

talent acquisition

Whether the economy is boom or bust, every penny matters for recruiters and talent acquisition professionals on a budget. From time-to-hire to cost-per-hire, KPIs must be consistently met while sticking to the agreed-upon allowance. A recruiting budget is essential because companies must understand how much they are willing to spend per candidate and how to […]

How to Target Passive Candidates Using Automation

Targeting passive candidates using automation

When it comes to targeting passive candidates for critical roles, programmatic recruitment is helping more recruiters, talent managers, and HR leaders to work efficiently and effectively — freeing up more time to dedicate to strategy and leadership rather than day-to-day routine recruiting tasks. The age-old processes of sourcing, interviewing, vetting, and onboarding talent has become […]

Automation Will Transform Your Sourcing Strategies This Year

Three Ways to Maximize Recruiter Effectiveness

At its best, programmatic technology can free up recruiters’ time, uncover insights, and help them make better-informed hiring decisions that positively impact an organizations’ ROI. Instead of wasting time on the day-to-day tasks, recruiters’ can instead focus on brainstorming, engaging candidates, and planning the next “big thing” for their strategic sourcing. According to the latest […]

4 Candidate Experience Tasks You Should Automate Today


With the candidate experience at the forefront of more HR decision-makers’ minds, talent managers and recruiters are looking for more innovative ways to improve each step of the application process, improve their talent funnel, and attract the highest caliber of talent to their ranks. For time-pressed recruiters and hiring managers, programmatic is going to be […]

What Talent Acquisition Needs to Know About the Gig Economy


About three decades ago, freelancers and independent contractors made up only a small fraction of the American workforce. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics struggles to count precisely how many Americans work in what’s called the “gig economy,” a 2017 study by global freelancing platform, Upwork estimates that currently, 57.3 Americans engage in some kind […]

These Trends in Talent Acquisition Will Change Everything

How RPO Maximizes the Candidate Experience: Does Technology Help?

With so many trends in talent acquisition, how can you know which ones deserve your attention and which might waste your time? It’s easier than you think. New processes and technologies that make your life easier while getting better results with the least amount of budgetary waste should rise to the top. That’s what’s happening […]

How HR Can Master Quality of Hire in 2018

Talent acquisition

Who are your company’s top performers? Who do you wish that you could clone? And how did you get so lucky as to hire them? Was it sheer luck? Maybe, at least in part, but you can also analyze what’s behind great hires so you can get better and more consistent results. Quality of hire […]

Where’s Your Talent Acquisition Data Blind Spot?

Man pointing to a document

Programmatic recruitment can solve a host of talent acquisition problems. It doesn’t find the answer; it is the answer. Data is the foundation of HR automation that makes everyone’s life easier. The industry is already headed in that direction, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). But without the right analytics, over-reliance on […]

7 Ways to Make the Full Employment Economy Work for You

7 Ways to Make the Full Employment Economy Work for You

Nobody has to tell you that sourcing is hard work. Since the economy started to rebound just a few years ago, top candidates have become scarcer and active job seekers have become rarer still. Knowing that, it might surprise you to learn that the full-employment economy can work for you. Why? Because it encourages you […]

10 Years Later: How the Great Recession Still Affects Talent Acquisition

10 Years Later: How the Great Recession Still Affects Talent Acquisition

The old song says, ”What a difference a day makes.” Imagine what 10 years can do. A decade has passed since the housing bubble burst, the stock market took a plunge and the shock heard ’round the world launched unemployment like a rocket. Two years was all that it took to institute lasting changes in […]

How Predictive Data Helps You Stay Ahead of the Next Recession

How Predictive Data Helps You Stay Ahead of the Next Recession

What if you had a safeguard against the ups and downs of an erratic economy? Predictive data can’t protect your market investments, but it could help you develop better talent acquisition strategies that work in fair weather or foul. Programmatic and big data holds the answers that you need for smarter and more efficient sourcing. […]

Marketing’s Critical Role in Candidate Sourcing

These are interesting times for talent acquisition. The economy is still improving, unemployment is quite low and jobs still experience fits and starts of growth. Candidate sourcing is more difficult now, but that’s partly because of outdated methods that don’t work well anymore. Marketing has the answer and it’s been there all along. Marketing and […]

What is the Talent Pipeline, Really?

Talent acquisition

Once you have the basics of the funnel, you have a good idea of how it can help you make better hires. It will work, even if you don’t fully commit to it. Whenever there’s talent in the pipeline, you have a leg up on hiring. But imagine how much easier life would be if […]

5 Ways Big Data Changes Talent Acquisition

5 Ways Big Data Changes Talent Acquisition in 2018

It’s not that the answers talent acquisition needed didn’t exist before; it’s that the technology to find the data and transform it into useful answers was still in the future. Thankfully, the future is now. Everyone talks about the power of programmatic and big data, but only some people in talent acquisition do something about […]

HR and Recruiting Year in Review: What’s Hot, What’s Next?

Man pointing to a document

Although 2017 is winding down, much of what happened over the past year has just gotten started. Next year, expect to see technology settle into the mainstream more than before. HR and recruiting professionals have gained a better understanding of how it works with, not just alongside the people who drive the industries. They also […]

Is Simple Texting the Next Big Thing in Recruiting Technology?

Is Simple Texting the Next Big Thing in Recruiting Technology?

You probably text every day, but have you ever sent text messages to a job candidate? Get ready, because you will. RELATED: What it Means to be a Recruiting Leader in 2018 Texting isn’t new, but it is new for recruiting technology. It’s how the up-and-coming generations prefer to communicate, especially with unsolicited messages or […]

4 Ways Top Recruiters Nail Their Brand as a Leader

4 Ways Top Recruiters Nail Their Brand as a Leader

Are you just a recruiter? Or are you someone other recruiters want to imitate? Chances are you fall somewhere in between. If you want to break out of the rut and transform your brand, you need to stop, re-evaluate and form a new plan. Otherwise, you’ll be on the same track in a year. RELATED: […]

What it Means to be a Recruiting Leader in 2018

What it Means to be a Recruiting Leader in 2018

Some people are natural-born leaders. They have a certain influential quality that makes others stop and pay attention. The best ones wear it lightly, too. People naturally want to do what they’re doing, read what they’re reading and hopefully enjoy some of the same successes. But what if you’re not one of the lucky ones […]

Can Better HR Technology Really Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line?

talent acquisition

HR professionals everywhere are hoping for (and hopefully planning for) a healthier budget in the coming year. Just think of what more funding could do. You could update the company hiring site, develop more brand-building strategies, and maybe offer a more attractive benefits package. That’s just the beginning. You could also invest in new HR […]

How to Convince the CFO You Need a Bigger HR Budget

Three people discussing the HR budget.

You can’t simply walk into a budget meeting with your hand out and hope to walk away from it happy. Preparation takes time. With the new budget season nearly upon us, hopefully, you’ve already begun. Unfortunately, asking for a bigger budget isn’t as simple as explaining why you need it. To capture the attention of […]

HR Budget Season is Coming: Get More or Get Left in the Dust

HR Budget Season is Coming: Get More or Get Left in the Dust

How do you view HR? Are you the department that fills open positions and ensures compliance with state and federal regulations? Or are you one of the critical driving forces behind the success of every team, every department and the company as a whole? Related: Can Better HR Technology Really Improve the Company’s Bottom Line? […]

6 Things HR Needs to Know About Generation Z

6 Things HR Needs to Know About Generation Z

It might be difficult to believe, but Millennials aren’t incoming freshmen anymore. Welcome, Generation Z. Born after 1995, they’re the youngest segment of the workforce and they’re not as similar to their predecessors as you might imagine. This is their first act and they’re ready for their close-up. RELATED: Employee Skills Shortage Could be a […]

October Jobs Report: The US Economy Added 261,000 Jobs

According to a recent report by the U.S. Department of Labor, the unemployment rate dropped to 4.1%, the lowest in 17 years. The economy also added 261,000 jobs. Job gains occurred in professional and business services, manufacturing, health care, and food services. Here are some of the highlights for the month of October. BROAD OVERVIEW […]

3 Ways HR Talent Management Can Shape the Future Workforce

How Predictive Data Helps You Stay Ahead of the Next Recession

You’re not the only one bemoaning the lack of qualified job candidates. It’s happening in every industry and keeps getting worse. But what would you give for one great idea that could shape the future for the better? RELATED: Employee Skills Shortage Could be a Bigger Problem in 2018 HR talent management professionals have an […]

Employee Skills Shortage Could be a Bigger Problem in 2018

Man pointing to a document

It’s no secret that great job candidates are few and far between these days. Employment is up, unemployment is down, and just like two days before prom, most people are already accounted for. But HR and many employers share another growing concern besides a thinning talent pool. There’s a skills shortage, they say, even among […]

What the Talent Acquisition Pipeline of the Future Might Look Like

With the rise of the gig economy and unemployment progressively lower, casting a line into the same pool of candidates can yield disappointing talent acquisition results. Diversifying where you source, how you retain and who you hire are becoming requirements for recruiters and human resources, especially as the market continues adding more new jobs. Younger […]

Develop a Mentoring Talent Strategy that Brings Seasoned Pros and New Stars Together

As more of the Baby Boomer generation moves toward retirement, carefully honed skill sets become an increasingly rare commodity for employers. Fresh, new job candidates enter the workforce every day, but what they have in enthusiasm, they lack in experience. There’s a skills gap that’s widening as more people retire, but a mentoring program might […]

Are You Overlooking a Job Candidate Goldmine?

If you look for talent acquisition gold in a tapped out stream, you’ll come up with a pan full of sand. But if you stake another claim upstream, you might find some bright, shiny prospects. There’s a gold mine of talented people just waiting to be discovered. Problem is, most of them are overlooked for all […]

Why Happy Employees are Your Best Talent Acquisition Tool

Why Happy Employees are Your Best Talent Acquisition Tool

About one-third of new employees quit before they reach their six-month anniversary. One-third of them knew they’d leave within the first week. On the flip side, TLNT Talent Management & HR says employees referred by someone already on board are more likely than anyone else to stay on the job long term. RELATED: A Competitor’s […]

These Talent Acquisition Metrics Get the C Suite’s Attention

These Talent Acquisition Metrics Get the C Suite's Attention

The C suite might not care about application completion rates, time to hire, and other metrics that make the human resources world go round. You use them. They belong in HR. But company executives might have a different idea about what matters most of all. RELATED: 3 Ways Big Data Can Improve Critical Hiring KPIs […]

Don’t Let Unhappy Employees Kill Your Brand

Don't Let Unhappy Employees Kill Your Brand

Do you know how satisfied and engaged your employees really are? People who stay with the same company longer than two or three years are becoming the exception, not the rule. And in such a competitive hiring climate, you can bet your competition has their sights set on your best and brightest. Happy employees are […]

A Competitor’s Loss is Your Talent Sourcing Gain

A Competitor's Loss is Your Talent Sourcing Gain

You probably take care of your employees, but not every company has the same philosophy. Some of them haven’t gotten the memo about this being a job seeker’s market and some have their priorities elsewhere. But for whatever the reason, a competitor’s loss is your talent sourcing gain if you think of it as an […]

What’s the Number One Emerging Hiring Metric for 2018?

What's the Number One Emerging Hiring Metric for 2018?

What’s the top emerging hiring key performance indicator for 2018? It’s a trick question. According to an array of talent industry professionals, the most important KPI is one that, when improved, has the most power to affect business in a positive way. RELATED: These Talent Acquisition Metrics Get the C Suite’s Attention For you, the […]

3 Ways Big Data Can Improve Critical Hiring KPIs

3 Ways Big Data Can Improve Critical Hiring KPIs

Technology lets you look out from today into a more productive tomorrow. It makes the work of HR professionals simpler and more effective, but that’s just the beginning. Using predictive analytics, information from decisions and actions in the past helps create a better result in the future. It’s all because of big data-that sometimes confusing, […]

5 Ways Recruiters Source Better with Fewer in the Candidate Pool

5 Ways Recruiters Source Better with Fewer in the Candidate Pool

The U.S. Department of Labor‘s July 2017 jobs report showed unemployment at a steady 4.3 percent. With over 200,000 new jobs created and nearly everyone who wants one already working, pickings are awfully slim. What’s in your talent acquisition bag of tricks when times are tough? With so few applicants on the market and more […]

Top 5 Hard-to-Fill Jobs for 2017 and How to Shift the Odds

5 Top Hard-to-Fill Jobs for 2017 and How to Shift the Odds

This year has seen rising employment numbers and an improving economy, both of which make a recruiter’s job more challenging than usual. It’s a job seeker’s market. In many ways, the current hiring climate favors almost everyone except the recruiter and employer. Passive candidates also have an edge. For jobs that are increasingly harder to […]

Talent Acquisition Can Learn a Lot From Good Old-Fashioned Values

Talent Acquisition Can Learn a Lot From Good Old-Fashioned Values

There’s no getting around it. If you don’t show candidates a little love, there’s no reason for them to pick up the phone or stick around long enough to be a viable lead. Talent acquisition needs a boost of good old-fashioned values. And that can work in your favor as well make candidates feel like […]

Can Hiring Tech Automation Make You a Better Human?

Can Hiring Tech Automation Make You a Better Human?

It’s not as ironic as it sounds at first blush. While some people believe certain technology interferes with the human connection and may even threaten jobs, technology can complement your work. It can also improve the all-important candidate experience. In a full employment economy, that’s a win-win situation. If that’s surprising, count yourself in good […]

Job Candidates Talk: How Talent Acquisition Skills Hurt or Help Your Brand

Job Candidates Talk: How Talent Acquisition Skills Hurt or Help Your Brand

Ready for an eye-opener? A whopping 74 percent of people who already have a job are open to something new and better. That’s according to the 2016 Jobvite Job Seeker Nation study. But there’s a caveat: the skills you have as a talent acquisition pro can make or break your chances of landing the candidates […]

4 Ways HR Drops the Ball on What Matters Most to Job Candidates

4 Ways HR Drops the Ball on What Matters Most to Job Candidates

Job candidates have always had their own set of pain points about the hiring process. In a full employment economy, wise is the HR department that listens; sorry is the team that doesn’t. Fortunately, for every way that human resources can drop the ball, there are remedies to prevent it or help you recover quickly. […]

5 Great Talent Acquisition Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters

5 Great Talent Acquisition Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters

Top hiring professionals don’t get there accidentally. The people who are at or near the top in the industry tend to have a similar set of habits and values that propel them forward ahead of the rest. The drive to succeed and improve affects almost everything that you do, but all comes down to one […]

Be the Recruitment Process Leader You’d Want to Follow

Be the Recruitment Process Leader You'd Want to Follow

There’s always another newsy blog post about which trends are shaking up the talent acquisition industry. Keeping up with them is an important part of an upward trajectory for your company and your own career. But if new technology isn’t built on a foundation of good habits, you could become a follower instead of the […]

Talent Acquisition Pros: Ask This, Not That

Talent Acquisition Pros

How old are you? What’s your marital status? Do you have any children? You probably wouldn’t be as bold as to ask those questions outright. However, framing them in a more palatable way doesn’t make them less likely to land you in hot water. RELATED: Be the Recruitment Process Leader You’d Want to Follow Some […]

7 Ways to Capture Job Candidate Attention When They Aren’t Looking

Talent Acquisition Job Candidate Attention

Time to hire is growing. Cost per hire is, too. According to SHRM, the average cost in 2016 was over $4,000. And although most people who want a job already have one, company loyalty is becoming a thing of the past. People jump ship, but another company’s loss could be your gain as long as […]

Why the Talent Acquisition Pipeline Matters More in a Full Employment Economy

Talent Acquisition Pipeline

With nearly everyone who wants a job already employed, talent acquisition has its work cut out. The candidates that you need aren’t looking, so you have to help them tune in. But are you looking in all the right places? And do you have a strategy for keeping great candidates engaged until you have something […]

Helping the Full Employment Economy Work in Favor of Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition Full Employment Economy

The More You Know About Candidates the More Power You Have to Win Them Where do the candidates you want to hire spend time? They’re not frequenting job boards, for certain, but they are online. Social media is one of the most obvious places to find them. Social offers tools that help you learn more […]

Seven Hiring Tips from HR Pros

hr pros

The modern recruiting process is much different from what it used to be. Today, all information about the candidates you’re interested is within reach. You just need to google their names. Still, the hiring manager faces too many challenges. The online world helps us to create the image we want others to see. This means […]

Key Attributes for Designing High-End Job Descriptions


  You will often come across articles online which provide advice for job seekers on how to maximize their chances of getting a good job by improving their resume. But, what most employers and companies neglect is the fact that they also need to do their part by creating a relevant and effective job description […]

Recruiters: Improve Your Email Writing With These 8 Tips


Anyone who works now must get to grips with email writing, and this is especially true for those in recruitment. A good email can make or break a potential hire, so it’s essential that you get it right. Here’s eight tips that will help you write the best email, every time. 1. Make good use […]

Want Seamless Hiring and Recruiting Strategies? Get on the Same Page

Recruiting strategies

You should be on the same team, but hiring managers and recruiters don’t always speak the same language. Miscommunication leads to slower processes, more unqualified applicants and fewer of those elusive great hires. It causes more than a few headaches, as well. RELATED: Need More Hours in a Day? Nip These Recruitment Process Time Wasters […]

Need More Hours in a Day? Nip Recruiting Process Time Wasters in the Bud

Overcoming Recruitment Challenges in 2018

How many of your ordinary talent acquisition tasks waste resources instead of contributing to great hires? Nip them in the bud, and you’ll gain more time to focus on what really works. Time wasters plague every industry. All that you need is a quick scan through Quora to find a list of recruiting pain points […]

5 Ways Data Driven Recruitment Strategies Deliver Quality Candidates


You want more efficient processes, less budget spend, quicker and better hires, and lower turnover. It might sound like a tall order, but data-driven recruitment delivers it right to your table. It’s all because of the keyword: data. Data is information that surrounds everything you, your team and the candidates you want to hire. It’s […]

Turning Job Site Platforms Into Candidate Experience Hubs

Job site platform

Job candidates can sometimes feel inconsequential to the sourcing and hiring process. They’re frustrated by the veil of mystery that surrounds employers. They’re over the inequity that stems from subjecting themselves to intense scrutiny by companies that may not even disclose their name, much less communicate with candidates after they apply. RELATED: Job Board Platform […]

What if a Good Job Site Platform Isn’t Good Enough?

Everything was going along swimmingly and then the job board market started to surge. New sites enter the pond now with increasing frequency. Competition for candidate and employer business is ramping up. Time was, a good job board that served the needs of both candidate and employer had its reputation set. Today, a good job […]

Job Board Platform Content That Transforms the Candidate Experience

Job board platform

The job hunt is in a near-continual state of flux. Old jobs become obsolete, new employers arrive to shake up the market and emerging technology flips the job search process on its ear. Candidates hardly know what to expect, but job boards can offer them an anchor in uncertain times through relevant, valuable content. Content […]

How to Make Your Hiring Process Shorter and Easier


Hiring cycles have the potential to be the stuff of nightmares, but only if you let them. If you play your cards right, you can find and hire a great candidate in about a week. Starting strong and acting fast will give you the advantage when you’re looking to fill a company seat. Get to […]

8 Top Strategies for Job Board Branding on Social Media


You probably know all about posting on social media. But using social and capitalizing on all of its opportunities for job board branding are very different things. Social media offers a depth and breadth of audience reach that’s not possible with any other marketing strategy, at least not without a multi-million-dollar budget. Want to become […]

4 Reasons Local Job Boards are the Way of the Future


Job boards have been transitioning into something a bit different in recent years. Huge job aggregators are losing ground, but local job boards appear to only be getting started. Hyper-relevance is the driving force behind up-and-coming job boards in the post-behemoth era. You might not have had the budget or staff to compete with enormous […]

No, Social Media Won’t Kill Your Job Board

automated email marketing Increases e-commerce revenue

“Facebook is a massive threat, as they can offer segmentation by job title. It’s only a matter of time.” That’s how one responder replied to a recent Job Board Doctor Recruiting Trends survey. But social doesn’t have to play Lex Luthor to your job board Superman. Social media keeps growing and maturing. Some job boards […]

Here’s Why You Need an Intern Recruitment Process


Interns bring with them fresh perspective and energy. And they’re in abundance. They give you the chance to try on an employee for size without committing to a working relationship. And they’re perfectly primed to hit the top of your recruitment funnel later. If you don’t have an active intern recruitment process in place, now […]

3 Social Recruiting Strategies that Reach College Students and Graduates

Job Level Distribution Campaigns Target the Right Job Seekers on the Right Sites

Social media lets you find and connect with the next generation. Interns are an investment in their future and yours. Recent graduates complement your company roster. And both of them use at least one social channel on a regular basis. Social recruiting strategies range from basic to sophisticated. Some recruiters post job ads and leave […]

College Graduates Bring Waves of Talent to the Recruiting Process

Overcoming Recruitment Challenges in 2018

Every year, millions of college students look for great internships and graduates brimming with potential trade in campus life for the next phase: a new career. This relatively untapped, youthful market offers lots of talent and enthusiasm. And you can capitalize on that with a targeted college-centric recruitment program. Some college-level recruitment strategies still work […]

Win the Talent Sourcing Hunger Games With Candidate Re-Engagement

Sourcing Talent

It’s a fiercely competitive landscape out there with talent acquisition pros vying for top candidates at every turn. Everyone needs an edge in order to survive, and a great one might be right under your nose. We’re talking about candidate re-engagement. Who fits into that category? It could be anyone you’ve worked with, hired, nearly […]

3 Reasons Your Recruitment Process Needs a Revolving Door

recruitment process

How many great candidates have passed through your recruiting process, never to be seen again? If you’re not re-engaging them, chances are you’re losing money and wasting valuable time. Talent acquisition is costly. So don’t shut the door when a candidate is passed over. Install a revolving door, and keep the pipeline filled with more […]

4 Best Talent Sourcing Tips for Current Employees

Talent Sourcing Current Employees

Why look outside the company for new hires when great talent is so close to home? Current employees already know the company. And you know them, as well. Those are two major steps in the usual recruitment process that you can file away as “done.” It’s not corporate cannibalism if you do it right. Moving […]

Oh, the Places Job Sites Can Go!

Job Sites Can Go

Where can your job board go? Anyplace you like! How do you know? The good doctor already told you so. Even serious businesses can learn a lot from the silliness of Dr. Seuss. Lessons such as courage, determination and taking a leap of faith don’t fade after primary school. If anything, they become more meaningful. […]

Middle of Funnel Talent Acquisition Engagement Tools

talent acquisition

The middle of the talent acquisition funnel offers so many possibilities, you might even call it the fun part of recruiting. But it’s also where many job candidates abandon the process. With the ever-growing cost of hire, you need as many oars in the recruiting waters as possible to help you and the candidates stay […]

What Talent Acquisition Learns From the Marketing Funnel

Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition nearly mirrors marketing and the sales journey. It’s taken a while for HR and recruiters to see the parallels, but now the funnel concept is quickly becoming the go-to model that hiring teams monitor, adapt, tweak and use for a stronger, healthier talent pipeline. People go through similar steps, whether making a decision […]

Why You Need a Top Funnel Recruiting Strategy

discovering top funnel recruiting strategies

​”Begin at the beginning,” Lewis Carroll famously wrote. That was important advice for the White Rabbit, and it’s sound advice for you. Great hires begin with great candidates at the top of the talent acquisition funnel—and top funnel recruiting isn’t just for acquiring as many people as possible. That’s where some recruiters get it wrong. […]

6 Team Building Lessons Managers Can Learn From This Popular Television Show

HR manager

Between the years, 1983-1987, there was a popular television show called the ”A Team.” Four Vietnam War veterans were charged with robbing the Bank of Hanoi during the War, and were tried, convicted, and sent to a military prison. They actually did rob the bank, but they do so under secret orders from their commander. […]

Marketing Package Hacks the Best Job Boards Use

Job Boards

Nail your marketing package, and you’ll crack the toughest nut: advertising revenue. It’s what makes the best job boards go ’round. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hands-on person who builds and markets the job board every step of the way or if you work with a partner who lightens the workload. And it doesn’t […]

4 Surefire Ways Job Sites Nail Reputation

Job Sites

You can manage reputation and brand awareness for job sites, or passively let it sort itself out. Most businesses have an online reputation, whether they have a say in the process or not. But management is active. It lets you help shape the way advertisers and job candidates view your job board instead of hoping […]

Talent Acquisition Metrics Trends to Watch in 2017

talent acquisition

“You can’t pick your data, but you must pick your metrics.” – Jeff Bladt, Harvard Business Review Be careful about getting so caught up in data that you lose sight of the talent acquisition goal: great hires. Data is what your metrics are made of; it’s not the metrics, themselves. The difference is comprehensive information […]

How to Transform Job Boards Into an Advertiser’s Dream

Job Boards

Without advertisers, job boards would be a lonely planet. So naturally, one of the first and top priorities for any job board owner is bringing in ad dollars. Even better, you want advertisers who come back for more and more business. But attracting the best advertisers takes more than one strategy. Marketing matters. But how […]

How Recruitment Strategies Can Defeat Hiring Bias

You can’t eliminate hiring bias, but you can disrupt its effect. And that matters to the up-and-coming generation of employees who expect an authentically diverse workplace. Diversity is critical to success for many businesses. That’s especially true if the company’s product or service is intended for a diverse population. If you want to speak to […]

RealMatch Saves Media Group Recruiting Time and Resources


What if job postings could return high-quality candidate results while eliminating an entire, challenging step of the hiring process? And what if it cost less and worked better than the process that you use now? Matomy Media Group found out that RealMatch / AppMatch does exactly that. It’s an efficient, affordable talent acquisition solution that’s […]