How Times Have Changed for Salespeople in Publishing

How Times Have Changed for Salespeople in Publishing

Clients have changed with the times, and so has the way that publishing sales professionals reach them. “Revenue and conversion rates are falling,” says Peter Houston at The Media Briefing. And with so many choices, clients are taking longer and much more complicated paths from the top of the sales funnel to the bottom. The […]

5 Digital Publishing Tips to Increase Revenue


With the digital world taking over practically everything, it’s important to keep up. Digital publishing is a large part of the magazine, newspaper, or book market. There is almost any kind of publication available in a digital format. That means that companies need to stay up to speed with the quickly advancing market by coming […]

What Publishers Can Learn from Harvard’s Digital Success

In 2010, the Harvard Business Review (HBR) was an academic journal full of unrelated long-form articles. Then editor-in-chief Adi Ignatius took over and transformed it into a multi-platform resource for almost 286,000 subscribers. That’s an increase of 21 percent since 2010. RELATED: 3 Offers to Help Boost Customer Acquisition So what’s the secret? Why are […]

Why are Publishers Warming Up to Facebook Instant Articles?


Why are publishers warming up to Facebook Instant Articles? The short answer is they’re generating revenue. Instant Articles is a way for businesses to speed up load times on mobile devices for the articles they post on Facebook. RELATED: Examining the News Habits of Facebook and Twitter Users Instant Articles load quickly because they’re hosted […]

3 Lesser Known Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic


Website traffic is essential to your company’s growth. The number of visitors flowing through your website each day determines your profits from advertising, the number of paid subscribers you can expect to see, and revenues from related products and event sales. But taking the right steps to grow your website traffic requires thinking beyond the […]

How Publishers Can Analyze Their Audience to Gain New Revenue


How in touch are you with the real expectations of your target audiences? Before you can cash in on a growing amount of web traffic, you have to understand why your website appeals to your target demographic and what you can do to enhance that appeal and generate more revenue. RELATED: How One Magazine’s Makeover […]

Thought Leader Series: 5 Tips to Help Increase Visitor Engagement


The mass majority of the world operates digitally. Business, banking, job searches, even food orders can be given online. A website is both a great convenience for visitors and a source of revenue for businesses. Now you have a website…so what’s next? Read on for some tips to help improve and increase visitor engagement on […]

4 Reasons Your Brand Should Be On Instagram


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words — and if that’s true, then a picture shared on a platform as powerful and popular as Instagram could be worth it’s weight in gold to businesses. If you’ve only thought of Instagram as a place to post and doctor the occasional photo, then you’re […]

RealMatch Partners with eQuest to Join Its Delivery Network

RealMatch Partners with eQuest

With the evolution of job site aggregators and niche job boards, employers are finding it difficult to put together programs that effectively target job candidates that meet their criteria. The eQuest network has been in place since 1994 to help recruiters to find the candidates they need without the hassle of recurring delivery fees. RealMatch […]

Member Engagement: Why a Big Budget isn’t Everything

Your Budget

In the world of business, including trade associations and professional associations, it may seem as though a large budget is the key to success. In fact, it makes sense, right? The more money your association has, the more marketing, advertising, outreach, and research it can do. While it’s certainly true that more money can mean […]

More Proof Webinars Drive Audience Participation

Nearly 40percent

Webinars, an increasingly popular format that associations are using to disperse information and knowledge, are more easily distributed than ever. A portmanteau of “web” and “seminar”, a webinar is an important tool when trying to attract and retain association members, and with a little planning, your association can use these tools to recruit new members […]

4 Tips for Combating Member Attrition

Combat Member Attrition

Attrition is bound to happen among associations and organizations. Everything from business influences to social and perception change can affect attrition. The key, however, is to know when to change or implement a strategy to combat attrition. During down cycles, what is your association or organization doing on its own to fight against a downward […]

How the New York Times is Using Reddit to Connect its Editors to Audiences

How the New York Times Uses Reddit

When it comes to numbers, most online media outlets are primarily concerned with subscriptions and web hits. When a story goes viral, it starts to send all kind of numbers back to the media outlet that shows just how far the story went. But the problem is that all of those numbers do not really […]

How To Define Your Target Audience

Target Audience

You likely know the term, “target audience”, but do you really know what it means? For many, a target audience is a group of people that is sought after for one reason or another. While this is true to an extent, a target audience is much more than that. If you’re defining your association’s or […]

Creating Experiences Is The Key To Audience Engagement

Creating Experiences

If you thought that engaging potential members for your professional or trade association simply meant sending out a newsletter, get ready for a rude awakening. In the ever-competitive world of member recruitment and retention, the latest trend is the experience. An experience can be defined as engagement that connects, as opposed to simple engagement such […]

Stop Postponing An Audience Development Strategy


When you think of marketing your trade association or professional organization, does the term “audience development” come to mind? If not, you may be missing out on plenty of potential new paying members. Audience development has always played a large part in the marketing process, but today, thanks to the Internet and social media, it’s […]

How to Use Facebook to Find Your Niche Audience

facebook like

Facebook is the undisputed king of social media (for now,) and this means that if you plan to target any potential new members with marketing materials through social networking, you’re going to have to rely on Facebook for at least part of the job. Thankfully, Facebook makes it relatively easy to seek out targeted users […]

Why the New York Times is Using Instagram for Audience Development

nytimes instagram

It’s likely that if you’ve spent any amount of time in 21st-Century America, or even in the 21st Century world, you know the New York Times and you know Instagram, but what you might not know is that Instagram has become a strategic tool in the New York Times’ marketing bag of tricks. As Instagram […]

5 Ways to Identify New Advertiser Prospects

how to identify new advertisers

The proactive online publisher is always looking for new advertisers and new forms of revenue that can help to grow their website. In order to find new advertisers, you need to be persistent and creative. It is not enough to simply identify a potential advertiser and then court them for their business. You need to […]

The Increasing Push for Audience Attention


Publishers are contending with new demands from advertisers, which is resulting in a shift in the key factors that drive ad rates and revenues from brands. Many advertisers are becoming disenchanted with page views and instead are looking to engagement as a better metric of whether their ads are being seen and acted on. As […]

Social Currency and Its Impact On Audience Development

social media currency

In the world of marketing, you’re likely to hear buzzwords often, and one that’s been floating around recently has been “social currency”; however, is this really a buzzword? Social currency essentially refers to the total value of all of your engagement on social media. For example, someone who has a million subscribers on YouTube is […]

Is Your Email Marketing Game Good Enough?


Email marketing is one of the most powerful, yet vastly underused, marketing tactics at the disposal of business owners, including those in the trade publication industry. Through the use of successful email marketing, trade publishers have the ability to reach potentially thousands of customers at once to announce new products and services, engagement opportunities, and […]

Can YouTube Help Your Trade Association with Audience Development?


Anyone who runs a website for any kind of professional or trade association is familiar with the concept of audience development. When you create new content for your site, you are attempting to gain more web traffic while enticing your current traffic to return to your site. More traffic allows you to increase website advertising […]

What Motivates Your Audience and Why It’s Vital to Find Out


When you rely on good content to generate revenue through advertising, then the idea of knowing your target audience becomes extremely important. The mistake many online publishers make is assuming that their website can be all things to all people and that there is an unlimited supply of web traffic available. The truth is that […]

3 Ways to Boost Audience Development in 2015


It is amazing how fast technology changes and how it affects so many parts of the corporate world. The tactics used for audience development in 2014 may work in 2015, but there have been some changes over the past 12 months that you need to take into account. As you put together your marketing plan […]

4 Audience Development Strategies for Your Healthcare Site


Your healthcare website offers valuable information that could help patients and medical professionals alike. The problem is that you cannot seem to bring in the kind of audience you need to generate revenue and expand your site services. Audience development for a healthcare website is not as difficult as it may seem. When you understand […]

Expert Interview with Joey Trebif on Building Your Online Job Site


Sometimes the biggest digital publishing lessons come from trial and error as Joey Trebif, creative director for CareerAlley, knows all too well. While trying to land on the right formula for his site’s online content, Joey says they tried accepting guest posts for a few years, but learned they caused more problems than they solved. […]

The Importance of Technology with Fundraising


When it comes to fundraising in today’s busy world, technology, and more specifically the Internet, is where it’s at. Organizations are turning to online resources in droves to raise funds and connect with members and consumers, and if your organization isn’t on the bandwagon, you might be missing out. Below are a few current trends […]

What You Can Learn from the Girl Scouts about Membership Acquisition


Although the Girl Scouts of the United States of America is considered by many to be an institution in this country, the organization has been facing a decline in membership in recent years. In fact, according to the Associated Press, the Girl Scouts of the United States of America has seen a total decline of […]

Understanding the Variables with Audience Development


A successful audience development strategy is essential to growing your publication’s reliable revenue streams from advertising and subscriber fees. But it’s often challenging for publishers or managers, whether at trade publications or online properties, to determine the best strategy to grow their audience. No single strategy will succeed in growing every publication’s readership. Instead, it’s […]

Should You Try User Generated Content?

content marketing

Love it or hate it, user-generated content continues to make the debate circuit. There’s a line of demarcation between professionally written content and the words of laypeople. You want your publication to be relatable, and that’s not always easy. By giving users the freedom to add their own opinions to your site, the line begins […]

Why Your Site’s Audience Development Doesn’t Rely On Your Budget


Your online publication may look great and have great content, but that does not mean that you are getting great traffic. The biggest misconception that many website owners have about audience development is that they need to start investing a lot of money into marketing their site to get the kind of traffic that they […]

The New York Times Makes a Move Toward Audience Development


What does it take for a newspaper that built its reputation on print to become successful in the digital age? That is a question that respected publications such as Time Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times have been asking for years. As more and more print publications shrivel and fall apart […]

The Growing Importance of the Audience Development Specialist


Where journalism and marketing converge, that’s the niche where you’ll find the audience development specialist. Staying on top of the latest trends is not a new idea, but it is one that’s challenging to get right. And that’s where this job shines.It seems that technology and trends change almost daily. What was exciting and new […]

Jeff Bezos Offers Free Gambling Lessons


Jeff Bezos is the CEO of and potentially one of the most polarizing figures in the corporate world today. Martin Sosnoff is a respected financial columnist for the Forbes website and Sosnoff has recently called Bezos “borderline psychotic.” When a respected financial observer from one of the most respected financial publications in the world […]

5 Ways to Tie a Healthcare Career Fair Into Your Website


Career fairs are great opportunities to attract new talent to your business or organization, but they can also be great opportunities to promote your products or services. Many organizations that hold career fairs use their websites to get the word out, but there are actually a number of ways to tie in your website before, […]

Why ‘Click Bait’ is Not the Answer for Your Online Publication


Every newspaper editor or publisher wants visitors to his or her website, but at what cost? While most publications provide only relevant online content through their websites, others use an unsavory tactic called “click baiting” in order to draw in readers. Click bait refers to the practice of presenting potential readers with catchy headlines that […]

Folio Webinar Review: Creating Bookazine Revenue Streams


In June, 2014, Folio presented a webinar featuring guest speaker, Rob Clements, senior account manager for Ingram Solutions. Clements has special insight on the topic of monetizing archived content, and understands how it can grow your audience and create a new revenue stream.This webinar, “Creating New Revenue Streams: Transform Bookazine Content with New Channels and […]

4 Things You Need to Know About Local Media Audience Development


Local Media Association’s annual Innovation Mission might be an exclusive event, one that only a handful of media executives participate in. But what they learned in 2014’s multi-city pilgrimage shows the state of media, where it’s heading, and how to steer in the right direction. LMA’s mission taps into the minds of leaders in the […]

How to Boost Audience Development for Your Healthcare Publication or Website

healthcare blog

Healthcare’s niche market makes it an ideal magazine or website opportunity. As with any publication, audience development is critical. Your audience determines brand loyalty, and it also drives ad revenue, which can greatly outweigh subscription revenue. Audience development skills are critical to any trade publication, and each industry has its own characteristics. You need to […]

How to Maximize the Potential of Your Healthcare Association’s Membership


Healthcare association leaders face a constant effort to build or maintain their membership base, by recruiting new members and retaining existing members. The Internet gives healthcare associations many ways to maximize the potential of membership and at the same time build the association’s earning power. Broadly speaking, this involves taking the time to determine what […]

6 Ways to Boost Audience Development for Your Healthcare Website

healthcare-website audience development

According to the Pew Research Internet project, nearly three-fourths of Internet users looked up health information online in the past year. Most people begin their online search for health information with a search engine, so if you operate a healthcare website, you need to compete effectively for search engine traffic to build your audience. Audience […]

Save the Date: NAB Small Market Television Exchange September 18 – 20


Are you a television broadcaster with an eye towards audience development? Are you looking for new ways to your grow your business? Then you should attend the NAB Small market Television Exchange (SMTE). What Is The SMTE? The SMTE is the only national meeting designed exclusively for small market group executives and station television broadcasters […]

Could PDF Replicas be the Audience Development Tool You’ve Been Looking For?

pdf replicas

Audience development is an important factor for all newspapers and magazines. Without a paying audience, how will you have the money to keep printing and stay in business? With the world moving towards technology, you need to keep up and PDF replicas could be the tool for you. What Are PDF Replicas? These are just […]

3 Reasons Why Trade Publications Should Follow Social Media’s Cues

social media

With a lot of online readers only being able to peruse 140 characters at a time, there have been two questions that have been asked repeatedly: Can trade publications survive? If not, should the trade magazine business adapt to the social media landscape? The answer to both questions is an unequivocal yes. A trade magazine […]

Is Broadcast Media Overlooking an Audience Development Opportunity?


There is an outstanding audience development opportunity that’s being overlooked by many broadcast television companies. The official websites of various television programs haven’t kept pace with the rest of digital media. SEE ALSO: User-Targeted Ads for Broadcast Television? They’re Here! Outranked Broadcast network sites like CBS.Com,, and have been losing Google Search Engine […]

Audience Development Through Social TV: it’s Just Getting Started

social TV

The Golden Age of social TV was just a couple of years ago. Since then, the concept seems to have waned. Some think that its best days are in the past. However, it’s still a viable means of audience development. SEE ALSO: Cross-Platform Ad Campaigns Integrate Social Media with Television Consolidation Social TV is enjoying […]

Will 2014 be the Year When Mobile Dominates for Good?

tablet mobile

More than one-quarter of internet access now comes through mobile devices rather than desktop or laptop computers. In decreasing order, Android phones, iPhones, iPads, Android tablets, and Blackberry devices are used for internet access on the go because of their convenience and ”untethered” quality. ”Mobile-only” internet users are growing in number as well. A 2012 […]

Expert Interview with Vinny La Barbera on Online Marketing Strategies


If you want to build an audience and grow traffic for your site, it’s important to establish credibility by offering complete and accurate information about whatever product or service you’re trying to sell. And this starts with basic details. Vinny La Barbera, founder and CEO of Internet marketing firm, says that one of the […]

Local Media Innovation Mission 2014: A Unique Cross-Country Experience

jobg9 summit

You’ve probably attended many conferences in the past, but you’ve never attended anything like the Local Media Association’s “Innovation Mission.” This is a study tour that gives attendees a chance to visit some of the hottest names in social media and Internet marketing. It’s your best chance to learn more about audience development! The Innovation […]

Science Drives Audience Development for Some of the Biggest Names in Publishing

data analytics

You might not think that “old school” media companies like The New York Times would take advantage a hi-tech concept like “big data.” In fact, they do. Some of the biggest names in traditional media are using data and analytics to perform some state-of-the-art number crunching. The results have been impressive. The companies are earning […]

4 Deadly Sins of Content Marketing

Content marketing

There is plenty of information about the things to do in content marketing, but there are still so many things that you shouldn’t do. It’s time to learn the four deadly sins, so you don’t make the same mistakes as many other businesses and marketers out there. Knowing the deadly sins to avoid will effectively […]

If Warren Buffett Needs Digital for Audience Development, So Should You


Warren Buffett received a lot of attention when he started buying up midsize and local newspapers a couple of years ago, averring, ”Papers delivering comprehensive and reliable information to tightly bound communities and having a sensible Internet strategy will remain viable for a long time.” However, the 2013 annual report from Buffett’s investment firm Berkshire […]

Audience Development Strategies for Humans and Search Engines


The content you create needs to be designed for the human readers. If that doesn’t happen, your audience development will become static. The annoying factor is that there is much more than just writing for your readers if you are going to make it online. The content also need to please the search engines. Here […]

Is Your Audience Approaching Tech Burnout?

Audience Development Technology

While technology has the goal of making things easier, it is actually causing too much confusion. Mindshare’s latest Culture Vulture study shows that 58% of people believe that technology has made the life more complicated, and your audience development could be struggling because of that. It’s time to take a step back from using technology […]

How the ‘Age of Impatience’ Could Shape Audience Development in the Future

online audience development

The demand for immediacy is greater than ever because so many people are connected 24/7 through broadband at home and work, and mobile devices. People don’t have time for unnecessary ”friction” between them and the content they want, and when they encounter friction, they’re ready to click the ”Back” button in an instant. Today’s businesses, […]

Are You Ready for Real-Time Marketing?

Real-Time Marketing

Are you managing on the front side, or the back side? Traditional marketing campaigns have more time, effort, and money dedicated to the preparation phase. Once it’s launched, you can breathe a lot easier. That might be changing. In fact, the change has already begun. Real time marketing isn’t about building and creating a package […]

Where Are the B2B Audience Development Dollars Going in 2014?

budget for audience development

Business-to-business audience development dollars are increasingly digital, with digital content and mobile access increasingly the focus of many B2B trade publications. Sixty-one percent of marketers devote more than one-quarter of their budget to digital audience development, and a minority of marketers now spend 75% or more of their marketing budget on digital and mobile content. […]

What San Quentin Prison Can Teach You about Audience Development

Newspaper Audience Development

The newspaper business has taken a pasting in the past decade, with print circulations and ad revenues tumbling as more people get their news online. However, those who have written the obituary for the newspaper industry have been shown to be premature on multiple occasions. The digital shift has seen more papers move some or […]

Broadcast Media Gives Newspapers a New Audience Development Tool

broadcast media

Because The Florida Times-Union wanted to make a few changes, Matt Pittman landed a job with little experience. That led to a few changes for the better and helped improve audience development for the paper. Since then, Matt has created MATTaboutJAX, which helps newspapers and magazines gain a new tool to improve their audience development. […]

Redefine Your Newspaper’s Role with New Audience Development Strategies

For newspapers struggling to survive in a declining industry, audience development has often been put on the back burner as just surviving becomes the focal point for many publishers. Online media irreparably changed journalism in how it’s distributed, consumed and marketed. As demographic swings and declining ad revenue continue to batter the industry, it becomes […]