Using Recruitment Advertising To Recruit And Retain Top Talent


Recruitment advertising is a proactive talent acquisition strategy to market your organization to potential job candidates and build a talent pipeline. The main idea is that you lay the groundwork to cull talent and develop connections, as well as promote your organization’s brand—even before you have an open position. Then, when you need to hire, […]

Going Ghost: How Recruiters Can Manage Candidate Ghosting


Recruiting is a lot like dating. You spend a portion of your time shopping candidates around, hoping that one of them suits you best. When you finally find that special someone, you want to do everything you can to keep them around. But, like dating, sometimes a candidate can drop off the face of the […]

Overcoming Recruitment Challenges in 2019


Change is pretty much the only constant in the world of recruiting these days. The applicant pools shift, the technology that shapes your hiring is upgraded or becomes obsolete, and the pace gets faster and faster to keep up with a digital-forward world. 2018 was no different. You likely experienced a variety of challenges: hiring […]

3 of the most common recruiting mistakes

3 of the most common recruiting mistakes

Attention recruiters: In today’s ultra-competitive job market, the pressure to stand out from the competition, attract new talent, and keep your pipelines rich with active and passive job seekers—both for open positions today and emerging positions tomorrow—is greater than ever before. In fact, the pressure to meet your recruiting team’s key performance metrics and ensure […]

5 ways CPC can improve KPIs 

With the CPC or “cost-per-click” model of job advertising common to most job boards today, more traffic will ultimately be more costly—but too little traffic will get you fewer applicants. It’s like the goldilocks principle of recruitment advertising: you don’t necessarily want too much traffic or too little: you want the right amount. But, really, […]

Closing Top Candidates with Multiple Offers

Closing candidates

As a recruiter or hiring manager, there is perhaps nothing more frustrating than extending what you think is a great offer to a top talent candidate, only to have them tell you that they are considering other offers. While you think that this might be a bargaining chip to get you to increase compensation or […]

Understanding the Risks and Rewards of AI Recruiting


While many tools available to recruiters are touted as AI, not all fit the bill. As a hiring or HR decision-maker, it’s essential that you understand the features, as well as the risks and rewards of any automated recruiting tools you choose to deploy. As with anything, you’ll need to maintain a certain amount of […]

August 2018 Jobs Report [Infographic]

August 2018 Jobs Report

According to the latest report from the US Labor Department, the US economy added 201,000 jobs, continuing nearly 8 years of job gains and exceeding economists’ expectations. Despite slow wage growth since the economic recovery in 2009, August saw the fastest year-on-year wage growth. August also marked the 95th consecutive month of employer’s hiring more […]

How To Convince Your CFO You Need A Bigger HR Budget [Checklist]

HR budget season for 2019 is right around the corner, and asking for a bigger budget is easier said than done. To get your company’s executives on board, you’ve got to illustrate why a bigger budget matters to them. To prepare to make your case, use this checklist (and share it with your team) to […]

3 Ways to Build Your Entry-Level Talent Pipeline [Infographic]

We get it, hiring can be hard. You reach out to top candidates regularly but still haven’t found that stand-out applicant with the fresh perspective that you’re looking for. Maybe it’s time to bring on some college students or recent graduates to help them cut their teeth in a new industry. Entry-level hires can breathe […]

Strategic Recruitment For Long-Term Success

Strategic hiring for long-term success

Savvy organizations know that to give their business the best chance to succeed, they must attract and hire the right talent at the right time. But if your recruiting process is limited to open positions on your careers site or a job board, you are failing to hire strategically, meaning that you are only looking […]

Three Ways to Maximize Recruiter Effectiveness

Three Ways to Maximize Recruiter Effectiveness

Your organization has dedicated internal recruiters, and yet they seem to be finding it difficult to find the right talent. Your company has outsourced its recruitment efforts to an RPO, but somehow, the partnership does not seem to be yielding the expected results. Are you in either of these situations? Then read on. 1. Develop […]

Artificial Intelligence: A Game-Changer for the Recruitment Process

Artificial intelligence game changer for recruitment processes

As AI recruiting continues to establish itself as a trajectory-changing force in the world of HR, the time has come for us to empower ourselves with knowledge. Between thought leaders, business practitioners, HR and hiring decision-makers, there is much to learn from the experience and the results from others, as they embrace automation and align […]

Programmatic Recruitment Advertising: What It Can Do (And What It Can’t)

Programmatic recruitment advertising

Have you ever wondered, what can programmatic recruitment do for me? Can it help you decide where to post your job ads? Can it filter out relevant candidates effectively? But can it engage passive candidates and urge them to apply? Programmatic recruitment advertising is capable of streamlining so many internal processes, is there anything it […]

How To Be More Proactive In Your Recruiting Solutions

Recruiting solutions

You have a looming deadline when a key player on your team decides to quit. Everybody on the team panics. You revisit that outdated job description, make a few changes and post it to every job board that you know. Then you sit and wait for that amazing candidate to apply. Sound familiar? This is […]

The Truth About Programmatic: Five Reasons You Need It

Woman looking at tablet managing her programmatic recruitment ads

Experts predict by 2020 over 80% of all recruitment advertising will be based on programmatic campaigns. Programmatic recruitment advertising is the process of automating the decision-making of where job ads are displayed as well as how much you need to bid to target specific audiences, demographics, and sites. It’s a recruiter’s best friend – saving […]

Challenges of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

discussing challenges of recruitment process outsourcing

Despite the availability of a huge pool of talent, why do so many companies still find it hard to find talent? A probable answer lies in the way companies manage their talent acquisition and recruiting activities. Back in the 80s and 90s, when companies began to see significant cost-savings by outsourcing their employee benefits and […]

February 2018 Jobs Report [Infographic]


More good news from the latest jobs report by the U.S. Department of Labor. In February, over 300,000 jobs were added. This is the most since July 2016 and the 89th consecutive month of job gains. The unemployment rate remained at 4.1% for the 17th straight month making the labor market fuller than ever. What […]

Understanding Challenges Around Filling Entry Level Positions


Despite being one of the biggest drivers of job creation, entry-level and hourly positions are getting increasingly more difficult to fill. With all the talk about executive recruiting, let’s not neglect the importance of having strong early-career talent as well. Entry-level employees are useful for reducing operating costs, developing more robust talent pipelines, increasing employee […]

January 2018 Jobs Report [Infographic]


The U.S. Department of Labor’s January 2018 jobs report showed signs of a strong economy-the unemployment rate remained at 4.1% and 200,000 new jobs were created, surpassing economists’ expectations by over 10%. The biggest gain was in average hourly wages, marking a 2.9% annualized gain-the best since 2009.s What does this latest report mean for […]

Better Talent Acquisition Campaign Strategies, Better ROI

talent acquisition

Whether the economy is boom or bust, every penny matters for recruiters and talent acquisition professionals on a budget. From time-to-hire to cost-per-hire, KPIs must be consistently met while sticking to the agreed-upon allowance. A recruiting budget is essential because companies must understand how much they are willing to spend per candidate and how to […]

How to Target Passive Candidates Using Automation

Targeting passive candidates using automation

When it comes to targeting passive candidates for critical roles, programmatic recruitment is helping more recruiters, talent managers, and HR leaders to work efficiently and effectively — freeing up more time to dedicate to strategy and leadership rather than day-to-day routine recruiting tasks. The age-old processes of sourcing, interviewing, vetting, and onboarding talent has become […]

Automation Will Transform Your Sourcing Strategies This Year

Three Ways to Maximize Recruiter Effectiveness

At its best, programmatic technology can free up recruiters’ time, uncover insights, and help them make better-informed hiring decisions that positively impact an organizations’ ROI. Instead of wasting time on the day-to-day tasks, recruiters’ can instead focus on brainstorming, engaging candidates, and planning the next “big thing” for their strategic sourcing. According to the latest […]

These Trends in Talent Acquisition Will Change Everything

How RPO Maximizes the Candidate Experience: Does Technology Help?

With so many trends in talent acquisition, how can you know which ones deserve your attention and which might waste your time? It’s easier than you think. New processes and technologies that make your life easier while getting better results with the least amount of budgetary waste should rise to the top. That’s what’s happening […]

How HR Can Master Quality of Hire in 2018

Talent acquisition

Who are your company’s top performers? Who do you wish that you could clone? And how did you get so lucky as to hire them? Was it sheer luck? Maybe, at least in part, but you can also analyze what’s behind great hires so you can get better and more consistent results. Quality of hire […]

December Jobs Report: 148,000 Jobs Added

December 2017 Jobs Report

According to a recent report by the U.S. Department of Labor, the unemployment rate remained at 4.1% for the third consecutive month. The economy also added 148,000 jobs, lower than the expected 190,000 jobs. Job gains occurred in health care, construction, and manufacturing. Here are some of the highlights for the month of December. BROAD […]

November Jobs Report: The Unemployment Rate Remained at 4.1%


According to a recent report by the U.S. Department of Labor, the unemployment remained at 4.1%, a 17-year low. The economy also added 228,000 jobs. Job gains occurred in professional and business services, manufacturing, and health care. Here are some of the highlights for the month of November. BROAD OVERVIEW Unemployment remained at 4.1% Wages […]

What is the Talent Pipeline, Really?

Talent acquisition

Once you have the basics of the funnel, you have a good idea of how it can help you make better hires. It will work, even if you don’t fully commit to it. Whenever there’s talent in the pipeline, you have a leg up on hiring. But imagine how much easier life would be if […]

8 Employee Engagement Stats That Will Reinvigorate Your Workforce

8 Employee Engagement Stats From 2017 to Motivate You in 2018

With employee engagement being such a buzzy phrase, you might expect widespread attention dedicated to strategic employee development and improvement. That’s not exactly what’s happening in HR talent management, but it really should be. Most businesses know that employee engagement matters. Most of them understand what aspects of their business are affected by engaged or […]

HR and Recruiting Year in Review: What’s Hot, What’s Next?

Man pointing to a document

Although 2017 is winding down, much of what happened over the past year has just gotten started. Next year, expect to see technology settle into the mainstream more than before. HR and recruiting professionals have gained a better understanding of how it works with, not just alongside the people who drive the industries. They also […]

October Jobs Report: The US Economy Added 261,000 Jobs

According to a recent report by the U.S. Department of Labor, the unemployment rate dropped to 4.1%, the lowest in 17 years. The economy also added 261,000 jobs. Job gains occurred in professional and business services, manufacturing, health care, and food services. Here are some of the highlights for the month of October. BROAD OVERVIEW […]

These Talent Acquisition Metrics Get the C Suite’s Attention

These Talent Acquisition Metrics Get the C Suite's Attention

The C suite might not care about application completion rates, time to hire, and other metrics that make the human resources world go round. You use them. They belong in HR. But company executives might have a different idea about what matters most of all. RELATED: 3 Ways Big Data Can Improve Critical Hiring KPIs […]

Don’t Let Unhappy Employees Kill Your Brand

Don't Let Unhappy Employees Kill Your Brand

Do you know how satisfied and engaged your employees really are? People who stay with the same company longer than two or three years are becoming the exception, not the rule. And in such a competitive hiring climate, you can bet your competition has their sights set on your best and brightest. Happy employees are […]

September 2017 Jobs Report


According to a recent report by the U.S. Department of Labor, the unemployment rate in September dipped to 4.2 percent. This is 0.2 percent lower than the unemployment rate in August and 0.1 percent lower than the unemployment rate in July. The number of jobs created fell by 33,000 after adding an average of 172,000 […]

August 2017 Jobs Report


According to a recent report by the U.S. Department of Labor, the unemployment rate in August, at 4.4 percent, saw little change from 4.3 percent in July. The number of jobs created fell from 209,000 in July to 156,000 in August. Employment increased in manufacturing, construction, professional and technical services, health care, and mining. Here […]

5 Ways Recruiters Source Better with Fewer in the Candidate Pool

5 Ways Recruiters Source Better with Fewer in the Candidate Pool

The U.S. Department of Labor‘s July 2017 jobs report showed unemployment at a steady 4.3 percent. With over 200,000 new jobs created and nearly everyone who wants one already working, pickings are awfully slim. What’s in your talent acquisition bag of tricks when times are tough? With so few applicants on the market and more […]

Top 5 Hard-to-Fill Jobs for 2017 and How to Shift the Odds

5 Top Hard-to-Fill Jobs for 2017 and How to Shift the Odds

This year has seen rising employment numbers and an improving economy, both of which make a recruiter’s job more challenging than usual. It’s a job seeker’s market. In many ways, the current hiring climate favors almost everyone except the recruiter and employer. Passive candidates also have an edge. For jobs that are increasingly harder to […]

Talent Acquisition Can Learn a Lot From Good Old-Fashioned Values

Talent Acquisition Can Learn a Lot From Good Old-Fashioned Values

There’s no getting around it. If you don’t show candidates a little love, there’s no reason for them to pick up the phone or stick around long enough to be a viable lead. Talent acquisition needs a boost of good old-fashioned values. And that can work in your favor as well make candidates feel like […]

Can Hiring Tech Automation Make You a Better Human?

Can Hiring Tech Automation Make You a Better Human?

It’s not as ironic as it sounds at first blush. While some people believe certain technology interferes with the human connection and may even threaten jobs, technology can complement your work. It can also improve the all-important candidate experience. In a full employment economy, that’s a win-win situation. If that’s surprising, count yourself in good […]

Job Candidates Talk: How Talent Acquisition Skills Hurt or Help Your Brand

Job Candidates Talk: How Talent Acquisition Skills Hurt or Help Your Brand

Ready for an eye-opener? A whopping 74 percent of people who already have a job are open to something new and better. That’s according to the 2016 Jobvite Job Seeker Nation study. But there’s a caveat: the skills you have as a talent acquisition pro can make or break your chances of landing the candidates […]

4 Ways HR Drops the Ball on What Matters Most to Job Candidates

4 Ways HR Drops the Ball on What Matters Most to Job Candidates

Job candidates have always had their own set of pain points about the hiring process. In a full employment economy, wise is the HR department that listens; sorry is the team that doesn’t. Fortunately, for every way that human resources can drop the ball, there are remedies to prevent it or help you recover quickly. […]

July 2017 Jobs Report

July 2017 Jobs Report

The month of July saw little change in employment and unemployment rates. According to the U.S. Bureau of Statistics, employment increased by 209,000 new jobs and the unemployment rate fell to 4.3 percent. Employment decreased by 220,000 new jobs in June and the unemployment rate hardly changed from 4.4 percent in June and 4.3 percent […]

June 2017 Jobs Report

June 2017 Jobs Report

The month of June has been interesting when it comes to employment. Job creation has increased 222,000 new jobs. The unemployment rate was little changed at 4.4 percent from the previous 4.3% in May. Unemployment has increased since there are more people entered the labor force. Employment has increased in fields of health care, social […]

Talent Acquisition Pros: Ask This, Not That

Talent Acquisition Pros

How old are you? What’s your marital status? Do you have any children? You probably wouldn’t be as bold as to ask those questions outright. However, framing them in a more palatable way doesn’t make them less likely to land you in hot water. RELATED: Be the Recruitment Process Leader You’d Want to Follow Some […]

7 Ways to Capture Job Candidate Attention When They Aren’t Looking

Talent Acquisition Job Candidate Attention

Time to hire is growing. Cost per hire is, too. According to SHRM, the average cost in 2016 was over $4,000. And although most people who want a job already have one, company loyalty is becoming a thing of the past. People jump ship, but another company’s loss could be your gain as long as […]

Why the Talent Acquisition Pipeline Matters More in a Full Employment Economy

Talent Acquisition Pipeline

With nearly everyone who wants a job already employed, talent acquisition has its work cut out. The candidates that you need aren’t looking, so you have to help them tune in. But are you looking in all the right places? And do you have a strategy for keeping great candidates engaged until you have something […]

Helping the Full Employment Economy Work in Favor of Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition Full Employment Economy

The More You Know About Candidates the More Power You Have to Win Them Where do the candidates you want to hire spend time? They’re not frequenting job boards, for certain, but they are online. Social media is one of the most obvious places to find them. Social offers tools that help you learn more […]

May 2017 Jobs Report


The month of May has been interesting when it comes to employment. Job creation has decreased to 138,000 positions from the expected 185,000. But the good news is unemployment has fallen to 4.3%, the lowest it has been in 16 years! Here are some of the highlights for the month of May. BROAD OVERVIEW Unemployment […]

Seven Hiring Tips from HR Pros

hr pros

The modern recruiting process is much different from what it used to be. Today, all information about the candidates you’re interested is within reach. You just need to google their names. Still, the hiring manager faces too many challenges. The online world helps us to create the image we want others to see. This means […]

Recruiters: Improve Your Email Writing With These 8 Tips


Anyone who works now must get to grips with email writing, and this is especially true for those in recruitment. A good email can make or break a potential hire, so it’s essential that you get it right. Here’s eight tips that will help you write the best email, every time. 1. Make good use […]

Want Seamless Hiring and Recruiting Strategies? Get on the Same Page

Recruiting strategies

You should be on the same team, but hiring managers and recruiters don’t always speak the same language. Miscommunication leads to slower processes, more unqualified applicants and fewer of those elusive great hires. It causes more than a few headaches, as well. RELATED: Need More Hours in a Day? Nip These Recruitment Process Time Wasters […]

5 Ways Data Driven Recruitment Strategies Deliver Quality Candidates


You want more efficient processes, less budget spend, quicker and better hires, and lower turnover. It might sound like a tall order, but data-driven recruitment delivers it right to your table. It’s all because of the keyword: data. Data is information that surrounds everything you, your team and the candidates you want to hire. It’s […]

March 2017 Jobs Report


The March Jobs Report shows some interesting results. The month of March saw a decrease in unemployment to 4.5%. This is the lowest unemployment rate since May 2007, which is great news. That being said, there are pros and cons to this last month’s results. Let’s take a look at some of most important takeaways […]

Everyone is Sourcing–It’s Time to Up Your Game

There’s a difference between sourcing candidates as a theory and truly sourcing the right candidates. It has little to do with catchphrases or platitudes, and everything to do with using the most effective tools available in human resources today. SEE ALSO Like too many things in the corporate world, creativity in sourcing has become one […]

How to Make Your Hiring Process Shorter and Easier


Hiring cycles have the potential to be the stuff of nightmares, but only if you let them. If you play your cards right, you can find and hire a great candidate in about a week. Starting strong and acting fast will give you the advantage when you’re looking to fill a company seat. Get to […]

Here’s Why You Need an Intern Recruitment Process


Interns bring with them fresh perspective and energy. And they’re in abundance. They give you the chance to try on an employee for size without committing to a working relationship. And they’re perfectly primed to hit the top of your recruitment funnel later. If you don’t have an active intern recruitment process in place, now […]

College Graduates Bring Waves of Talent to the Recruiting Process

Overcoming Recruitment Challenges in 2018

Every year, millions of college students look for great internships and graduates brimming with potential trade in campus life for the next phase: a new career. This relatively untapped, youthful market offers lots of talent and enthusiasm. And you can capitalize on that with a targeted college-centric recruitment program. Some college-level recruitment strategies still work […]

3 Reasons Your Recruitment Process Needs a Revolving Door

recruitment process

How many great candidates have passed through your recruiting process, never to be seen again? If you’re not re-engaging them, chances are you’re losing money and wasting valuable time. Talent acquisition is costly. So don’t shut the door when a candidate is passed over. Install a revolving door, and keep the pipeline filled with more […]

4 Best Talent Sourcing Tips for Current Employees

Talent Sourcing Current Employees

Why look outside the company for new hires when great talent is so close to home? Current employees already know the company. And you know them, as well. Those are two major steps in the usual recruitment process that you can file away as “done.” It’s not corporate cannibalism if you do it right. Moving […]

What Talent Acquisition Learns From the Marketing Funnel

Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition nearly mirrors marketing and the sales journey. It’s taken a while for HR and recruiters to see the parallels, but now the funnel concept is quickly becoming the go-to model that hiring teams monitor, adapt, tweak and use for a stronger, healthier talent pipeline. People go through similar steps, whether making a decision […]

Why You Need a Top Funnel Recruiting Strategy

discovering top funnel recruiting strategies

​”Begin at the beginning,” Lewis Carroll famously wrote. That was important advice for the White Rabbit, and it’s sound advice for you. Great hires begin with great candidates at the top of the talent acquisition funnel—and top funnel recruiting isn’t just for acquiring as many people as possible. That’s where some recruiters get it wrong. […]

Marketing Package Hacks the Best Job Boards Use

Job Boards

Nail your marketing package, and you’ll crack the toughest nut: advertising revenue. It’s what makes the best job boards go ’round. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hands-on person who builds and markets the job board every step of the way or if you work with a partner who lightens the workload. And it doesn’t […]

How Data-Driven Recruitment Advertising Became the Gold Standard

Recruitment Strategies

Data-driven or programmatic recruitment advertising started off as an industry disruptor. Now it’s settling into its groove as a go-to strategy for employers, recruiters, HR, job boards and publishers. It’s defining how each element of the talent acquisition industry does business together. And it’s fast becoming the new standard. Like most technology that shakes up […]

RealMatch Saves Media Group Recruiting Time and Resources


What if job postings could return high-quality candidate results while eliminating an entire, challenging step of the hiring process? And what if it cost less and worked better than the process that you use now? Matomy Media Group found out that RealMatch / AppMatch does exactly that. It’s an efficient, affordable talent acquisition solution that’s […]

Is Your Job Posting Optimized for Conversion?

Optimized Job Postings

The typical job posting follows a similar pattern. Title, description, requirements, and a yawn for good measure. Job ads have their own job to do, but they have more versatility than you might realize. If they aren’t optimized for multifaceted performance, they’ll miss the target more often than not. And the reasons might surprise you. […]

How Mobile Talent Acquisition Simplifies Recruiting

5 Ways Big Data Changes Talent Acquisition in 2018

Isn’t it great when something you use every day proves to be invaluable? There’s always some new technology in the talent acquisition industry. But few have the broad and apparently lasting impact of mobile. Mobile affects nearly every aspect of the industry, whether it’s candidate preference or recruiter convenience. And as Selina Kerley for The […]

5 Talent Acquisition Trends We’re Watching for in 2017

talent acquisition

“The corporate learning marketplace is ready for a revolution. Never before have I seen so much frustration, innovation, and change in the corporate L&D world.” – Josh Bersin, Principal at Bersin by Deloitte. Disruption is the name of the game for talent acquisition in 2017. That’s what Bersin by Deloitte says. It’s an exciting time […]

Job Boards: What’s So Special About Tuesdays?


As a job board, the best way to understand job seekers is to put yourself in their shoes. Think about this: in this age of big data and website analytical information, there has been a serious amount of science injected into the process of finding a job. If you are looking for an office job […]

Why Job Boards Need to Focus on Quality Applicants


Job ad posting is becoming a commodity. Borrell and Associates predict that by 2018, 72% of recruitment advertising revenues will come from services and only 28% from postings. This is up from a breakdown of 50% / 50% in 2014. Why is this shift happening? The main reason is the growing prevalence of big market […]

4 Ways A Mobile Career Site Increases Applicants


Want to reach the most job seekers of all? You’ve got to have a mobile career site. Offering the best experience on one device, particularly a desktop, and then merely making it accessible via mobile does you and your candidates a disservice. Switch that mindset, and you’ll find more people where they spend the most […]

The Difference Between Recruitment Strategies and Talent Acquisition (and Why it Matters)

Man pointing to a document

Recruitment strategies are the short view; talent acquisition takes the longer route. Although they’re sometimes used interchangeably, they’re not the same thing at all. The differences might seem subtle on the surface. But underneath, there’s a world of difference. If there’s a talent shortage, recruitment is usually only a quick fix. Think of it as […]

4 Recruiting Solutions Used By Cutting-Edge Recruiters


The rumble of the next generation in recruiting solutions was felt a few years ago, and it’s starting to take shape. Some theories wash themselves out, such as the rush to adapt a mobile app. Most people don’t download them at all, and the ones who do rarely use them. But some theories really stick. […]

3 Ways Social Distribution is Like GPS For Job Ads


Targeted social distribution takes the largest resource for job candidates and makes all of the background noise disappear. It’s like GPS for your job ads because it takes them to the right place in as few steps and with as little effort as possible. One of the most difficult jobs in online recruitment is reaching […]

3 Reasons Candidates Are Worth More Revenue Than Job Postings


Job posting is big business. And so were wagon wheels to your ancestors. But everyone needs a job, right? Revenue that’s based on finding those jobs has to be profitable in the long term. Unfortunately, that might not be true after all. Look at what’s happening with Monster. It was wildly profitable. And now its […]

Recruiters: Help Your Candidates Succeed in Their Interview


Think your job is over once you find great candidates and get them onto the interview track? Some recruiters might look at it that way. But better recruiters know that it benefits everyone concerned if they help their candidates succeed. It’s ultimately the candidate’s job to pull it together for the interview. But you have […]

Tim Walsh of Foundation Talent on Recruiting for Tech Companies


Tim Walsh specializes in digital marketing, sales, product, and professional services. In 2012 he co-founded ConnectedSearch, a boutique search firm in Boston and he spent eight years as the top-performing search consultant for a recruiting firm in Cambridge, filling more than 400 positions. Currently he’s a partner at The Foundation Talent, a recruiting firm specializing […]

Identity Theft is Not a Joke, What You and Your Job Seekers Need to Know


Just when you thought that your forward-thinking, digital-age application processes were top-notch, along comes the criminal element to shake things up. There’s at least one in every crowd, and in Australia, it’s becoming a serious issue. Identity theft can happen anywhere in the digital realm. But perhaps what makes digital job applications so vulnerable is […]

When Tenured Employees Go Bad (Millennials Look Like a Great Choice)


What if tenured employees have a worse work ethic than those darned Millennials that everyone talks about? It’s not universally true, but it’s an easy problem for a progressive company to find themselves in the middle of. Comfortable employees in a company with loads of freedom and benefits might take advantage of a good thing. […]

Millennials on Benefits: Forget Bagel Fridays, Just Pay My Student Loans

millennials on benefits

A tuition repayment perk could make hiring a lot easier and job offers a lot sweeter. And the strategy isn’t just for Millennials; workers of any age might have hefty student loan debt. Many older workers went back to school during the recession, and repayment assistance could make the decision to work for your company […]

If the Talent Pool Lacks Diversity, So Will the Workplace

If the Talent Pool Lacks Diversity, So Will the Workplace

If your candidate talent pool has only one woman, she might as well look elsewhere for a job. Regardless of bias training and other efforts to the contrary, her chance of being hired fits somewhere between slim and none. Harvard Business Review (HBR) says workplace diversity is directly related to diversity in the talent pool. […]

4 Priceless Talent Sourcing Takeaways From a Declined Offer Interview

4 Priceless Talent Sourcing Takeaways From a Declined Offer Interview

When talent sourcing, wouldn’t it be great to know what’s really on the mind of a candidate who turns down a job with your company? Some employers conduct employee interviews during onboarding and again when they eventually move on to a new job. But a declined offer interview could bring another part of the hiring […]

Pokémon GO and Talent Acquisition? It’s Happening

5 Ways Big Data Changes Talent Acquisition in 2018

The phenomenon that is Pokémon GO could be one of the biggest employer brand builders of the year. Take one part outrageously popular geocaching game and add one part candidate sourcing risk taker and you’ve got a recipe for catching more than just Pokémon. If you’re finding it hard to connect the dots between the […]

3 Ways Predictive Analytics Drives Candidate Quality

3 Ways Predictive Analytics Drives Candidate Quality

There may be thousands of fantastic candidates out there for a given job or maybe there are only two. It really doesn’t matter if there’s a feast or famine if you can’t find your way to the table.Predictive analytics helps build the roadmap that connects you with the right candidates at the right time. Predictive […]

Get the Most Out of Reference Checks in Your Recruiting Process

Get the Most Out of Reference Checks in Your Recruiting Process

The recruiting process is made up of many elements, but reference checks don’t always rank very high in importance. That’s a shame. They might be the last step in your current strategy, but that doesn’t mean they’re just a formality. Hiring managers, listen up: references are an untapped resource. You might only use them to […]

7 Recruitment Trends That Rule 2016

7 Recruitment Trends That Rule 2016

When it comes to exploring the significance of recruitment process in any organization then this aspect becomes more obvious that it is definitely considered as the backbone for every organization. However, there are many organizations working in the professional environment and still these workplaces do not give due respect or appropriate importance to this process. […]

Common Mistakes in Social Recruiting You Should Avoid

Common Mistakes in Social Recruiting

The number of employers using social recruiting has been steadily increasing over time, to the extent that it’s now believed around 90% of companies are using this recruiting strategy. But if you aren’t doing it correctly, you could be wasting time and money – and missing out on the top candidates who are out there […]

Should Employers Continue Drug Testing Employees?


Drug testing employees is routine for many employers. It’s likely been the policy for as long as senior leadership can remember. And so, every time a new hire joins the company, they’re sent off to pee in a cup and prove they’re drug-free. A recent survey of around 70,000 working people across the U.S. found […]

Is Neuroscience the Key to Better Hiring Practices?


Neuroscience is a fairly self-explanatory word – the science of how the brain works. And it’s an important factor in how we hire and whether we make good hiring decisions. It can explain why your practices are what they are. But it can’t transform them. Understanding how the brain handles different phases of sourcing and […]

Lacking Talent? Break out the Creative Recruiting Solutions


The race for attracting the best talent keeps heating up as more candidates have choices and employers face greater competition. To stay in the game, your recruiting solutions should include at least a couple of creative perks. Creativity doesn’t have to be Earth-shattering. Not like the New Zealand town that’s offering free homes and land […]

If Talent Acquisition is Important, Why Are There No College Programs?

5 Ways Big Data Changes Talent Acquisition in 2018

It’s a conundrum. Talent acquisition is arguably the most important role in any company. So why is there no such thing as a recruiter or talent acquisition degree program? There might be a college here or there that has developed a targeted program. But if so, it’s not widely available. ERE Media says that most […]

Top Recruiting Metrics You Have To Start Tracking Today


If you think recruiting is all about writing job descriptions, or screening and interviewing candidates, you had better think twice. A key part of every recruiter’s job is monitoring recruiting metrics to render the process faster and more effective. If your organization isn’t tracking these metrics, you might be missing out on many opportunities for […]

4 Tips for Using Snapchat for Social Recruiting

Common Mistakes in Social Recruiting

As if there weren’t enough social media options to think about, along comes the sleeper hit, Snapchat. It’s nothing like Facebook or even Twitter, and definitely not like the business-attire-only LinkedIn. Snapchat is all about bite-size storytelling that boosts your employer brand. Snapchat is informal, and that’s the whole point. With a younger candidate pool, […]

Marketing Trends Transforming Online Recruitment as You Know It


Recruitment is barely recognizable from just five years ago, so where will it be five years from now? Until just a few decades ago, the only way to post a job ad was through a print newspaper, magazine, or by tacking it up on a bulletin board. Then came widespread use of the Internet and […]

Make the Phone One of Your Best Talent Acquisition Strategies


Emails and texts are great talent acquisition strategies, but it’s time get back to basics and re-learn what makes a telephone conversation an amazing tool. If you’re phone shy, you might be cringing right now. But there’s no reason to be. Remember, it wasn’t long ago that phones were the primary way that recruiters did […]

How to Develop Your Twitter Recruiting Strategy


Recruiting Solutions in 140 characters or less? You bet! If you’re not a Twitter user, the whole concept might seem confusing. And you aren’t alone in that impression. It looks fast and furious, and it can be. In a matter of seconds, a tweet can be buried under 10 or 20 others. But if you […]

Improve Your Hiring Process With These 6 Steps


If your hiring process and recruiting methods haven’t changed in the past few years, you’re probably missing out on great hires. Even with all of the technological advances and research on the topic, some of the same outmoded practices still permeate sourcing and hiring. Old habits are hard to break, they say. Efficiency and a […]

The Pros and Cons of Having an Applicant Tracking System

applicant tracking system benefits and disadvantages

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) can be a boon to recruiters and HR managers who want to save time and work more efficiently. However, no technology is perfect. For all of the applicant tracking system benefits of using this type of software, there are bound to be a few downsides. For the most part, the ability […]

Are Your Jobs Compatible With the Mobile Job Search?


So you want to hire someone truly great. To capture the best candidates, no matter how large or small the position in question may be, you need to attract a large pool of professionals and provide them with all the information they need to make the right decision – which is, of course, sending an […]