3 Companies That Are Using AI Tools for Recruiting

AI tools

Looking at this year’s trends, it’s clear that AI tools in recruiting are still on the rise. As it stands, most of the world’s economic titans use AI tools for talent acquisition. Some studies showed that 99% of Fortune 500 companies use an ATS, with 55% of HR leaders in the U.S. using predictive algorithms […]

Next-Level Talent Acquisition: How AI Recruiting is Revolutionizing Hiring in 2023

Welcome to the future of talent acquisition! In a rapidly evolving job market, traditional hiring methods no longer cut it. To attract top-tier talent and gain a competitive edge, companies are turning to the game-changing power of AI recruiting. By harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence, talent acquisition professionals are revolutionizing the hiring process, transforming […]

Lessons Learned: A Reflection on Undergoing an AI Audit

AI Audit

Given the rapid adoption and uncertainty surrounding AI, it’s become increasingly necessary for employers to take control of their tech stack and monitor their use of automated employment decision tools (AEDTs). For many, this will take the form of a recruitment technology audit. But undergoing an audit can be a daunting experience for any organization, […]

How AI Sourcing Tools are Revolutionizing Recruitment Strategies


In a world where competition for top talent is fiercer than ever, it’s essential for those hiring to stay ahead of the curve. This is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) sourcing tools come in – empowering you to find the ideal candidates quickly and efficiently. In this blog, we will discuss how ground-breaking AI sourcing technologies […]

Tools and Tips for Sourcing Top Candidates in 2023

candidate sourcing

Candidate sourcing has changed over the past few years, in large part due to the pandemic and its ripple effects on employment. This means candidate sourcing tools must evolve to keep up with the changes. We’ve done the research to give a brief breakdown of some new candidate sourcing tools that will save you and […]

7 Ways to Hire Employees Fast

hire employees fast

There have been many challenges for businesses post-pandemic. One problem that has been a common struggle for companies, both large and small, is keeping, maintaining, and hiring employees. It is not an easy task to find a reliable, dedicated employee. Many people are looking for remote positions or a job that offers a complete benefits […]

Automated Recruiting: Will AI Replace Recruiters?

will ai replace recruiters

Artificial intelligence is quickly improving — and AI recruiting has become a popular strategy. This has led some recruiters to wonder if AI is destined to take their jobs. But is it really?  Well, the short answer is…no! Artificial intelligence is still a long way away from actually relieving human HR agents from their jobs. […]

The Top 5 AI Recruiting Trends for 2022 and Beyond

ai recruiting trends

The past few years have seen artificial intelligence (AI) dominating the recruiting industry. Revolutionary new products are constantly being developed and pushed out — everyone is competing for the top spot. This has resulted in constantly shifting products and AI trends.  The recruiting software of today and the way it’s being used are more flexible […]

How Structured Hiring Can Help Your Organization

structured hiring

Traditional, unstructured hiring is risky. While conversations with the candidate might flow more naturally, the results the method produces are shaky at best. Not knowing exactly what makes a perfect fit means a new hire that may not be fit for the role — and that can be trouble.  Bad hires are a costly expense, […]

8 Methods for Attracting (And Retaining) Top Talent

recruiters brainstorming ways to attract top talent

The recruiting landscape is tough right now. Employees are still leaving in droves, and uncertainty is rising in the HR community. Attracting and retaining new talent is more important now than ever before — but to get candidates you need to think outside the box. Thinking like a potential employee is the key to recruiting […]

How a Skills Taxonomy Can Guide Your Recruiting Efforts

Recruiters meeting to build a skills taxonomy for their organization

Traditionally speaking, when a recruiter is tasked with finding a new employee to fill a role, the role is defined by its title and responsibilities rather than in terms of the skills and abilities needed in the organization. While it’s easy to hire someone to fill a position, it may not be the most efficient […]

8 Ways AI Can Reduce Recruiter Workload

recruiter workload

Recruitment software and other hiring tools have one goal — to reduce recruiter workload. For the most part, these tools serve at most a small variety of functions. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) allows companies to organize and track a large number of candidates based on a variety of factors, but that’s all it can do. […]

How Effective is AI Resume Screening?

ai resume screening

The recruiting environment of today is fast-paced and hostile. Talent is harder to come by, and candidates are asking more of their employers than ever before. As the balance between worker and employer shifts, it’s important to make use of hiring tools to bridge the gap between your organizations and other talent seekers.  AI recruitment […]

6 Common Myths About AI Hiring Software

A person using an AI hiring software

AI recruitment software is seeing a steady uptick in usage going into 2022. Increasingly, employers are realizing the benefits of bolstering their HR teams with AI hiring software — but this success has brought about some persistent myths as well. Some fear that automation will cause recruiting to become obsolete, while others are worried about […]

Navigating the Talent Shortage: How AI Can Help

talent shortage

Following the lockdown of 2020, the labor pool in the U.S. has shrunk dramatically — and it’s only going to get smaller. It’s estimated that by 2030, the number of unfilled positions could rise to 85.2 million. A talent shortage of that magnitude would result in trillions of dollars of losses, crippling the world economy […]

Overcoming Recruitment Challenges With Talent Acquisition Software

talent acquisition software

Talent acquisition in the midst of lockdown was tough — and it hasn’t gotten much easier. Job seekers are everywhere, but that can make it hard to find the candidate your organization needs. Depending on the position, it could be difficult to find anyone in the market at all. Relying on old-school talent acquisition methods […]

3 Ways To Spend The Time Saved With Recruiting Automation

saving time with recruiting automation

Implementing recruitment software into any hiring plan can save a lot of time — and just as many resources. AI chatbots that can take over interactions with potential employees, job distribution software that can diversify your candidate pool, and other processes each save hours of work. With the tedious tasks shifted over to software, you’ll […]

How AI Is Changing The Future Of Recruitment Plans

recruitment plan

Artificial intelligence software (AI) is finding its way into HR departments across the world — and it’s only getting more popular. When you take a look at the benefits, it’s easy to see why businesses are putting AI software into their recruitment plan. Shifting just one or two tasks onto the shoulders of a machine […]

How AI Can Improve Your Franchise Recruiting Plan

franchise recruiting

When it comes to keeping your franchise running smoothly, you can’t overlook the importance of effective franchise recruiting. But you probably already know that franchise recruiting has unique challenges, all of which can vary depending on your industry. Luckily, modern technology exists that can help all franchises meet their recruiting goals: artificial intelligence (AI). Franchise […]

Delivering A Personalized Recruiting Experience With AI Chatbots

using an AI chatbot

We may be relying on technology more than ever before—but that doesn’t mean that the recruiting experience should be any less personal. In fact, you’ll find that the top candidates crave a personal recruiting experience, and that can make or break their decision to accept an offer or continue on in the process. That’s why […]

5 Creative Recruiting Strategies Built For the Future

creative recruiting strategies

You can’t predict the future of recruiting. But you can employ creative recruiting strategies that establish your organization as an enticing employer brand—for now, and the future. Keep reading for five top tactics and tips.  1: Emphasize The Employer Brand The first on our list of creative recruiting strategies is, broadly speaking, a mindset to […]

How AI Recruitment Software Can Increase Employee Retention

a happy African American woman smiling to camera

Getting new employees in the door is great—keeping them at your organization is even better. So though recruitment and retention are two different components of a company’s People team, they aren’t separate. In fact, recruitment and retention strategies go hand in hand.  Why Is A Strong Retention Strategy Important? If you’ve never had trouble filling […]

5 Best Practices To Reduce Time To Hire For Recruitment

an illustration of an interview

The longer a good employee stays? Great. The longer it takes to find a good employee? Not so great. There’s a reason you put a job listing up, and it’s because your company has a need. This often means a function has been deprioritized or other employees are stretched too thin to compensate until the […]

5 Warning Signs that Signal Your Hiring Process Needs an AI Upgrade


With the abundance of AI tech available for HR, it’s no surprise that some of the software options out there seem like empty hype. But with an increased use of AI recruiting platforms across the industry and a trend toward automated processes that takes time-consuming busywork off the shoulders of talent acquisition professionals, it may […]

How AI Continues to Drive Recruiting Tech…Even Now


The world of work is at a real inflection point, resulting from a variety of unavoidable forces—everything from a global pandemic that has disrupted every facet of society to a mass economic downturn that has dragged international business across industries to a near standstill are driving companies to imagine a next-level evolution in an effort […]

How AI Recruiting Impacts the Biggest Talent Trends Of 2020

1_How AI Recruiting Impacts The Biggest Talent Trends Of 2020

One thing you can count on in recruiting is that it will keep on evolving—and also keep on generating data, while requiring more and more data as it moves forward. LinkedIn recently published the results of its Global Talent Trends survey. In it, they explore the trends shaping recruiting for 2020. For any organization to […]

4 Ways To Build A Better HR Tech Stack


With an excess of available technology and its rapid rise in the last decade, it can be daunting for the HR team to determine what they actually need. What will be most effective, and what tech will work best together? There is technology available to assist you at any point in the hiring process, from […]

How to balance AI with decision-making in HR


Some artificial intelligence (AI) tech companies would have you believe that you no longer need to make any decision after purchasing their product—let the AI run and figure everything out for you; take the decision out of decision-making and out of human hands. That doesn’t sit well with most people; after all, the sum total […]

3 HR Trends On The Horizon That Will Transform The Industry


As an HR professional, you’re undoubtedly aware that your ability to consistently hit your target performance goals and be successful is tied to a number of key variables—and chief among them is your ability to stay on top of the latest and greatest trends in the job market. Sure, not every new trend is going […]

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Post Jobs Manually


In your role as a talent manager, your goal is likely to hire high-quality talent ideal for your open positions as quickly and efficiently as possible. The key to this task is to conserve your time and spending, which is hard to do when you want to reach the perfect candidates at their preferred spaces […]

The Pros of Using AI in the Recruiting Process


It’s no secret that we’re big believers in the power of AI when it comes to recruiting and hiring the best talent. If you have amazing, organization-changing powers at your disposal, why not use them to make your hiring decisions and processes smarter, better, and more efficient for all involved? Your resources are precious, and […]

Use These AI Recruitment Tools To Find Top Talent


As HR goes more digital, the buzzwords seem to be piling up. Metrics! Analytics! Machine learning! But when it comes to implementing these new digital tools to make your own work better and more efficient, it’s important to know just how the new wave of artificial intelligence (AI) can work to help you improve your […]

The Healthcare Recruiter’s Guide to AI Recruitment

the healthcare recruiters guide to AI recruitment

One of the biggest challenges facing healthcare today is widespread talent gaps and shortages. A study conducted by the Association of American Medical Colleges’ Center for Workforce Studies has cited that there will be 45,000 fewer primary care physicians and 46,000 fewer surgeons and medical specialists in the next decade. This means that healthcare organizations […]

Understanding the Risks and Rewards of AI Recruiting


While many tools available to recruiters are touted as AI, not all fit the bill. As a hiring or HR decision-maker, it’s essential that you understand the features, as well as the risks and rewards of any automated recruiting tools you choose to deploy. As with anything, you’ll need to maintain a certain amount of […]

6 Things You Need To Know About Recruiting With AI [Fast Facts]


The number of impressive things Artificial Intelligence (AI) can do today is anything but short. AI helps us get to our destinations faster, predicts the weather better, recommends songs we may like, and can outsmart humans at Jeopardy. But did you know AI can also enhance your recruitment and talent acquisition strategies? In fact, 80% […]

What Is AI For Recruiting?


Technology is advancing faster than you could have ever imagined. The only option in this fast-paced world is to stay on top of the tech that’s trending in your sphere. So what’s trending in HR? Right now the answer to that question is artificial intelligence (AI). But what is AI for recruiting and how does […]