Maintaining Your Employer Reputation

Maintaining your employer reputation

For business leaders, hiring managers, and recruiters there is an acute awareness that a positive corporate reputation, both on and offline, are part and parcel of accessing new clients, receiving funding opportunities, and conducting business in an increasingly interconnected world. Most of us care about our corporate reputations when it comes to our customers, but […]

Programmatic Automation and the Evolving Recruitment Market

Programmatic automation and the evolving recruitment market

Consider for a moment how many ads for various products and services you see on a daily basis. From billboards to TV commercials and even social media ads, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the messages you are exposed to until you are more likely to tune out than tune in. The same holds […]

3 Ways Your Talent Pipeline Maximizes the Recruiting Budget


A healthy talent pipeline makes nearly every talent sourcing process easier to manage. It eliminates one of the most inefficient processes known to HR and recruiters, which is starting from scratch each time there’s a job opening. The average new-hire costs organizations $4,129 — and that’s before the new employees’ first payroll is even processed! […]

January Jobs Report: Wages Up, Unemployment Down


The January jobs report is starting the year off right with an increase in hourly wages and unemployment at an 8 year low. As President Obama said, “Americans are working.” This is great news for the economy, but it means that employers might find it more difficult to recruit the best of the best. Job […]

How Recruiting is Changing in 2016 and Beyond


The recruitment industry and associated in-house human resources equivalents are always changing, and as 2016 arrives, evolution is sure to take place. The Internet has changed so much about the recruitment process, so whether you work for an outside company that specializes solely in recruiting or you’re a human resources professional tasked with finding the […]

Why the Online Recruiting Marketplace is Surging


Not too long ago, companies used online recruiting as a sort of way to reinforce the results they were getting with print advertising and other standard recruiting practices that had been used for decades. But all of that is changing and the online recruiting marketplace is surging to a position of dominance. According to, […]

5 Trends and Challenges Ahead for Recruiters in 2016


As 2015 starts coming to a close, recruiters and candidates are analyzing the trends that they can expect to see in 2016. Recruiters always want to be ahead of the curve when it comes to matching the right candidate with the right opportunity, and candidates are always interested to see whether or not they are […]

Why Job Candidates are Attracted to Companies with a Mission


When looking for a career position, what would you place as most important? Salary? Title? Growth potential? Obviously, all of these things are important, but these days, job candidates are seeking out companies that not only have mission statements, but also companies that live out their mission statements. It’s easy enough to make up a […]

Holiday Season Staffing Set to Soar


As with each year, 2015’s holiday season is expected to bring in an influx of seasonal workers, meaning human resources departments across the globe are in for a mighty task. Even if workers are not expected to be brought on permanently, the surge in part-time and seasonal workers through the holidays can make day-to-day operations […]

How Niche Job Boards Can Help Veterans


An article published by the San Diego Union-Tribune tells the story of how a veteran’s job board called Hire Patriots helped to find enough work for a veteran that allowed that veteran to pay off his bills and start his own company. What is it about niche job boards that help veterans to find work […]

New Jobs Report Shows Tightening Labor Market


Many job seekers can rest assured about this year’s national employment picture following its impressive 2014 turnaround. Some of the numbers are nicer than others, but certain job sectors in particular offer good prospects for qualified candidates. Let’s take a closer look at this tightening of the labor market — and what it might mean […]

Uncover What Your Job Board Could Be With RealMatch [INFOGRAPHIC]

A RealMatch Thanksgiving

There are all kinds of reasons why many publishers are choosing RealMatch as their recruitment advertising platform. In this infographic, we explore some of the key differences between RealMatch and some of our competitors. Uncover what your job board could be with RealMatch and see what those purple guys aren’t delivering: 1 of a kind: […]

Examining the Part-Time Employment Picture

Job board

Part-time work, or hourly work, has often been considered to be within the realm of younger workers who are just starting out. As the past six years have proven, however, part-time work is no longer considered to be just for newcomers to the job market. The fact is, many companies are now choosing to either […]

The New York Times Launches New Recruitment Advertising Platform

The New York Times

The New York Times recently announced the launch of T Jobs, its new talent acquisition platform (aka job board) on ”We’re doubling down on our recruitment offerings by investing in this new white-label solution” said Andy Wright, Senior Vice President, Advertising, The New York Times referring to RealMatch’s technology platform. Job Matching Technology T […]

What is Job Wrapping? A Closer Look

What is Job Wrapping

The Internet is causing a lot of job hunters to look for options in filling their career needs. Since the recruiters go where the job hunters are, it is always in the best interest of your job board to determine exactly what services will attract job hunters. Up until recently, aggregate software had been a […]

3 Ways to Draw More Female Applicants

3 Ways to Attract More Female Applicants

According to U.S. News and World Report, the percentage of women in the workplace has gone from 27 percent in 1979, up to 41 percent in 2014. A jump of 14 percent in less than 40 years means that employers can expect more women to be looking for jobs in the coming years and that […]

Is a Membership Package Right for Your Job Board?


As the online job board industry gets more competitive, job board owners are constantly looking for new ways to generate revenue. One of the ways that many board owners have been able to generate more income is by focusing on a niche industry that does not get a lot of comprehensive coverage from the general […]

Understanding the Mind of a Job Seeker


There are many reasons people seek work, but the common denominator is the need to earn money. Making the problem even worse is that job seekers need to carefully spend money in order to maintain their competitive edge and land the job they’re after. By understanding the hard decisions job seekers face, job board owners […]

Jobs Recovery Regains Head of Steam


When the Great Recession hit in 2007, people started losing their jobs all over the country and panic was starting to set in. The unemployment rate spiked to over 10 percent and people who had been living in nice homes were suddenly forced to live in their cars. When an economic event hits that hard, […]

Your Job Board is a Source of News Too


To attract the maximum audience for your job board, it’s important to keep the very basics of website attraction in mind. For example, many job board owners do not realize that their websites are expected to be sources of news as well as job listings. When you offer the complete range of information and services […]

5 Job Board Trends in 2015

5 job board trends of 2015

If you own an Internet job board, then your business’ survival depends on your ability to stay up with the most important trends and industry changes. With the release of the 2015 Job Board Survey done by IAEWS and, there is plenty of information to indicate where the job board world is heading and […]

5 Tips for Writing Effective Job Descriptions


For a long time now, employers have been under the false impression that their job descriptions should be worded to prevent unqualified people from applying for the position. But according to Business News Daily, a good job ad should be written to attract the perfect candidates. All you are doing when you are trying to […]

No Niche is Too Small When it Comes to Niche Job Boards

Niche job board

In the heyday of print magazines, it seemed like there was a magazine for every interest and hobby. The rush of new magazines came in response to the growing market for niche material that the public was looking for. Marketing a job board to a niche is the same concept as those specialty magazines, with […]

Is Your Job Board Mobile Friendly?


Although job board sites have been around for over a decade now, too few of them are taking advantage of the mobile revolution. This is to say that many job board sites look great and function perfectly on desktop and laptop computers, but they don’t fare as well when it comes to smartphones and tablets. […]

How to Craft an Awesome Job Ad


Business professionals are busy people, but they all have to take the time out of their busy days to write job ads to bring in more help. The problem is that busy people do not have the time to craft the perfect ad that will bring in hundreds of qualified responses. Luckily, there are a […]

New Job Board Survey Shows Reasons for Optimism and Concern


When a topic of interest gathers a lot of attention, it tends to be extremely dynamic. People need to work and that makes job boards and job hunting two very dynamic topics. If there is a way to innovate job hunting, then job board owners will find it and job hunters will use it. A […]

Are Fake Job Ads on Your Site?


When you run a job board, you want to be sure that all of your postings have value for the job hunters who utilize your website. But it may shock you to realize that your job board has fake job ads and that is hurting your website’s reputation. The problem is that finding and dealing […]

How to Handle Market Share Threats to Your Job Board

market threats to job board

Running a job board site means keeping up with the competition, but these days, it’s not just other job board sites that you have to contend with. As the Internet has continued to evolve and expand, a variety of threats have sprouted up for job board site operators, including data aggregators, search engines, and social […]

3 Ways Your Job Board Can Counter LinkedIn

linkedin job board

LinkedIn is undoubtedly one of the most popular professional social networking sites on the web, and many people use it daily to promote their skills and seek out career advancement possibilities. In some cases, individuals who run job site boards have found LinkedIn to be a threat, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, […]

Job Aggregation – Is It The Future of Your Job Board?


Job hunters and potential employers are utilizing the Internet to a greater degree than ever before and that creates opportunities for your job board. If more job hunters are using the Internet to find work, then it would stand to reason that your job board should be extremely busy. But there is actually an over-saturation […]

5 Types of Content to Increase Traffic to Your Job Board


The primary task of any website owner is to find ways to drive more traffic to their site and generate more revenue. The tricky part is making sure that your content is relevant to your website’s theme or else Google may disregard your content and your website. But if you do some thinking outside of […]

3 Ways to Better Your Job Board in 2015


2015 has arrived, and with it comes new opportunities to grow your job board site, its user base, and its revenue. In fact, the start of a new year is the perfect time to get a strategy in place to further your success over the next 12 months. Whether you plan to add onto your […]

3 Common Traits the Best Job Search Engines Share

job boards search engine

Running a job board in today’s ever-competitive digital world means paying attention to what successful job boards and job search sites are doing. Failing to keep up with changes and improvements could spell certain death for your own job board as employers, recruiters, advertisers, and job seekers will be more likely to go to your […]

Tech Hiring Trends: A Triple Play of Mobile, Big Data, and Network Security


As technology changes the way people do business, it also changes the way businesses hire people. Robert Half Technology’s annual report on tech hiring trends places the spotlight firmly on big data, mobile, and network security technology as the biggest drivers for 2015. Let’s take a closer look at how and why these trends have […]

4 Ways to Make Your Job Board More Efficient


Operating a niche job board in today’s market is demanding – both in terms of time and resources. From overseeing the technical aspects of hosting and managing your site to interfacing with companies posting jobs and candidates seeking work, there are multiple elements that go into the process. As a result, job site owners need […]

What to Take Away from the Most Popular Employment Sites


Operating a niche job board, even in a field such as healthcare that’s growing exponentially, requires great relationships and marketing in order to thrive. How can you attract the attention of the right companies so that you’re known as the go-to spot for doctors, nurses, techs, and administrators looking for their next position? Conversely, what […]

Job Aggregation: Is It The Future of Your Job Board?


Operating a job board today is much different than the old method of providing classified ads in a newspaper. The digital landscape offers opportunities for job boards and candidates like never before, and one of the most significant possibilities available online for job board owners now is job aggregation. Essentially, job aggregation is the process […]

How Widgets Can Boost Your Job Board


Want a wee widget to help your job board shine? Widgets are little applications that perform a simple function. They usually take up very little space, but they make your web site far more functional, both for you and for your users.Why Widgets?Many web sites are complex, but few can compare to the data that […]

How Negative Feedback Can Help Your Job Board

negative-feedback can help improve job board

You probably don’t want to hear about what’s wrong with the job board that you’ve developed. However, you need to hear it.Your Awesome Job BoardPerhaps you’ve defied the odds. Your family tried to talk you out of it. Your friends laughed at you. But you knew you could do it, and so you moved forward […]

Expert Interview with Chandra Turner on Recruiting Millennials


College grads are entering a new and uncertain job market. Even in publishing, they’re not sure where to start, so Chandra Turner’s made it her job to show them how to work in the publishing industry at Ed2010. She took a moment to talk with us about how the recent graduate finds a job.Tell us […]

RealMatch Ranked in Top 25% of Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies

RealMatch Ranks Inc.5000

There’s a familiar face on the Inc. 5000 list for 2014. RealMatch has been recognized as one of the fastest growing privately held American companies, and that brings both its business model and performance-based recruitment solutions into the spotlight. RealMatch wasn’t just honored, but also ranked prominently in the top 25 percent. This ranking represents […]

Responsive Design Can Set Your Job Board Apart

responsive website

Mobile usage reached a landmark milestone in 2014: internet access via smartphone and tablet surpassed PC access for the very first time in history. And this is just the beginning of the mobile era. More than half of American adults own smartphones, and that number is expected to continue to rise. These statistics clearly suggest […]

5 Things Doctors Look for in a Job Board


Few job searchers have an excess of time on their hands, but physicians may be even more discerning than most when it comes to choosing a job board. Certainly, not all job boards are created equally. Here are five things physicians look for when choosing a job board. SEE ALSO: What Resonates with Healthcare Job […]

Create a Job Board that Keeps Recruiters Happy


It seems as though job seekers are the primary market for your job board. However, recruiters are the people who will use it over and over again.Think about it: Once a candidate has been placed, it’s not likely that he or she will be looking for a job for a long time. However, recruiters will […]

How Creative Should Healthcare Recruitment Ads Be?

creative ads

A generation ago, hospitals could count on filling healthcare staffing positions through classified ads in local papers. While newspaper classified ads are still used, healthcare facilities and recruiters in the healthcare industry now employ other techniques as well, such as open houses, job fairs, incentive programs, and online job boards. Every other sector uses these […]

Webinar Review: Peter Weddle of IAEWS on Career Center Management

best practices in career center management webinar

  A recent webinar, entitled “Best Practices in Career Center Management,” highlighted the various means that career center professionals can use to promote their businesses and keep their clients happy.The webinar was presented by Peter Weddle, who is the executive director of the International Association of Employment Web Sites (IAEWS). He’s also the CEO of […]

Expert Interview with Edoardo Bounous on Managing a Job Site

how to run a job site

For employers hoping to find the most qualified candidates, it all starts with writing a job ad that offers a clear picture of both the job – including responsibilities and type of contract – and the company, says Edoardo Bounous, CEO for Jobrapido, a job board that aggregates job listings by location. “For jobseekers, it […]

The Many Niches of Healthcare Blogs

healthcare blogs

Healthcare is an enormous industry, with many facets. And you don’t have to go very far to find extremely specialized healthcare blogs. Why has healthcare created so many niche healthcare blogs, and does that reflect on other industries and their blog opportunities? Natural NichesHealthcare blogging is interesting because, in a sense, the audience comes already […]

Expert Interview with Marcos Lujan on Job Board Innovations

job board innovation

The task of searching and applying for a new job is stressful enough without adding the complication of trawling endless websites and job boards. So when Marcos Lujan and his two business partners began building Jobmanji at the end of 2012, their goal was to create a job site that was easy to use, offered […]

What the Best Healthcare Job Boards Have in Common

healthcare job board

Healthcare is an industry that’s expanding rapidly and is just going to become bigger as time goes on. And that means hospitals and medical facilities will be fighting harder and harder for the best possible candidates, posting on every job board they can find. But what defines the best healthcare job boards? We analyzed 25 […]

Job Board Doctor, Jeff Dickey-Chasins, Talks About Industry Trends

recruitment job board technology

Recently, we hosted a webinar given by job board consultant Jeff Dickey-Chasis, of The webinar looks at job board industry trends identified by an annual survey of over 197 job board companies worldwide. This informative webinar reveals several highly useful insights about both the present state of job boards and job board technology, as […]

4 Content Marketing Trends Job Board Managers Should Know About

content marketing

As a job board manager, you should know about the effectiveness of content marketing. This is not to say that the focus of your board will be on content marketing. You still need job listings as your “go to” strategy for revenue generation. However, content marketing should supplement that strategy. If you haven’t yet heard […]

The Flaws with LinkedIn’s Job Matching, and How Its Recent Acquisition Might Help


This past February, LinkedIn acquired Bright, a job matching service, for $120 million. This left some people wondering: Why? What Was The Incentive? What was it that Bright had to offer LinkedIn? How did the online networking site stand to benefit from the purchase of a much smaller job matching service? LinkedIn, while used by […]

Expert Interview with Scott Garner About Online Recruiting

online recruiting

It’s getting harder and harder for companies to get attention for, well, anything, even something that people want to hear about. That’s why we took a moment to speak with Scott Garner of ZipRecruiter. When it comes to drawing eyeballs, there’s nobody who needs it more than employers. Scott talked with us about recruiting and […]

Why Analytics and Performance Metrics are the Future of Online Job Postings

analytics and data

Analytics and performance metrics are critical to anyone who wants to have a successful website, run a successful business, or troubleshoot problems in general. Successful website owners routinely examine a number of performance metrics like time spent on site, bounce rate, and where site traffic comes from. When you know that, for example, you get […]

What’s the Next Evolution for Job Boards?

job board technology

Innumerable new technologies have been released for job boards just over the past couple of years, and the overarching goals of all of them are to make hiring more efficient and provide a better job candidate experience. But actual “one-stop shopping” for hiring will probably never come about, and perhaps it doesn’t need to. Hiring […]

Take Charge of Your Job Board’s SEO

job board seo

Since there are countless job boards already online, and more on the way, you’ll need to have a strategy in place to make your board stand out from the crowd. One part of that strategy should be Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Why is this important? Because research shows that about 2/3 of all job seekers […]

Separating the Big Job Board Myths from Reality

job board myths

The internet is great, but sometimes it functions as a highly efficient myth factory. From news stories that eventually get debunked to rumors about famous people, no one can deny the carrying power of a website with a big story in its grip. But sometimes you have to step back and remember that myths develop […]

Leveraging Social Media for Your Advertisers

social recruiting

Recruitment advertising is a great way to attract talent. However, your advertising strategy should be supplemented with an active presence on social media. The fact of the matter is that advertising will get you the attention of active job seekers. These are the people who are currently seeking a job, either because they are out […]

Social Media and Job Boards: Why Online Recruiters Need Both


Social media isn’t replacing the job board, regardless of what some detractors say. Job boards are still the first place active job hunters go, and social networks like LinkedIn are usually used in conjunction with, rather than in place of, job boards. Suppose discover on LinkedIn that someone in your network has shared a job […]

Are Two Words Helping or Hurting Your Job Board?


Online news publications and trade journal websites often turn to custom job boards as a source of revenue in order to diversify their website monetization strategy. Niche job boards, whether targeted based on geography or profession can make your website stickier and more likely to be bookmarked in the first place. As with any other […]

New Job Board Targets Young People


The Youth Unemployment Rate in the US started creeping back up in early 2014, going from 14.2% in January 2014 to 14.4% in February, according to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Youth Unemployment is as a rule higher than adult unemployment, and has averaged 12.31% over the period from 1955 to 2014. […]

Expert Interview with Brad McCorkle on Managing Niche Job Boards

niche job board

The biggest mistake companies make when it comes time to advertise job openings is not putting enough effort into selling either the job or themselves as employers, says Brad McCorkle founder of the niche job board Local Eye Site. “We encourage employers to construct job ads in the same way they market their product or […]

Expert Interview with Karl Hughes on the Entry-Level Job Market

Having a degree is critical for landing a job, but in today’s job market even college graduates are having a tough job finding entry-level positions. “Over 20 percent of recent graduates are underemployed, and we want to help these people get productive jobs within their field as soon as possible,” says Karl Hughes, director of […]

Expert Interview with Michael Jones on job board tips

Job board tips

These days, career sites and job boards are a dime a dozen, so it’s more important than ever that site managers continue to improve their offerings. “Do not rest or become satisfied with your work because technology and new competition are moving forward every day,” says Michael Jones, co-founder of “You have to work […]

Expert Interview with Daniele Besana on Promoting Job Listings

job board promotion

Daniele Besana spent 14 years working as an IT engineer, specializing in network security, before making the switch to being a full-time web entrepreneur two years ago, focusing on job sites. “I’m particularly interested in career websites,” he says. “Especially because of their positive impact on people. I love when someone drops a ‘thank you’ […]

What Job Seekers Want in 2014 [Infographic]

Jeff Dickey-Chasis of recently gave a RealMatch webinar about what job seekers want from job boards in 2014, based on a survey he conducted in partnership with and This infographic highlights some important findings from his survey and the webinar.  

Richard Clark Reveals Recruitment Advertising Best Practices

recruitment advertising

Revenue development is an ongoing concern for any online newspaper or digital media company. With the digital shift, the entire business model for publishing is changing, and success requires alacrity and flexibility. Many publishers choose to add a custom job board to their local newspaper site or trade publication site as a promising revenue stream, […]

Use Job Board Technology to Create a Thriving Community

Job Board Community

Job board technology is evolving just like every other type of technology. As users on both the employers’ side and the job seekers’ side become more sophisticated, job board technology improves to serve them better. Rather than simply working as a search engine for jobs, today’s job boards use sophisticated algorithms to match up employers […]