Programmatic Advertising for Personalized Ads? Everyone Wins


With every digital evolution, as far back as the first ad networks of the late 90s, new technology has been developed to manage it. Programmatic is one more evolution, and it’s much more personal than you might think. RELATED: 3 Reasons the News Media is Just Fine Just a few years ago, programmatic was little […]

4 Prevailing Themes That Help Shape News Media Today

News media

It’s a veritable rollercoaster for newspaper publishers. News media revenue looks promising but gains can’t happen fast enough. Advertising revenue dips, but new ad revenue possibilities emerge. Anyone could get whiplash from all of the ups, downs, stops and starts of operating a profitable newspaper. What brought us to where we are today? There’s one […]

3 Reasons the News Media is Just Fine


Why would anyone invest in something that’s on its way out? All forms of legacy media, especially newspapers, have taken a verbal beating in recent months, but the numbers don’t lie. Ad spend is growing to a greater degree than was predicted just a few years ago. The economy is steadily improving month over month […]

Journalistic Integrity Earns Trust and Ad Sales in Troubled Times


News consumers have a renewed skepticism and are watching newspapers and all news media outlets with extreme scrutiny. That makes today the perfect time for journalists and newspaper publishers to prove their worth. Public perception of journalistic integrity isn’t at an all-time low, but it’s a far cry from the post-Watergate era when public opinion […]

The Elephant in the Room: What’s in Store for the News Media


The industry is buzzing about changes that might be in store for the journalists in particular and the news media in general. The “Fake News” alarm is sounded without discretion, and news consumers are confused about what it means. Yours can be a clear voice above the din. Some pundits say journalists should have fewer […]

4 Reasons Digital News Should Honor its Roots

Digital News

Of course, print is dying! At least a bit. But it’s a little too early to call in the organist and order a nice arrangement of flowers. Print is not even close to drawing its final breath. While the future is undeniably digital news, there’s a fiercely loyal core base of readers who only, or […]

Engage Millennials and Quicken the Pulse of Newspapers

Digital News

Millennials are the future of digital news and they’re more engaged than you might think. In fact, considering the digital direction of news, they might be a better audience to court than Baby Boomers or older Gen-Xers. They’re busy bees with a wide range of interests. RELATED: Newspaper Ads Aren’t the Problem, People Love ‘Em! […]

Newspaper Ads Aren’t the Problem, People Love ‘Em!

Newspaper Ads

Believe it or not, newspaper ads and readers aren’t sworn enemies. People love ads, at least if they’re packaged and delivered the right way. Consider how people flock to watch Super Bowl ads. They talk about them for weeks. Magazines are famously packed with advertising from back to front. And movie trailers, which are beautiful […]

Which Newspaper Ad Revenue Strategies Work?

Newspaper Ad Strategies

Few newspaper ads have performed exactly as anyone hoped since the digital transition. The fact that people still talk about digital as if it’s some kind of upstart shows that there’s still a lot of work to do. Small local and major national publishers continue to rely on ads, both digital and print, for the […]

Does Fake News Hurt the Future of Newspapers?

fake news

The year 2016 didn’t invent fake news; not even close. It will take a lot more than a firestorm of social media shares to bring down newspapers and writers with integrity. Most people have been taken in by at least one fabricated story. Now that it’s a trending topic and key phrase, it’s also a […]

3 Reasons the Future of Newspapers is Bright

Future of Newspapers

After hearing the same old thing again and again, people start to believe it. But are newspapers dying? No; far from it. They’re only changing. And change, as it goes, can be good. A few positive voices can be heard above the negative din. They’re saying: People still want the news Digital is the right […]

4 Big Newspaper Industry Problems That Will be Solved in 2017

newspaper industry

The newspaper industry showed incredible disruption in 2016, but it also revealed a wealth of positive momentum. Sometimes, it takes a little disruption to crack the shell and hatch something that’s full of promise. Publishers have begun to grasp the digital-first mentality. More focus is on content, not just branding. Revenue is growing, fake news […]

How Programmatic Advertising Works for a Local Newspaper Publisher


A local newspaper publisher doesn’t feel small with a programmatic advertising partner. Some national publisher brands built their own programmatic ad exchanges. And they’re proven to work. But local can also enjoy the revenue benefits of ad campaign optimization. In some ways, programmatic is ideally suited for the local market. Ad sales is arguably one […]

How Native Content Can Help Local and Independent Publishers Engage Readers


For small newspaper publishers, native content is like a catch-22 in reverse. It doesn’t look like an advertisement, so readers keep reading. And because readers tend to enjoy it, native ads generate vital revenue. That’s a big departure from the public’s usual ad-blocking nature. It’s part of the reinvention of newspaper revenue in the 21st […]

How Local and Independent Publishers Can Stay Relevant and Generate Revenue


Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, perhaps small local and independent publishers should be designing a brand new type of vehicle for a different kind of road. There’s a certain freedom in the startup mode and energy of a small paper. Just as a new college grad has the whole world ahead, indie and […]

Finding the Next Frontier for Newspapers and Paid Advertising


Paid advertising success is always on the move. It often feels like herding kittens. You can see the possibilities. But the knowledge that revenue is possible doesn’t make it any easier (or less pointy) to catch. The newspaper industry is changing, sometimes in chaotic ways. That’s not exactly a secret. So perhaps it’s time to […]

6 Keys to Adapting Your Newspaper for Mobile Success


If you’ve already tried your hand at a mobile news site, you know one fundamental truth: mobile isn’t just smaller, it’s different. And you haven’t, it’s a good idea to commit it to memory now. A mobile site or app that functions poorly frustrates you and your readers. At least while they stick around. But […]

How Newspapers Can Survive and Thrive in Their Transition to Digital Publishing


It’s time to abandon the notion that newspapers are transitioning to digital publishing; it’s already happened. For the past several years, the industry has slowly but surely adjusted to the new digital direction like a boat that’s getting up to speed. Unfortunately, revenue has bobbed along behind it in a life raft that’s always in […]

Crowdsourcing Border Patrol and Journalism in Texas

Crowdsourcing Border Patrol and Journalism in Texas

The Texas Tribune takes crowdsourcing to a new level with its “bordering on Insecurity” project. Aimed at uncovering the truth about border security, immigration, crime statistics and other issues related to the Texas / Mexico border (as seen above at the entrance to Santa Elena Canyon), the Tribune is actively enlisting citizen investigative reporters. These […]

The Once-Thriving Marriage Between Newspapers and Department Stores is on the Rocks


Newspapers and department stores no longer have a loving relationship. After generations of what appeared to be a match made in heaven, retail giants, particularly Macy’s, are cutting back on the lifeblood that keeps newspapers alive. That’s ad revenue. While a suspiciously wandering eye permeates the real world versus digital climate, print and retail haven’t […]

Journalists and Salespeople: Destined to be Arch Enemies Forever?


Journalists and salespeople have a longstanding, if whispered about, grudge. And the lack of cooperation that stems from the separate mentality can stop innovation in its tracks. The tribe mindset is a normal byproduct of groups working closely together. Sales is likely a tribe. Reporters are, too. And while it’s a natural effect, it can […]

Michele’s List Adds 8 Community Sites to $1 Million Revenue Club


While small dailies continue to struggle for revenue, some independent, local news sites have taken off like a shot. Michele’s List, which devotes its time and resources to identifying standout independent publications, recently added eight new indie community websites to its prestigious $1 million-plus top revenue category. This level had previously been held by only […]

Newsroom Jobs are Becoming Harder to Fill for Public Media


News directors and editors aren’t exactly lining up to take on demanding public media organization leadership roles, and the industry is formulating a plan around the state of newsroom jobs. The editorial track has always been practically nonexistent. But with an increasing need for newsroom leaders, CPB and NPR are looking at a future where […]

Tug of War: A Look at Gannett’s Hostile Bid to Buy Tribune

What looked like a relatively straightforward offer, albeit a hostile one, has turned into a battle that some never expected. Newspaper giant, Gannett, approached Tribune Publishing in April with an offer that Ken Doctor for Politico said they couldn’t refuse. But refuse they have, through a good old fashioned “poison pill” strategic defense. Tribune Publishing […]

Gannett’s Gamesmanship Continues in Tribune Takeover Bid


In a modern example of tenacity, Gannett has dug in its heels about a Tribune takeover. On April 12, Gannett privately offered Tribune a healthy sum of $815 million. Tribune soundly rejected the offer, taking a poison pill defense. Gannett then sweetened the deal to $865 million, and still Tribune refused. The former is brimming […]

The Washingtonian Took a Gamble with Its Homepage and Boy Did it Pay Off


  The Washingtonian took a major risk with their homepage just after the first of the year and it turned out beautifully. Instead of the classic view, visitors got a newsfeed-style page with a whole new look and feel. But that’s not the only thing that changed. According to Digiday, Washingtonian homepage unique visitors climbed […]

How the Circulation Manager’s Duties Have Changed


If you ask circulation managers how the industry in general and their role, in particular, have changed in the last 5 or 10 years, you’ll probably want to take notes. From 5 years ago, there has been a data revolution. But from 10, most agree that it’s become a whole new world. RELATED: How Can […]

Why So Many Newspapers are Being Bought and Sold in 2016

Advertising in Newspapers Boosts Ad Campaign Effectiveness, Study Shows

Everywhere you look and practically everywhere you read, there’s another newspaper bought, sold, taken over, in negotiations or holding out with the aid of the last ditch “poison pill” defense. What’s going on in publishing that makes so many properties, which many would kindly describe as distressed, such hot commodities? RELATED: Is Consolidation the Future […]

Tampa Tribune Sold to Tampa Bay Times


In another round of mergers and acquisitions, The Tampa Tribune owners have sold it and other related news properties to Tampa Bay Times. This acquisition differs from some others that have recently made the news in that the two properties will become one. RELATED:Newspapers Feasting on Each Other to Survive Times owners pledge to give […]

How One French Newspaper is Targeting Ad Blocking


It’s not a pleasant thought, but sacrificing some advertising revenue could give newspapers the whitelisted status that they need to beat the ad blocker surge. Publications are approaching the problem from different angles. French daily, Le Figaro, took a big risk by banning ad blockers on their site, and it paid off. Now the real […]

Newspapers Feasting on Each Other to Survive


Like a giant game of Pac-Man, bigger newspapers around the country are gobbling up smaller papers, all in the hopes of creating a more formidable, united whole. It’s about the ever-elusive advertising dollars. They just aren’t there, especially for smaller, local papers. But with a consolidation strategy, a little time is being gained before the […]

4 Ways to Sell Local Ads Better

Local ads

Recruitment ad sales seem to be especially challenging for some ad reps, while others drive much more business in the right direction. Is it luck? Experience? A better publication with a broader reach? Maybe, at least in part, but there’s more to it than that. RELATED: How the Right Online Tools Jump Started One Company’s […]

The Fascinating Science That Shows Why People Sometimes Prefer Print to Digital

The battle between print and digital is ongoing, and digital seems by all counts to be winning. People are spending more and more time every year consuming media digitally, and advertisers are following. But a new study from the Canada Post and Canadian neuromarketing firm TrueImpact shows that publishers probably shouldn’t give up their print […]

5 Digital Publishing Tips to Increase Revenue


With the digital world taking over practically everything, it’s important to keep up. Digital publishing is a large part of the magazine, newspaper, or book market. There is almost any kind of publication available in a digital format. That means that companies need to stay up to speed with the quickly advancing market by coming […]

What Publishers Can Learn from Harvard’s Digital Success

In 2010, the Harvard Business Review (HBR) was an academic journal full of unrelated long-form articles. Then editor-in-chief Adi Ignatius took over and transformed it into a multi-platform resource for almost 286,000 subscribers. That’s an increase of 21 percent since 2010. RELATED: 3 Offers to Help Boost Customer Acquisition So what’s the secret? Why are […]

Could a Major Newspaper Merger Change the Recruitment Advertising Game?

According to the New York Post, print advertising revenues for the newspaper industry dropped from $63 billion in 2000, down to $23 billion in 2013. While that is a sharp drop, the measures taken to slow the bleeding are working as ad revenue is expected to only drop by 0.9 percent in 2015. Newspapers have […]

What Google’s New Logo Shows Us About ‘Heavy Websites’


When the Internet first became an everyday thing, the focus of developers and designers was to create the most eye-catching graphics possible in an attempt to lure users in. Unfortunately, a lesson learned by many designers and developers (we’re looking at you, Myspace) learned in time that these tactics didn’t pay off. First, the trouble […]

Newspapers Giving Up Digital Publishing: A Radical Idea, and a Wrong One


The idea that newspapers should give up digital publishing is a radical one. And it’s also wrong. A new book from H. Iris Chyi, titled “Trial and Error: U.S. Newspapers’ Digital Struggles toward Inferiority,” makes the argument that newspapers are so bad at the digital side of publication that they should completely give it up. […]

Why Print Newspapers Are Not Hitting Rock Bottom


Is print newspaper bottoming out? Not likely. A report last October from consulting firm McKinsey painted a relatively positive picture for the print publishing industry, claiming that “many of the people likely to abandon print newspapers and print consumer magazines have already done so … most of [the] core audience – households that have retained […]

The Evolution of Targeted Display Advertising and Where It’s Going


Redirecting money and energy away from a disinterested audience and toward one that’s more likely to stop and listen is no longer the digital advertising pipe-dream of the 90s. It’s a genuine brass ring, all because of data and the way that it’s transforming targeted display ads. RELATED: Forecasting the Future for Tech and Media […]

How Jeff Bezos and The Washington Post are Countering Ad Blocking

Ad blocking

Amazon and Washington Post CEO Jeff Bezos is known for his unorthodox solutions to problems, and his ideas that seem to shock more than excite. When he announced that Amazon would start using drones for same-day deliveries, most people laughed at the idea. But now, drone delivery services are being developed all over the retail […]

The 4 New Media Technologies All Publishers Need to Know


Traditional media publishers are finding digital publishing to be a lot more dynamic than print ever was. Even when television emerged as the primary way that advertisers reached mass audiences, nothing about the marketing part of the technology changed for decades. Any changes that would occur in print, radio, or television were relatively easy to […]

3 Offers to Help Boost Customer Acquisition


While subscription can serve as your publication’s lifeblood, attracting new subscribers serves as the sustenance that will keep your publication growing and thriving. Unfortunately, and especially in the age of the Internet, too many organizations and associations have gotten caught up in marketing gimmicks that not only work to push potential subscribers away, but also […]

How to Use Paywalls Effectively


If you’re a trade publisher, you obviously face some difficult challenges in today’s era of (mostly) free online information. As traditional advertising opportunities dry up, many of your competitors have pinned their hopes for long-term profitability on the monetization of their publications’ companion websites. But before you join them by setting up an ironclad paywall […]

Forecasting the Future for Tech and Media


Technology developments affect every industry, but in human resources, technology can sometimes be overlooked. This isn’t to say that the new copier isn’t the talk of the office, but how technology is shaping the hiring and recruiting industry is what really needs to be the focus. RELATED: Forecasting 2016: How Digital and Print Ads will […]

Forecasting 2016: How Digital and Print Ads will Evolve in the Newspaper Industry

When it comes to comparing print revenue to digital revenue in the newspaper industry, perception is much different than reality. As digital has evolved, newspapers have learned a great deal about how to reach and audience, and what type of content to create. The biggest thing that newspapers have learned is that consumers on the […]

The Vanishing of the Midsize Newspaper: Can Anything Turn the Tide?


Ever since the Great Recession of 2008, the newspaper industry has been in a constant start of flux. People are more careful with their disposable income, and newspapers are finding it difficult to get people to pay for information that is already available online for free. The other problem is that the Internet offers so […]

To Praise or Vilify Digital, That is the Question


Mark Thompson is the CEO of the Times Company, and Robert Thomson is the CEO of News Corporation. The Times publishes newspapers such as the New York Times, and News Corporation publishes newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal. Not only do these two men battle each other for revenue in an increasingly competitive news […]

Making Sense of the Newspaper Industry’s Shocking Autumn


Layoffs and mergers are becoming commonplace, but no one expected the purge that occurred last month to some of the biggest names in the New York newspaper business. According to the Huffington Post, such newspaper veterans as Mike Lupica, Bill Hammond and Bill Madden were either laid off, or their contracts were not renewed. Around […]

Newspaper Ad Spending is Up! Can the Momentum Continue?


Newspaper publishers still count on print advertising to bring in the majority of their revenue every year. Digital advertising was supposed to replace print advertising and the newspaper industry was supposed to see unlimited revenue from Internet ads, but that is not happening. There are two reasons why digital advertising is not what it was […]

What’s the Future of the Paywall?


For centuries, newspaper publishers offered the same stories and advertising to masses of people and then collected their shekels each week as part of a subscription payment. The act of the paper delivered coming to the door each Friday to collect on the subscription costs had become as much of a part of daily life […]

Why Local Publishers Top National Newspapers for Advertisers


If advertising is a game of numbers, then it would make sense that national newspaper advertising would hold more clout than local or regional advertising. But as The Guardian points out, everything is not always what it seems. Apparently, nearly 50 percent of people who read local, regional and national newspapers are more inclined to […]

What’s the Future of National Newspapers?


You don’t have to look very hard to find articles that bemoan the fate of national newspapers over the past few years. According to Harvard Politics, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times have all been forced to cut 20 to 100 editorial jobs in recent years just to keep costs […]

Google Invests Big in European Newspapers


As the premier search engine in the world, Google always has to be careful that it is as objective as possible when it comes to delivering search results to Internet users. Over the years, Google has been accused of favoring its own programs over others in search results, and nowhere has Google run into more […]

Turns Out Millennials Really Do Care About News!


As Millennials take on more prominent roles in society, it is becoming more and more important to determine what they like and what they are willing to buy. One of the misconceptions about millennials is that they are more interested in interacting on social media than in getting the latest news. Nothing could be further […]

Can a Tablet Edition Boost Your Newspaper?

Advertising in Newspapers Boosts Ad Campaign Effectiveness, Study Shows

In 2013, the Montreal, Quebec newspaper La Presse+ launched its tablet app to help reach a more mobile audience. Two years later, the La Presse+ app is said to account for nearly 60% of the newspaper’s revenue and is recognized as one of the best newspaper tablet apps in the world. According to, the […]

Why German Newspapers are Starting to See Success

Germany is considered to be the largest European consumer of news, which only helped to amplify the devastating effects of the surge of the Internet offering free news in the 1990s. For years, the revenue of the entire German newspaper publishing industry has been in a freefall and it looked like there could be no […]

Is Consolidation the Future for Newspapers?

Advertising in Newspapers Boosts Ad Campaign Effectiveness, Study Shows

According to, there has been a rash of local newspapers that have been consolidated under one company for the past couple of years. The Tribune Publishing Company recently purchased 38 daily and weekly local papers to add to its growing roster, while American Consolidated Media sold off the last of its local papers last […]

Universities Could Be a New Source of Revenues for Newspapers


It’s no secret that local newspapers have been using the power of their brand to co-sponsor or fully sponsor local conferences and trade shows. By sponsoring local events, newspapers generate extra revenue and expand their influence. But as print advertising continues to decline and digital advertising struggles to make up the difference, many papers are […]

1 Pennsylvania Newspaper’s New Revenue Strategy

Lancaster, USA & RealMatch

In Lancaster, PA, LNP Media Group recently increased its monthly recruitment ad sales by 400 additional new ads per month. This resulted in increased ad placement revenue of an additional $22,000 a month. Furthermore, revenue associated with self-service ads, supported by the introduction of an automated ecommerce solution, increased to $10,000 per month from $15,000 […]

How the Digitization of Newspaper Archives is Preserving Local Histories


American history is not only the big picture, it is also the collection of local histories that tell the real stories of where people came from and what communities have accomplished. The growth of a community is cataloged in its history and communities treasure their pasts and develop ways to preserve their place on the […]

How Publishers Can Use Reddit


What is Reddit? Reddit can be a great place for newspapers to engage a broader audience beyond the scope of their local audience. It is a community made up of thousands of tiny little communities, called subreddits. In each of these, there is potential for targeted and niche content to go viral. Here is a […]

How Mobile Can Be a Second Chance for Newspapers


When the newspaper publishing industry first started dealing with the Internet in the 1990s, publishers were at a loss as to what to do. Their first reaction was to give the content away, but that caused revenue problems. By the time they tried to put a pay wall on the content, it was already too […]

Why you should attend Borrell’s Advantage:GeoMarketing Conference

Borrell Conference

It’s the fall and so begins the conference season. One conference not to miss is Gordon Borrell’s Advantage:GeoMarketing. Here is why: Borrell’s Expertise Borrell’s insights into the multi-million dollar recruitment services market suggest that companies spent more on recruiting in 2014 than they did in 2013. Two-thirds of those companies plan to increase spending by […]

New Jobs Report Shows Tightening Labor Market


Many job seekers can rest assured about this year’s national employment picture following its impressive 2014 turnaround. Some of the numbers are nicer than others, but certain job sectors in particular offer good prospects for qualified candidates. Let’s take a closer look at this tightening of the labor market — and what it might mean […]

Newspaper Content Suffers as Newsroom Layoffs Rise


In June 2015, the Wall Street Journal laid-off 30 newsroom workers and contributed to a trend that has been growing for some time. According to, newsroom employment in the United States has fallen from 56,400 employees in 2001, down to 32,900 in 2014. That is a 41 percent drop in the number of editors […]

Uncover What Your Job Board Could Be With RealMatch [INFOGRAPHIC]

A RealMatch Thanksgiving

There are all kinds of reasons why many publishers are choosing RealMatch as their recruitment advertising platform. In this infographic, we explore some of the key differences between RealMatch and some of our competitors. Uncover what your job board could be with RealMatch and see what those purple guys aren’t delivering: 1 of a kind: […]

For Job Boards, Knowing Your Candidates Often Equals Success

For Job Boards, Knowing Your Candidates Often Equals Success

A job board requires two things to be successful – employers and good job candidates. Most job boards spend a lot of time and effort catering to their employers because the employers offer a steady stream of revenue. But without good candidates, a job board is unable to attract employers that feel the service is […]

Rely Too Much on Metrics & You Might Miss the Next Seinfeld


Don’t misread the title of this article; we’re not talking about whether you get so entranced by your trade publications’ online analytics that you forget to catch a rerun of your favorite show. As noted by Matt Boggie, writing for World News Publishing Focus, metrics can work against you — as they very nearly did […]

Newspapers and Career Expos: An Attractive Couple

Career Expo and Newspapers

According to, newspapers are realizing more revenue from circulation than they do from advertising for the first time in history. Part of this has to do with the relative success of online paywalls, and part of it is due to the drop in overall advertising revenue. But if this news tells printed newspapers anything, […]

Are Weekly Newspapers Becoming The New Normal in Rural America?

Are Rural Newspapers Becoming The New Normal?

With the face of the publishing industry changing to a more digital look, most people would expect that rural newspapers would thrive online and use the inexpensive Internet format to deliver local news to all of the area’s residents. But according to, approximately 67 percent of people who live in rural America prefer a […]

The New York Times Launches New Recruitment Advertising Platform

The New York Times

The New York Times recently announced the launch of T Jobs, its new talent acquisition platform (aka job board) on ”We’re doubling down on our recruitment offerings by investing in this new white-label solution” said Andy Wright, Senior Vice President, Advertising, The New York Times referring to RealMatch’s technology platform. Job Matching Technology T […]

Can Civic Journalism Save Newspaper Subscriptions?

Can Civic Journalism Save Newspaper Subscriptions?

In an era where social media has everyone in touch with everyone else, it is hard to believe that most people are still not getting their opinions heard. The 24-hour news networks run story after story about what is wrong with the world, but they offer very little insight into how to solve the problems. […]

Are Micropayments the Future of the Newspaper Industry?

Are Micropayments the future of newspapers

Imagine if you could pay around 20 cents to read an article from the New York Times that was normally reserved for subscription holders. Is that something that would interest you? There are several companies, including a Dutch start-up, who are betting that micropayments are the new wave of the future in online media. Blendle […]

PwC Report: How Newspapers and Magazines Have A Very Different Next 5 Years

PwC Report: How Newspapers and Magazines Have A Very Different Next 5 Years

The future for print media is a mix of ups and downs that are standard fare for most business analysts. Despite the fact that millions of people get information for free from the Internet on a regular basis, there is still room for print newspapers and magazines to survive. Recently, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) released a report […]

Newspapers Will Prosper, Says Media Analyst

Newspapers Will Prosper Says Media Analyst

It is easy for the average person to look at what is going on with digital publishing and predict that printed newspapers will soon be a thing of the past. But to media industry experts like Lorna Tilbian, the newspaper industry has a strong future ahead of it, provided it can adjust to the changes […]

Warren Buffett: What Newspapers Need to Do to Survive


If there’s one thing Warren Buffett knows, it’s how to earn the most money in the smartest way. Buffett, the “Oracle of Omaha,” understands that the newspaper industry isn’t dead. It would be wise for publishers to listen to what he’s got to say. Inland Press reports that in Buffett’s annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway […]

Our Favorites for June

If you are not already subscribed to Recruitment ADvisor, make sure you subscribe now so you do not miss any key articles that can help you improve your job board and recruitment advertising strategies. Here is a second look at some of our favorite recent articles. 5 Job Board Trends in 2015 – If you […]

Newspapers Threatened by Cuts to Rural Mail Service

Newspapers Threatened by Cuts to Rural Mail Service

In the rural areas of the United States where Internet and cellular phone signals are almost non-existent, the people get their news through printed newspapers. There has been a large contingency of community newspapers that have grown up around the need to service this large rural population. But as time goes by, the United States […]

Are Social Network Visitors Actually Valuable to Your Publication?

Are Social Network Visitors Actually Valuable to Your Publication

In the world of digital publishing, having a social media presence is clearly a benefit. However, social media might not be all it is thought to be; there is a hidden negative side of social networks that can work against companies. SEE ALSO: Supercharge Your Job Board with Social Media The issue is “engagement.” Research […]

What Facebook’s Instant Articles Feature Means for Newspapers


When a social media outlet has 1.4 billion daily users, it wields a tremendous amount of media power. Facebook has those kinds of numbers and now the social giant is essentially forcing the publishing industry to go along with the concept of Facebook’s new Instant Articles feature. The company’s track record of being a good […]

More People Choosing Smartphones for Their News Consumption


Online publishers are always looking for an edge that will help bring traffic their way, but there is a lot to be said for sticking with the basics as well. The one basic rule that has been part of the publishing industry since it started is that you have to present information in a format […]

Old Meets New: Newspapers and Instagram


When it comes to social media platforms, one of the least revenue friendly is Instagram. Unlike Facebook, YouTube and Twitter where companies can embed links and even monetize their content, Instagram is a stripped down social media platform that only allows the sharing of pictures. When it comes to newspapers that are struggling to generate […]

The State of Newspapers 2015


The Pew Research Center released its report for the state of the newspaper industry in 2015 using 2014 numbers and the results are a jumbled mix. According to the report published on, the overall circulation for newspapers dropped from 2013 to 2014. But there are some interesting facts that publishers can grab onto and […]

The Big Change Coming for UK Newspapers and Magazines

Audience engagement for b2b magazine

British publishers who maintain a combined print and digital presence have just breathed a great collective sigh of relief. As reported by Omar Oakes of Campaign, the venerable National Readership Survey (NRS) is giving up its status as the go-to reference for print media audience metrics after almost six decades of service. The organization slated […]

Analytics and the Newspaper Industry: What Matters and Why?

publisher analytics

The interactive nature of the Internet is still something that newspapers are wrestling with, but many papers are starting to see the value of tracking numbers that had been nearly unavailable in the past. When a newspaper uses analytics to capture information on its current client base, it can compare that information to its business […]

How Has Jeff Bezos Changed The Washington Post?


When CEO Jeff Bezos paid $250 million for the Washington Post in March 2013, the move had a lot of people scratching their heads. Up to that point, Bezos had showed great initiative in innovating the Internet retail world, but not many people understood his connection to the icons of standard media such as […]

Cablevision Offers to Buy the NY Daily News for a Dollar?!


There has been a rash of newspaper buying lately and we do not mean the papers being purchased at the newsstand. Recently, billionaire Warren Buffett shocked the world when he purchased 63 newspapers from a failing newspaper conglomerate that had seen its stock price drop by around 90 percent in the past four years. And […]

Should Newspapers Let Facebook Host Their Content?

Facebook has announced that it will open up a platform that will allow publisher websites to host their content on Facebook and the social media giant will pay the publishers a portion of the profits. It sounds great, but it is a deal that should be scrutinized closely before a publisher decides to move their […]

Why the World’s Richest Men Invest in Newspapers

warren buffett invested in newspapers

In the midst of the financial chaos that occurred in 2009, billionaire Carlos Slim loaned the owners of the New York Times $250 million. The Times had its financial back up against a wall as its credit line was about to expire and the company needed to solidify its cash position. But the amazing part […]

Newspapers Need Fewer Ads, More Relationships, Says Media


Undoubtedly, ads are a major part of your publication’s survival. After all, in order to keep consumer costs down, you need to rely on ad revenue, and this revenue also allows you to build relationships with local, regional, and national businesses while creating the foundation for credibility. Unfortunately, it can be very easy to allow […]

What Do Newspaper Publishers Want?

newspaper publishers

While newspapers have existed since the dawn of the printing press, many newspaper publishers are looking to the future for revenue growth. With this futuristic outlook comes many changes, both large and small, but at the same time, these changes are also planned to occur by sticking to basic principles. Below are just a few […]

Can Newspapers Benefit from Cutting-Edge Tech?

virtual reality and publisher

If you’ve grown up anywhere in the last 100 years, you’ve likely heard of, and dreamed of, a day when people would have access to true virtual reality machines, machines that would allow the user to become completely immersed in a three-dimensional world that was created purely from fantasy. While there have been plenty of […]

What Your Newspaper Can Learn from USA Today’s Mobile App Success


For newspaper publishers, USA Today is a recognized brand that reached national prominence and connected with a wide variety of audience archetypes, from business readers looking for a quick summary of the top headlines to average readers that loved lifestyle pieces. USA Today is leading the way again as their audience increasingly becomes mobile through […]

4 Newspaper Trends to Watch for 2015


2014 was an exciting year in the newspaper and publishing sector, and a quick glance ahead suggests that 2015 holds the promise of more change, innovation, and profits. For businesses that can keep up with the changing needs of everything from content production to advertising relationships to cross-platform development, the opportunities for growth are nearly […]

Demographics Check: Is Your Newspaper On Top of the Trends?


There’s a lot of discussion today in commercial circles about demographics. Publishers and retailers are excited to serve the growing a profitable segments falling at different ends of the spectrum; for example, Millennials and Baby Boomers. Each of these groups are economically powerful and represent a significant percentage of the public. There’s also a coming […]

3 Newspapers That are Building Their Audience


Everyone knows that the Internet has changed the publishing landscape, and newspapers and other publishers who have failed to adapt have experienced a major drop in readership and subscriptions. While this trend seems to be turning around, even if slightly, it’s still important for publishers and broadcast media outlets to pay attention. If you’re unsure […]

4 Ways to Generate More Revenue from Employment Advertising


The local newspaper’s lock on the local employment market has been shaken by an onslaught of online employment boards and national employment websites that claim to offer better employment services. The truth is, with help from experts like RealMatch, your local newspaper can use its companion websites to generate new revenue from employment advertising and […]

Why Newspapers Shouldn’t Write Off Millennials


In today’s age of social media and 24 hour news cycles, it’s easy to assume that Millennials no longer rely on newspapers to learn about the world around them. But a recent study from the Newspaper Association of America reveals that 56% still regularly enjoy newspapers. Across all platforms, 40 million Millennials consume online newspapers […]