4 Big Newspaper Industry Problems That Will be Solved in 2017

newspaper industry

The newspaper industry showed incredible disruption in 2016, but it also revealed a wealth of positive momentum. Sometimes, it takes a little disruption to crack the shell and hatch something that’s full of promise. Publishers have begun to grasp the digital-first mentality. More focus is on content, not just branding. Revenue is growing, fake news […]

Pew Research Center’s State of the News Media


Hardly anything changes as quickly as the state of the news media. Pew Research Center publishes research on the topic each year, and 2016’s report has a few surprises to reveal. After the Great Recession, news publishers have continually scrambled to find the true and right profitable course for the evolution that’s already underway. It’s […]

Marketing Trends Changing the Face of Recruitment


There’s a transformation happening in recruitment right now, and you can get ahead of the curve. It’s all about marketing, which wasn’t the focus for many, if any, recruiters in the not-so-distant past. Why would it be, when HR had its own strategy lined out and it seemed to work just fine? But the marketing […]

5 Recruiting Metrics You Should be Tracking


Chances are you’ve got a lot of questions about your own hiring process. How much does it cost to hire one new person? How many people who start an application see it through to completion? The answers don’t have to be estimations; not if you know which recruiting metrics are worth tracking. RELATED: Whats Big […]

How do Candidates Perceive Your Company Brand? Employees Know


If prospective employees don’t relate to your brand, you might not see the recruiting results that you’re after. Marketing and sales already know how important branding is. But with recruiting not that much different from sales anymore, HR should start to come around, and soon. Current employees can help. RELATED: What Does Your Company Stand […]

5 Digital Publishing Tips to Increase Revenue


With the digital world taking over practically everything, it’s important to keep up. Digital publishing is a large part of the magazine, newspaper, or book market. There is almost any kind of publication available in a digital format. That means that companies need to stay up to speed with the quickly advancing market by coming […]

What Publishers Can Learn from Harvard’s Digital Success

In 2010, the Harvard Business Review (HBR) was an academic journal full of unrelated long-form articles. Then editor-in-chief Adi Ignatius took over and transformed it into a multi-platform resource for almost 286,000 subscribers. That’s an increase of 21 percent since 2010. RELATED: 3 Offers to Help Boost Customer Acquisition So what’s the secret? Why are […]

Why are Publishers Warming Up to Facebook Instant Articles?


Why are publishers warming up to Facebook Instant Articles? The short answer is they’re generating revenue. Instant Articles is a way for businesses to speed up load times on mobile devices for the articles they post on Facebook. RELATED: Examining the News Habits of Facebook and Twitter Users Instant Articles load quickly because they’re hosted […]

What You Need to Know About The ‘New VP Syndrome’


As part of Recruitment ADvisor’s ongoing series to help job boards improve their brand to generate more revenue, I sat down with RealMatch Product Marketing Director Bart Bartolozzi to tackle some of the difficult questions from the RealMatch webinar ‘Use Brand to Generate Job Board Revenue.’ This article explores the ‘new VP syndrome’ Jeff Dickey-Chasins […]

Why Job Boards and Staffing Agencies Should Work Together


As part of Recruitment ADvisor’s ongoing series to help job boards improve their brand to generate more revenue, I sat down with RealMatch Product Marketing Director Bart Bartolozzi to tackle some of the difficult questions from the RealMatch webinar ‘Use Brand to Generate Job Board Revenue.’ This article explores how job boards and staffing agencies […]

What Google’s New Logo Shows Us About ‘Heavy Websites’


When the Internet first became an everyday thing, the focus of developers and designers was to create the most eye-catching graphics possible in an attempt to lure users in. Unfortunately, a lesson learned by many designers and developers (we’re looking at you, Myspace) learned in time that these tactics didn’t pay off. First, the trouble […]

The Evolution of Targeted Display Advertising and Where It’s Going


Redirecting money and energy away from a disinterested audience and toward one that’s more likely to stop and listen is no longer the digital advertising pipe-dream of the 90s. It’s a genuine brass ring, all because of data and the way that it’s transforming targeted display ads. RELATED: Forecasting the Future for Tech and Media […]

How Publishers Can Analyze Their Audience to Gain New Revenue


How in touch are you with the real expectations of your target audiences? Before you can cash in on a growing amount of web traffic, you have to understand why your website appeals to your target demographic and what you can do to enhance that appeal and generate more revenue. RELATED: How One Magazine’s Makeover […]

Ad Blocking and the Uncertain Future of Publishing


For centuries, the publishing industry had operated its advertising business as though the purpose was to find the most intrusive ways to put a client’s advertising message in front of an audience. When the Internet started to become a primary source of information for people around the world and publishers started to move to the […]

How to Become a World-Class Recruiter


Recruiting is a huge piece of the puzzle when it comes to running a successful business, but failing to implement best practices in even a few of the steps required to be an all-star recruiter can lead to serious problems. For starters, hiring the wrong candidate can mean productivity issues, concerns when dealing with clients, […]

The 4 New Media Technologies All Publishers Need to Know


Traditional media publishers are finding digital publishing to be a lot more dynamic than print ever was. Even when television emerged as the primary way that advertisers reached mass audiences, nothing about the marketing part of the technology changed for decades. Any changes that would occur in print, radio, or television were relatively easy to […]

Thought Leader Series: 5 Tips to Help Increase Visitor Engagement


The mass majority of the world operates digitally. Business, banking, job searches, even food orders can be given online. A website is both a great convenience for visitors and a source of revenue for businesses. Now you have a website…so what’s next? Read on for some tips to help improve and increase visitor engagement on […]

3 Offers to Help Boost Customer Acquisition


While subscription can serve as your publication’s lifeblood, attracting new subscribers serves as the sustenance that will keep your publication growing and thriving. Unfortunately, and especially in the age of the Internet, too many organizations and associations have gotten caught up in marketing gimmicks that not only work to push potential subscribers away, but also […]

Using Brand to Generate Job Board Revenue


RealMatch sponsored a webinar presented by The Job Doctor Jeff Dickey-Chasins titled “Using Brand to Generate Job Board Revenue,” and it gave a lot of valuable information on how job boards can create a brand that increases the value of their websites. While not every job board has the marketing pull of LinkedIn or Indeed.com, […]

Forecasting the Future for Tech and Media


Technology developments affect every industry, but in human resources, technology can sometimes be overlooked. This isn’t to say that the new copier isn’t the talk of the office, but how technology is shaping the hiring and recruiting industry is what really needs to be the focus. RELATED: Forecasting 2016: How Digital and Print Ads will […]

How Mobile Can Make or Break Your Job Board Success Part 2


According to SmartInsights.com, the number of people who access the Internet through a mobile device exceeded desktop access in mid-2013. Ever since then, the gap between mobile and desktop users has continued to widen, and job board owners must learn to adapt if they want to survive. With the world turning more and more to […]

The San Francisco 49ers Offer a Lesson in Engaging Millennials


When you see the term “recruitment” in association with professional football, you probably assume that it has something to do with the college draft or pre-season team member selection. At the very least, you wouldn’t automatically assume that it has anything to do with your own job recruitment site. But a recent TalentCulture story concerning […]

Making Sense of the Newspaper Industry’s Shocking Autumn


Layoffs and mergers are becoming commonplace, but no one expected the purge that occurred last month to some of the biggest names in the New York newspaper business. According to the Huffington Post, such newspaper veterans as Mike Lupica, Bill Hammond and Bill Madden were either laid off, or their contracts were not renewed. Around […]

Gordon Borrell: Recruitment Spending, Online Services, & Niche


As we related in a previous article, Gordon Borrell of Borrell Associates recently presented a revealing webinar entitled “Where the Recruitment Dollars Went (and how to get them back).” This webinar focused on the increasing shift toward digital media as the central player in the recruitment advertising arena, complete with some telling numbers on how […]

How to Get Visitors to Spend More Time with Your Native Ads


Native ads are those ads that are not as intrusive as banner and link ads, and they are supposed to add value for the reader. Whether or not native ads enhance the reading experience for the user is up for debate, but The Atlantic has learned that good native advertising can definitely increase revenue. According […]

4 Reasons Job Boards Continue to Lure Quality Candidates


When LinkedIn and Facebook got into the recruiting game, many people started to sound the death bell for job recruiting boards. But according to Talentculture.com, job boards make up 42 percent of all quality hire activity, closely followed by social media. Why hasn’t social media been able to completely replace job boards as the default […]

How to Design the Ultimate Infographic


Publishers love infographics because they are visual representations of information that bring in a lot of web traffic. If you want your infographic to be effective, then you need to understand the elements that go into creating a visual presentation of information that people can both enjoy and use as a resource. It is not […]

How Can Virtual Reality Save Print Media?


It’s becoming apparent that one of the things that separate the music industry from the print industry is that the print industry is learning how to utilize technology to grow revenue, while the music industry continues to fight technology in an attempt to hold onto revenue streams that are rapidly disappearing. When it comes to […]

What Last Month’s Jobs Report Means For Hiring


Recruiters nationwide probably released a collective sigh of disappointment on the first Friday in October 2015. That’s when the Bureau of Labor Statistics issued its report on hiring and job growth for the month of September, and the results weren’t as rosy as many were hoping for. But raw numbers aren’t everything in understanding the […]

How Well Do You Know Content Marketing?


Everyone talks about content marketing, but when it comes time to actually define it? Well, that’s a whole different kettle of fish. Indeed, if you get a little tongue-tied trying to explain what content marketing is, you’re not alone. It is literally ever changing, so that even when you do understand it you may soon […]

Are People Seeing Your Digital Ads?


As a publisher, advertising represents a significant and growing portion of your revenue. Ideally, digital advertising can help online publishers quickly monetize online publications or companion sites. But there is more to making an ongoing profit from advertising than selling space and keeping your readership numbers up. A recent study released by Google suggest that […]

3 Audience Engagement Questions to Answer When Striving for Digital Dominance


According to the Shareaholic blog, if you want to increase audience engagement, then you have to care more about your audience. That seems pretty basic, but it is not as simple as it sounds. As many online publishers are finding out, understanding a digital audience is a complicated and difficult task. More people are switching […]

Turns Out Millennials Really Do Care About News!


As Millennials take on more prominent roles in society, it is becoming more and more important to determine what they like and what they are willing to buy. One of the misconceptions about millennials is that they are more interested in interacting on social media than in getting the latest news. Nothing could be further […]

Why Publishers LOVE Real-Time Data

Real time data

The time-honored phrase “get real” has taken on a new, urgent meaning in the world of digital publishing and marketing. Real-time data has become the Holy Grail for publishers and advertisers alike, although many publishers finding the pursuit of these treasured numbers an uphill battle. Let’s take a quick look at the value, benefits and […]

How Employers Can Make Their Job Ads More Creative


Most employers tend to make their job ads all business, but that may not necessarily be the way to go. If you want people to notice your job ad, then you may need to use a little creativity and think outside the box. This is especially true if you are looking for creative people. After […]

A Guide to Using Twitter to Increase Audience Engagement


Many businesses don’t know how to use Twitter to achieve their promotional goals. They compare Twitter to impression-based models like billboards, TV, or radio, where the objective is to get impressions with as many ears or eyes as possible. SEE ALSO: Examining the News Habits of Facebook and Twitter Users But Twitter doesn’t necessarily work […]

Page Views vs. Engagement: What You Really Need to Focus On


Positive web analytics can brighten a digital publisher’s day in all sorts of ways — including some rather misleading ones. You may be cheered by high page view and impression counts on your website, but an increasing number of publishers (and the advertisers who support them) are turning away from page views as the dominant […]

Programmatic Advertising: The New Normal?


Programmatic advertising is more than just automated ad buying processes — it’s also one of the hottest trends going today. This more efficient, granular method for positioning ads in front of the most relevant target audience possible has already proven its value online, and it could revolutionize the way advertisers use TV as well. Let’s […]

RealMatch Partners with eQuest to Join Its Delivery Network

RealMatch Partners with eQuest

With the evolution of job site aggregators and niche job boards, employers are finding it difficult to put together programs that effectively target job candidates that meet their criteria. The eQuest network has been in place since 1994 to help recruiters to find the candidates they need without the hassle of recurring delivery fees. RealMatch […]

Eeek! 4 Ways to Avoid Turning Into a Zombie Job Board

When the bottom fell out of the global economy in 2008, the effects were felt in every business sector. Aside from the financial world, one of the hardest hit industries was the online recruiting industry. With very few jobs to advertise and a glut of people looking for jobs, job boards suddenly found themselves struggling […]

How to Use Marketing Automation to Gain New Members


Although your trade association or professional organization is not technically considered a “business”, its approach to recruitment and member retention needs to follow many of the same marketing rules and trends that traditional businesses follow in order to achieve success. In the past, this meant spending valuable time and resources in an attempt to bring […]

4 Helpful Tools for Measuring Audience Engagement


Live, in-person events will always play a role in trade publication promotion, but unless you can see just how well you’re engaging your audiences at these events, you have no way of knowing what kind of impact they’re making. Fortunately, just as the Internet has added a whole new dimension to the publishing world, modern […]

How Frustration Can Illustrate Your Associations Value


When it comes to trade association or professional organization member recruitment, is it ever a good idea to frustrate your members? In fact, when running any type of business, is it ever a good idea to cause strife for them? The common sense answer is “no”, but what you might be missing out on is […]

3 Ways to Take Advantage of the Healthy Healthcare Job Market

The healthcare job market is exploding, so now is the time to focus your job board site on this burgeoning industry. Whether you choose to highlight healthcare jobs on your existing site or you choose to create a new site dedicated solely to healthcare jobs, you now have a large number of opportunities to attract […]

Can Native Ads Boost Your Audience Engagement?

Local Native Advertising

When it comes to advertising, content marketing is where the real value currently resides. It’s central in cultivating audience engagement. In particular, native advertising, or advertising that blends in with typical content, has proven itself to be a true advantage for businesses and associations across the world. To prove this, one only needs to look […]

Taking Your Magazine Digital? 4 Things You Need to Know


If you’ve decided that it’s time for your trade publication to make the big leap into the digital world, you have a lot of thinking and planning ahead of you. The good news, however, is that many publishers have accomplished this transition with great success — and that means you can too. Here are a […]

How to Use Recruitment Marketing to Improve Your Job Descriptions


What is Recruitment Marketing? One of the new phrases making the rounds in the online job board industry is something called recruitment marketing. Recruitment marketing is a blend of career recruiting and the marketing elements companies use to attract customers. While recruiting and marketing sound like two completely different things to most people, the truth […]

4 Ways Employers Use Job Boards for Brand Management


Job boards are just for employers to post position openings, right? Wrong! Employers can also use job boards for brand management. A brand is an employer’s visual identity that makes a business recognizable and leaves a lasting impression on potential employees. Branding is important because it helps employers stand out from the crowd. SEE ALSO: […]

Uncover What Your Job Board Could Be With RealMatch [INFOGRAPHIC]

A RealMatch Thanksgiving

There are all kinds of reasons why many publishers are choosing RealMatch as their recruitment advertising platform. In this infographic, we explore some of the key differences between RealMatch and some of our competitors. Uncover what your job board could be with RealMatch and see what those purple guys aren’t delivering: 1 of a kind: […]

Is Your Content Digestible? Here’s Why It Needs to Be

Is-your-content-digestable-here's why-it-needs-to-be

One of the biggest and most important trends in digital publishing today is the push towards “snackable” or “digestible” content. These compelling little tidbits may not strike you as brilliant journalism, but they could just save your publication. Here are some of the reasons you need to make your content easy to grab on the […]

4 Tips for Making Your B2B Content Engaging


Improved reader loyalty and engagement should stand near the top of any trade publisher’s wish list, as they do for some 88 percent of content marketers polled. If you’re catering to a B2B audience, how do you grab their attention and keep it? Here are four tips for boosting your engagement factor. SEE ALSO: Audience […]

For Job Boards, Knowing Your Candidates Often Equals Success

For Job Boards, Knowing Your Candidates Often Equals Success

A job board requires two things to be successful – employers and good job candidates. Most job boards spend a lot of time and effort catering to their employers because the employers offer a steady stream of revenue. But without good candidates, a job board is unable to attract employers that feel the service is […]

Member Engagement: Why a Big Budget isn’t Everything

Your Budget

In the world of business, including trade associations and professional associations, it may seem as though a large budget is the key to success. In fact, it makes sense, right? The more money your association has, the more marketing, advertising, outreach, and research it can do. While it’s certainly true that more money can mean […]

More Proof Webinars Drive Audience Participation

Nearly 40percent

Webinars, an increasingly popular format that associations are using to disperse information and knowledge, are more easily distributed than ever. A portmanteau of “web” and “seminar”, a webinar is an important tool when trying to attract and retain association members, and with a little planning, your association can use these tools to recruit new members […]

Impact Study: Is Your Association Using Social Media The Right Way?

Is Your Association Using Social Media The Right Way

Social media isn’t just for wasting time online anymore. These days, social technologies, including video and other media, are being used by professional associations and organizations to reach out to potential members and retain current members. In fact, a recent study, conducted and published by association management company Kellen, has revealed some surprising news about […]

Why Personalization is So Vital to Your Association

Why Personalization is So Vital to Your Association

Running an association is all about personal relationships. After all, the entire point of your association, likely, is to provide members with a personal inroad to network with other members, industry leaders, and various professionals who share the same passion for their selected industry. As a result, doesn’t it make sense to provide personalized services […]

4 Facebook Audience Engagement Lessons Learned from a Police Department

4 Facebook Audience Engagement Lessons Learned from a Police Department

Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most powerful engagement tools being used on the Internet these days, and if you aren’t leveraging Facebook’s tools for your own association, you run the risk of losing out on potential membership enrollment. Also, as more and more people, both in their personal and professional lives, rely on Facebook […]

How the New York Times is Using Reddit to Connect its Editors to Audiences

How the New York Times Uses Reddit

When it comes to numbers, most online media outlets are primarily concerned with subscriptions and web hits. When a story goes viral, it starts to send all kind of numbers back to the media outlet that shows just how far the story went. But the problem is that all of those numbers do not really […]

Polls, Yes, Polls(!) Can Increase Audience Engagement


Posting new content to your trade publication’s website can sometimes make you feel like you’re shouting into a void — after all, asking for interactive responses isn’t the same thing as inspiring them. That’s why the announcement of instant-polling site Wedgie’s integration with cross-channel posting site Embed.ly should make digital publishers sit up and take […]

How To Define Your Target Audience

Target Audience

You likely know the term, “target audience”, but do you really know what it means? For many, a target audience is a group of people that is sought after for one reason or another. While this is true to an extent, a target audience is much more than that. If you’re defining your association’s or […]

Creating Experiences Is The Key To Audience Engagement

Creating Experiences

If you thought that engaging potential members for your professional or trade association simply meant sending out a newsletter, get ready for a rude awakening. In the ever-competitive world of member recruitment and retention, the latest trend is the experience. An experience can be defined as engagement that connects, as opposed to simple engagement such […]

Stop Postponing An Audience Development Strategy


When you think of marketing your trade association or professional organization, does the term “audience development” come to mind? If not, you may be missing out on plenty of potential new paying members. Audience development has always played a large part in the marketing process, but today, thanks to the Internet and social media, it’s […]

The New Competition for Publishers?


Over the years you may have had to deal with your fair share of competition from other publications — but the newest crop of rivals fighting for their share of advertiser/audience pie may in fact be brands. As these brands morph into media platforms, traditional publishers will have to respond. Let’s look at how this […]

Old Meets New: Newspapers and Instagram


When it comes to social media platforms, one of the least revenue friendly is Instagram. Unlike Facebook, YouTube and Twitter where companies can embed links and even monetize their content, Instagram is a stripped down social media platform that only allows the sharing of pictures. When it comes to newspapers that are struggling to generate […]

3 Audience Engagement Lessons from the New York Times

New York Times

Do you know the difference between audience engagement and clicks? Or, for that matter, audience engagement and likes on social media? Sadly, too few publishers or business owners do, but don’t feel bad … even the New York Times has been struggling with this issue as of late. The fact is, having a strong brand […]

How Do You Measure Content Engagement?


When it comes to creating content for your organization, it’s critical to not only know your audience, users, and members, but also to know whether your current content is engaging this audience. The fact is, you have to know your audience in order to know what types of content will be engaging, and then you […]

3 Twitter Features to Consider for Marketing Your Trade Association

twitter for trade associations

Social media remains a key avenue for professional and trade associations to market themselves and connect with their members. Twitter remains one of the most important large, mainstream networks. But it can be challenging for organizations that are targeting professionals to deliver a lot of value or have a big impact in 140 characters or […]

Measuring Online Engagement & Return on Investment

audience engagement webinar

During a recent webinar, RealMatch was fortunate to have expert speaker Andy Steggle conducting a session entitled, “Measuring Online Engagement & Return of Investment.” These issues are central for both trade publishers and professional associations that work hard to provide members and readers with information that they can monetize in their businesses. Here is a […]

The Changing Relationship between Content and Engagement

audience engagement and content

If you follow the world of Internet content, then you probably had a feeling that there was going to be a point where there was too much content and not enough readers. MarketingProfs.com did a study that looked at 13.8 million pieces of content that was posted online from January 2013 to December 2014. What […]

What to Do when Email Fatigue Sets In


Email has become one of the most valuable tools for both individuals and business owners, and when the two mix, consumers become a major part of what email has to offer. Unfortunately, because email has become such a huge part of many people’s daily lives, it can tend to become taken for granted, and in […]

The Increasing Push for Audience Attention


Publishers are contending with new demands from advertisers, which is resulting in a shift in the key factors that drive ad rates and revenues from brands. Many advertisers are becoming disenchanted with page views and instead are looking to engagement as a better metric of whether their ads are being seen and acted on. As […]

Is Your Email Marketing Game Good Enough?


Email marketing is one of the most powerful, yet vastly underused, marketing tactics at the disposal of business owners, including those in the trade publication industry. Through the use of successful email marketing, trade publishers have the ability to reach potentially thousands of customers at once to announce new products and services, engagement opportunities, and […]

What Motivates Your Audience and Why It’s Vital to Find Out


When you rely on good content to generate revenue through advertising, then the idea of knowing your target audience becomes extremely important. The mistake many online publishers make is assuming that their website can be all things to all people and that there is an unlimited supply of web traffic available. The truth is that […]

Microsoft’s Bing Pulse and the Future of Audience Engagement


Have you ever gone to a political debate between two local candidates running for a local office and wondered who won? When there are presidential or congressional debates, the results are shown instantly thanks to some pretty aggressive technology. But now there is something that your media websites and newspapers can use to help gauge […]

Audience Development Strategy: Are You Using Facebook Correctly?

Facebook has become ubiquitous in recent years as the go-to social network for everyone, including business owners. While the site offers users the ability to keep up with friends and family, it also offers business owners the chance to promote products and engage users. Unfortunately, far too few business owners are taking advantage of the […]

Audience Engagement: Social Media and the Power of Visuals


Could visual marketing dramatically improve your social media and overall marketing performance? According to one study, visuals outperform text updates on networks such as Facebook. Visual content also enables your trade organization to share more meaningful insights and tell a more complex story. Having a visual content strategy opens the door to repurposing powerful written […]

Odds are You Haven’t Exhausted Your Options for Member Engagement


When you run a membership-based trade association or other type of membership website, you are always interested in retaining members and growing membership numbers. That is when you are introduced to what appears to be the ultimate buzz term – membership engagement. However, this is much more than a bit of trendy lingo. Your focus […]

The Importance of Technology with Fundraising


When it comes to fundraising in today’s busy world, technology, and more specifically the Internet, is where it’s at. Organizations are turning to online resources in droves to raise funds and connect with members and consumers, and if your organization isn’t on the bandwagon, you might be missing out. Below are a few current trends […]

Using Popsicles to Boost Audience Engagement


Amid the sweltering heat of an Atlanta Labor Day outdoor book fair, most people would do anything to keep cool, and one area newspaper decided to capitalize on that using a plan that combined audience engagement with popsicles. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution offers a print edition as well as an online edition, but it wasn’t seeing […]

What You Can Learn from the Girl Scouts about Membership Acquisition


Although the Girl Scouts of the United States of America is considered by many to be an institution in this country, the organization has been facing a decline in membership in recent years. In fact, according to the Associated Press, the Girl Scouts of the United States of America has seen a total decline of […]

Why Online Attention is the New Gold


When you think about an online commodity, what is the first thing that comes to mind? If you said “time”, then you’re already ahead of the curve when it comes to attracting and retaining the attention of site visitors. Unlike Internet space, which can be filled with banner ads ad nauseam, time cannot be created […]

Should You Try User Generated Content?

content marketing

Love it or hate it, user-generated content continues to make the debate circuit. There’s a line of demarcation between professionally written content and the words of laypeople. You want your publication to be relatable, and that’s not always easy. By giving users the freedom to add their own opinions to your site, the line begins […]

Jeff Bezos Offers Free Gambling Lessons


Jeff Bezos is the CEO of Amazon.com and potentially one of the most polarizing figures in the corporate world today. Martin Sosnoff is a respected financial columnist for the Forbes website and Sosnoff has recently called Bezos “borderline psychotic.” When a respected financial observer from one of the most respected financial publications in the world […]

Expert Interview with John Philpott on Being an Influencer


If you want to differentiate your site from all the other job sites populating the web today, then it’s critical to not only have a niche, but also become an expert in that niche. To ensure that your site not only remains useful, but also continues growing, the solution is simple, says John Philpott, CEO […]

5 Reasons Why Online Audience Engagement is Important for Everyone

online engagement

Connecting with people is ultimately what drives sales in today’s market. SEO content may have been the king in the past, but it has been replaced with online audience engagement. Although high-quality, interesting content is the best tool for engagement and can be used as a conversation starter on social media platforms, it cannot stand […]

Save the Date: NAB Small Market Television Exchange September 18 – 20


Are you a television broadcaster with an eye towards audience development? Are you looking for new ways to your grow your business? Then you should attend the NAB Small market Television Exchange (SMTE). What Is The SMTE? The SMTE is the only national meeting designed exclusively for small market group executives and station television broadcasters […]

Print Newspapers are Still the Pinnacle in Audience Engagement

print newspaper

Sometimes the old habits are hardest to break. Just because the world has gone digital, doesn’t mean readers have followed the trend, or even prefer to read digital media. New data available from a study concerning reader engagement found that print newspapers are in the lead. This means print newspapers still provide more reader engagement […]

Native Advertising Works for Audience Engagement: Here’s Why

native advertising

There is a reason why native advertising is so popular. It works. Nowadays, it seems as though digital marketers can’t stop talking about native advertising. Publishers that have become household names have started using digital advertising. These include The New York Times, Forbes, and The Washington Post. Those companies have the resources to invest in […]

Why Marketing is Critical to Audience Engagement


You produce high-quality copy, but that might not be enough. With publishers facing a fragile market and audience engagement remarkably low, the signs might seem to reveal an overall lack of interest in news. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is that the audience is still there, but some newspapers and trade […]

Audience Engagement with Video: Why it Works, and How to Use It


Picture this. You’re clicking through the pages of your favorite digital magazine, and you come upon a video. What do you do? Embedded video is like a beacon. You either watch it or make a choice not to. It’s so simple to click the button and see what’s waiting inside that little box. Audiences love […]

Expert Interview with Vinny La Barbera on Online Marketing Strategies


If you want to build an audience and grow traffic for your site, it’s important to establish credibility by offering complete and accurate information about whatever product or service you’re trying to sell. And this starts with basic details. Vinny La Barbera, founder and CEO of Internet marketing firm ImFORZA.com, says that one of the […]

Local Media Innovation Mission 2014: A Unique Cross-Country Experience

jobg9 summit

You’ve probably attended many conferences in the past, but you’ve never attended anything like the Local Media Association’s “Innovation Mission.” This is a study tour that gives attendees a chance to visit some of the hottest names in social media and Internet marketing. It’s your best chance to learn more about audience development! The Innovation […]

How a Banner Ad Renaissance Could Enhance Audience Engagement

banner advertising

  Traditional banner ads have earned their poor reputation. They result in very low click-through-rates (CTR), they’re typically viewed as a distraction when they’re not being totally ignored, and they’re generally uncreative. However, that’s not to say that banner ads are completely dead. Some websites have put some polish on the banner ad concept in […]

User-Targeted Ads for Broadcast Television? They’re Here!

TV Advertising

User-targeted ads on digital platforms are now the norm, but what about for the television? It seems like a futuristic idea that could help audience engagement in some distant time. However, it is already here. There are now a number of companies using the idea of user-targets ads for broadcast television, and so can you! […]

Science Drives Audience Development for Some of the Biggest Names in Publishing

data analytics

You might not think that “old school” media companies like The New York Times would take advantage a hi-tech concept like “big data.” In fact, they do. Some of the biggest names in traditional media are using data and analytics to perform some state-of-the-art number crunching. The results have been impressive. The companies are earning […]

3 Digital Trends For Publishers in 2014 [Infographic] Part 3/3


This is part 3 of the infographic series: 3 Digital Trends for Publishers in 2014. In 2014, publishers will experience these 3 digital trends: Mobile moves to the center of the multiplatform landscape Native Advertising is here to stay Always on means always social Part 3 is all about social media. Social Media has become […]

4 Reasons Why Television Marketing Still Works for Audience Engagement

TV Marketing

Whether you run a digital publication and want to have video ads on your site, or whether you want to market your site effectively, you ignore television at your peril. The internet is the most rapidly growing medium for advertisers, but television is still the dominant medium. The goal for both TV and web advertising […]

Content Marketing Trends for Better Audience Engagement

Content Marketing Audience Engagement

Your audience loyalty is always on the line when using content marketing. Quantity was a concern for many in the past, but now the focus needs to be on the quality. Without quality, your audience engagement will suffer greatly. There is a range of content marketing trends that will help improve your engagement right now! […]

Tailoring Mobile for Audience Engagement at Different Levels

mobile Audience Engagement

Audience engagement can be tricky with a diverse audience. With digital news, the audience is vast, but how people consume news differs from person to person. Digital news readership is growing, with the month of September 2013 recording 141 million American adults engaging with US newspaper digital content. That number was an 11% increase over […]